The Feminist Pornographer

I remember calling myself a feminist pornographer back in 1998, over 15 years ago and people would look at me strange like I had just said I was a liberal Republican. As if some words just don’t go together or rather, shouldn’t go together.

I was an out proud loud lesbian who had just made a little movie about men bending over for their female partners (Bend Over Boyfriend) and I was very proud of my feminist manifesto that showcased a power paradigm shift in stereotypical heterosexual sex habits and sex scenarios. Now we say “pegging” like it’s just another sex position, but back then it was radical to show men getting penetrated and having full-bodied multiple orgasms sometimes without ejaculating, and women G-spot ejaculating while penetrating their male lovers.

What was more feminist than that?

I guess going on to be recognized by the mainstream porn industry as ‘nueva porn’ and receiving an AVN Best Feature Award for an indie all dyke movie that showcased butch-femme desire. My partner in life and in production, Shar Rednour, and I were either vilified or celebrated depending on what gay film festival audience was in attendance at our various premieres.

This was before the queer porn revolution and before anyone we knew —  except Nina Hartley, Carol Queen, or Susie Bright — were brave enough to talk about being a feminist and a porn lover or performer in the same sentence. We were not drug addled depraved people who had rotten childhoods. We were committed activists and wanted to support our various artistic endeavors with a viable entertainment and education based company.

Shar had worked at On Our Backs and Fatale Media and I had worked for several years at Good Vibrations. With the advent of digital video and DVDs we saw a perfect synergy and time to unleash our sex radical vision. It was total gravy that it all paid the rent and allowed us to travel the world for several years before having children. I have no regrets. I know I changed people’s lives for the better. I have been told as much sometimes out in public when someone recognizes my name randomly like the last time I was in line at an Apple store.

I am very proud to be part of a spectacular panel this year at CatalystCon West, presenting Feminist Porn 101 and presenting Lesbo Retro. I have been in the trenches a long time and have seen positive change in sexuality, sexual politics, and the sex industry at large including retail and content production. Of course as a society we still have a long long way to go but I am heartened by the groundswell of the various youth movements and young writers and educators and filmmakers who know what they want, won’t settle for less, and have the media and technology at their fingertips to make it happen with very low overhead. I am proud to be able to feature them on Good Vibrations’ VOD portal, The revolution will be televised!

Jackie Rednour-Bruckman (Jackie Strano)

Executive Vice President of Good Vibrations

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