The Empty Nest and the New Nest.

Hello Wonderful Readers! Welcome back to this month’s Call Center Confessions. This summer certainly has been a hot one, with lots of folks getting away and traveling. We have some great questions from curious explorers about how to have fun with toys on the road and more! Read onĀ¦

Hello again faithful readers! Thanks for joining Molly and me for this month’s Call Center Confessions. Summer has drawn to a close and kids big and small are heading back to school. We have some suggestions for a not-so-empty nest couple and for those of you who want to get your groove on in your dorm room without the fire alarm going off! Shall we begin? Lets!

Hi Molly and CeeCee,

Can you girls make any suggestions for an older couple that has finally sent their last wonderful kid off to school? We have the house to ourselves with plenty of time to catch up on all those years we spent working and raising the brood. Now that we are both in our mid-50’s, we hoped you might have some suggestions for a mature couple that is still starry-eyed over each other. We are both book worms, so suggestions you may have along those lines would be much appreciated. We are open to exploring our fantasies, or reading about them and maybe acting them out, creaky joints willing! Can you suggest anything for a getting-better-while-getting-older couple?

Thanks girls!
Over Fifty and Feeling Frisky

Hi Frisky Folks!

Thanks for writing to us with your question! What a wonderful time for both of you to let your hair down and open your boudoir to some new tricks! With the kids out of the house you can finally turn what was the kid’s room into a love nest, a dungeon, a play room, or a simple sewing room\’to sew your racy costumes for fantasy play!

Molly and I think a must-have book is Joan Price’s Better Than I Ever Expected. This is a brand new addition to our seasoned reader’s library and we can barely keep it on our shelves! Ms. Price offers comprehensive and upbeat advice for menopausal women about body image, changing physiology, partner sex, relationships, masturbation and much, much more. Must-read chapters include information on the complications of hot flashes, HRT and painful intercourse. The personal perspectives of the author, as well as other women, make this a fun way to gain positive insights into this powerful time for women.

Now that you have a few new tricks to try why, not become even more inspired with Ripe Fruit: Erotica For Well-Seasoned Lovers? Molly and I think reading erotica together is nothing short of stellar! Get cozy on that extra cushy sofa cuddling up with this book and you wont need to put the thermostat on at all. You’re going to generate enough body heat to rival the cheeriest of hearthside fires. Take turns reading about racy threesomes, a very sweet shaving seduction and a playful anal encounter. The women call the shots between the sheets here so get ready for some come-hither action that will have you both sprinting to get the lube out!

We have found that for many people, intimacy and sex really is about know-how and technique. Both of you can brush up on your skills with our exuberant read called Sex Over 50. Aptly named, this DIY manual will give you skills and sure-to-please thrills for both of you. Sex certainly gets better as we get older, and lots of folks have questions about changing bodies and emotions. Sex Over 50 gives insight into questions about self-esteem (Molly has everything she had when she was 18, only 3 inches lower!), sexual technique (you don’t have to be a gymnast either!) plus info about how to rekindle desire and health issues. Molly and I liked the positive, upbeat and thought-provoking tone of this useful volume. Molly’s mom is getting one in her stocking during the holidays this year! Sweet!

Speaking of sweet, how can we not add the sizzling story book, Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples? If you’re looking for some ideas about playful games of a naughty nature, this is the must-have book for you! Author Violet Blue has gathered real stories from real couples in this too-hot-to-hang-onto (or put down!) tome of role-playing erotica. Want to play pirates? How about butler and madam? Cesar and servant? These stories are more fun than coming home to find your hubbie washing dishes in nothing more than a French maid’s apron! Explore and enjoy!

Dear CeeCee and Molly,

I am so stoked I found your column and web site! You’re the best! I am 1st year college student. I recently went through a bad break-up. I am now steering clear of partners while I lick my wounds. I just got settled into my dorm room, which I share with one other girl. We get along great and have already worked out a sure-fire system for overnight guests. Mainly, she heads of to her girlfriend’s single room if she wants some TLC.

Even with our agreement most of our space is shared. Privacy is limited. Can you recommend some quiet vibrators that are easy to hide? Thank you so much, your store does a great service to the community. I look forward to your reply.

Co-Ed Cathy


Good Vibrations

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