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The Daydreamer

I was at college, daydreaming in the middle of class.  My boring and totally unattractive tutor, Mr Wilson,  brought a cane slamming down on his desk abruptly, which quickly brought me out of my daydream.

˜I am so tired of lecturing all day to inattentive students.  If you want to leave, please do so and as far as the rest of you are concerned I expect your complete attention.’

Well, he certainly had mine.  Suddenly he’d gone from being an old fart to someone who demanded to be heard.  What else could he demand I wondered?  I imagined him naked.  Ugh!  Not a good image.  So I clothed him in a robe.  Yes, much better.  There he was, up on a podium beckoning me to him, and when I wouldn’t come he would insist I make my way down.

Naturally, I would do it slowly.

The rest of the class would be looking on and he would demand I stand at attention in front of his desk.  He would ask why I was not listening to him and when I could not come up with a plausible answer he would demand I bend over his knee for punishment.

Like a lamb to slaughter, I would obediently obey.

My hands would lay flat on the floor, my hair covering my face from shame, my bum tilted upwards, my skirt barely covering my knickers.  He would make me wait; the class would be hushed, quiet, waiting for a glimpse of my bare bum.

Would he use the cane, his hand or a ruler?  The thought of it had me pulsating as I lay over his knee waiting, wondering what it would feel like to be spanked in front of so many people.

And then he would lift my skirt, pull down my panties to the back of my knees.  There would be an audible gasp from around the classroom, probably mainly from the girls.  I could imagine the boys would be straining their necks to see, to perhaps get a glimpse of my pussy, if they were lucky enough to be sitting on the side of the room.

I would be waiting, breathless with anticipation for the first slap.  I would almost be able to feel his breath upon me as he’d stare down at my perky bottom.

I wriggled uncomfortably in my seat as my fantasy continued.

˜Ready?’ he would say.

˜Yes,’ I would whimper.

And then the exquisite sting of pain as the cane landed on my bare bum.  I wondered if I’d be able to hear it before it landed.  I’d try to brace myself for it but nothing can prepare you for something like that if you’ve never felt it before.

I’d scream out and hear sniggers coming from the other students.

˜Quiet,’ he’d demand, ˜or one of you will be next.’

The room would fall silent and I think, “one canning will be all,” but I am wrong.  He brings the cane down five more times, my cheeks would burn, the welts I know would rise, leave red marks across my bum.

My hand slips down under the desk while my eyes try not to close in ecstasy.  I want Mr Wilson to think I’m listening to every word instead of getting myself wet in his classroom daydreaming about him.

My fingers slip in the inside of my panties as I imagine him making me stand in front of the classroom after his given me his punishment.  He tells me to turn around, to show the others what they will get if they too do not pay attention to him in class.

I turn to face him, my skirt lifted so he can now see my hairy pussy.  His fingers slip over my mound and down into my slit.  He brings them back out, all slimy, wet with my juices and rubs my nub with them.  An orgasm explodes from me instantly, running down my legs while the class are oblivious to what he is doing.

˜You can pull them up now and go back to your seat,’ he says as though nothing untoward has just happened and then begins to recite his lecture.

On wobbly legs I make my way back to my desk.  All students eyes are upon me, some of the boys are glaring openly, smirking behind their hands.  As I pass them I wonder what it would be like to be spanked by one of them, or all of them, what their hands would feel like on my naked flesh.

Me, I’m fingering myself under the desk, enjoying the feel of my clit as I play with it, while my juices leak out of me.  I’ve never had such a great time in class and wonder why I haven’t done this before.

It’s not until the sound of the bell for the next class that I realize everyone has left and Mr Wilson is sitting at his desk with his cock in his hand that I realize I have been caught out.

The sight of his wrinkly cock has me running from the room but not before I see Mr Wilson smirking and slapping at his cock.  I hear his words as the door almost closes.

˜Anytime you want to day dream in my class Miss Fisher, you go right ahead.’

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