The Closet

The only requirement I had when I searched for a new apartment was that it have an enormous walk-in closet. I was a stereotypical woman; I had so many shoes and clothes they wouldn’t even fit in my old closet. I had used huge bins in my old apartment to hold the bulk of everything. A large closet was a must for a self-sufficient and independent working-woman. I set everything up carefully, unfolding sweaters out of bins and placed them on the shelves. Like my bedroom growing up, the closet had fold out doors with slabs that let the light in.

I opened the door one night after I moved in to see James standing there with a huge smile on his face and pink lilies in his hands.

“Hey beautiful, he said. “Let’s go out to dinner.

“Huh? I was caught off guard. We’d only had sex for the past couple of months and I had accepted that as the way our relationship was going to be. Perhaps I had a bit of a self-esteem problem but I somehow thought that he would never want to be with someone like me.  He was a bartender and had gorgeous women falling over him every night at work. Who was I but a nerdy writer with messy hair?

“Let me kiss you first, though, he leaned in and put a delicate kiss on my cheek before sweeping me off my feet.

Our relationship evolved in a steady fashion. Late night/early morning sex sessions turned into daily lunches and notes on my pillow. Soon, James had switched to four lunch shifts a week and two evening shifts so that we could lead a more normal life. He was smart and funny and we meshed so well, tossing pillows at each other before he made love to me.

Life wasn’t all boring and “normal. James was still slick as ever, attracting beautiful women nightly. On a few occasions I happened to be there in the evening when a woman would rest her chest on the bar.

“Jessa, this is Mitzi, James introduced me to a double-d beauty. I always loved breasts.

I grabbed her hand and gripped it, “Hi Mitzi. I felt my heart pound.

James was the perfect sex god that night, handling us both with great care, fucking me hard and then slipping on a condom before shoving it in Mitzi’s well-groomed cunt. I kissed her lips, red and plump.

When Mitzi left that morning James told me I could have women over anytime. Then he fucked me again.

I was thrown a little off guard when I received a message from Patti. My assistant buzzed me after a meeting.

“There’s a woman here to see you. A Mrs. Patti Stewart?

I couldn’t remember ever meeting any Stewarts. “Um, what is it regarding?

“She says she’s an old friend of yours.

I didn’t feel like questioning anymore and never had visitors, so I okayed her entrance.

When she walked into my office my heart almost stopped. Her dark hair was even shinier and her cheeks had slimmed down, her cheekbones poked through, her face was an amazing sculpture.

“Holy shit, Patti?

Her face expanded into a radiant smile. She stepped up to my desk and enclosed me in a hug.

“What are you doing here? I hadn’t talked to my childhood best friend and lover since the summer before we left for college. I left work early that day, leading Patti outside and inviting her over for a cup of coffee. “Where have you been? I asked, pouring some rich caffeine into two large white mugs.

“I moved back home after I graduated from college. Got a job teaching at the middle school.

“Wow¦ I paused, staring at her mouth. All my emotions flooded through my veins. Our history was strong and I couldn’t deny I still felt something for her. Memories of our youthful encounters in my closet kept me company through dry spells, when I had to reach into my pants for company.

Her long eyelashes mesmerized me. Her hand rested on mine. The warmth traveled through my fingers and hand down my arm and to my crotch. I cleared my throat and set my mug down.

“My shoulders are killing me from working late hours, I said. “All that sitting at a desk really causes a lot of tension. I reached my right hand to my shoulder and started to work out the knots.

“Oh come on, let me do that, Patti said. Before I could object, she was around the back of my chair rubbing my shoulders with her long fingers. Chitchat turned into silence while her hands tipped with acrylic fingernails worked their way through my tense muscles.

“So you’re married? I broke the silence.

“Well, sort of, I’m in the middle of a divorce right now, she said. “We were never meant to be.

I didn’t know what to say so I just put my chin to my chest and let her work her magic. Before I could drift off I felt the soft touch of lips on my neck. Instead of freezing up, my body melted, her lips moist on my neck, her hands moving around to my breasts. Soon it was like old times, I turned around and faced her, and our lips and hands fell to their favorite spots. When we finally pulled away for a breath, I took her into my bedroom and into the spot I had yet to orgasm in “ the closet.

“Imagine if my closet had been this large in high school! I exclaimed, pulling her inside by the waist of her pants. I flipped the switch on the wall to turn on the light and closed the doors. My room was dark so the light shot through the slabs on the doors.  My hands moved through her hair, my hands wriggled her pants down. We sprawled out on the floor and fumbled with our shirts. We’d never had so much space before.

My fingers reached her hot spot quickly, touching softly at first then plunging into her wetness. Her fingers played with me at the same time, distracting me from making her cum. I surrendered to her and rolled onto my back, taking her three fingers inside me at once, her thumb twiddling my clit. I came quickly and moaned loudly, arching my mouth and tilting my head backwards.

Patti’s hand on my mouth stopped my moaning immediately.

“Shhhh, I hear something.

We were both silent. I knew at once that James was there. It was our night to cook and I had forgotten when Patti stopped into my office. I heard him opening the kitchen cupboards.

“It’s just my boyfriend, I whispered.

“Fuck! Patti stood up and nearly left the closet.

I grabbed her and pulled her back down. “No, no, no, I said. “He’ll enjoy this.  I tried to forget that James was in the other room because I had not yet made Patti come.

“Just relax, I whispered into her ear. When I put my mouth on her pussy I could feel eyes watching us through the closet. The excitement of James looking at my ass in the air while I ate Patti caused liquid to drip down my thighs.

I licked her clit and played with her rosy folds. I couldn’t hear anything else but Patti’s breathing. She tasted perfect like she always had. We were both naked, the light illuminating us. Her cum poured down my tongue. I sucked her quivering pussy. I trailed kisses along her inner thighs, her stomach, her breasts, her neck, and her mouth. We kissed until she found my spot again, making me come all over her hand. When we were both dizzy from orgasms we noticed the glow of my bedroom light.

Peeking through the slabs I saw James on my bed with his shirt off, his pants around his ankles and his hand on his cock. He met my eyes and smiled, jerking it a few more times until he came, shooting his load onto my bedroom carpet.

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