The CC Girls Suggest Some One-handed Reads… Perfect for Masturbation Month!

Hello Friends!
Hi Everyone! Did you know that May is Masturbation Month? To celebrate “flying solo we have some very hot suggestions for one-handed reading! So, grab your lube, settle back and try to not get your keyboard too sticky! Enjoy!

Hi CeeCee and Molly,
I really love your column. I think the information you give is really helpful! I hope you can help me with my interest -\’ maybe some suggestions or something. I really like reading graphic novels and comics. I identify as a bi woman, and I enjoy some light kink in my sex — stuff like role-playing and acting out fantasies. I love graphic novels that have fantasy creatures and settings with some sort of a plot. I really love the full-color art, but line drawings are cool too. I like old-school classic work and the newer, more edgy stuff also. Can you give me some recommendations on comics I can add to my library of fun? I hope you can answer my question! I can’t wait to get my hands on some new reads!!

Warm Regards,
Loonie Toon Lover

Hi Loonie!

Thanks for writing to us with your question! Reading is really fun, and reading graphic novels gives you the best of everything -\’ fun stories, outrageous adventures, and pretty pictures to top it all off. Graphic novels can be a wonderful diversion to a boring bus ride or a fun approach to spicing things up in your intimate life. The best thing about graphic novels is there is no limit to what can happen, and does happen! If you’re looking for fantasy and fun, Bondage Fairies is a winner! Molly and I love the cute little woodland fairies that find themselves in all sorts of naughty situations with other woodland creatures (and they all have human sexual organs!) The illustrations are elaborate line drawings with a lot of attention to details and juicy close ups! Yummy fun, plus a little kinky bondage, it’s perfectly perfect! Along the same line is Small Favors: Girly Porno Comic Collection. This tiny, curvy, sex-hungry little lady ravishes everyone and everything! She loves sex with humans and is so adorable you just can’t stop reading about her scandalous adventures. The illustrations are very graphic with black and white artwork. And if that doesn’t get you moist and all aquiver, maybe Spank Me: The Art of the Spirit will help. Pin-ups are the word in this bottom-reddening comic-style book with full-color artwork. Lap spankings, rebellious schoolgirls, mischievous nurses (we love nurses, don’t we Molly!), bouncing cheerleaders and more — it’s all bottoms-up and loving it, which makes this little sizzler a fabulous one-handed read!

If sci-fi is more up your galaxy, Perverts of the Unknown will heat you up like a super nova! Horny robots anyone? How about an older pervert and a sexy porn starlet? Add a futuristic government in search of the perfect human orgasm, and you’re sure to spin out of your orbit! Molly and I love the full-color art and outrageous and impossible sex acts. Lieutenant Ohura would be sliding out of her chair!

We also love In a Metal Web by Michael Manning. The images of Japanese rope bondage with rubber fetishism, sexual slave training (oooh!) and futuristic settings all wrapped up in beautiful black and white drawings are truly a feast for the graphic novel connoisseur.

For a little something different, Banana Games, Volume 1 is a white-knuckle ride! Busty and blonde Simone is fresh out of jail, and her extremely well-hung tranny schoolgirl lover find themselves in trouble with the law and murderous gangsters! More riveting than The Sopranos, isn’t it Molly? Lots of gunplay, explosions (mechanical as well as sexual!) and barely-consensual sex makes this page-turner one you’ll read again and again (if you can keep the pages from getting stuck together, that is). Another tranny-themed comic we just got in is Bayba: The 110 BJ’s. We follow Bayba during all stages of her sex change to her final sex worker act of sucking off 110 guys in one night! I guess a triple espresso would be helpful in keeping things up wouldn’t it, Molly? Babya loves kink, so scenes will include fetish wear, bondage, and loads of slurpy, wet encounters.

Hello Good Vibrations!
I love reading your column each month and I look forward to hearing people’s confessions! It’s so great to hear that many folks have similar experiences, fantasies and questions! My partner and I are lovers of hot erotica written from a woman’s perspective. I’ve noticed that you are bringing in lots of new titles. My partner is a reader and her birthday is coming up. She would love to have either short stories or novels with steamy scenes with all women, or guys and girls, and more. The kinkier, the better. She has been under a bit of stress lately and I would love to finder her some inspirational material to jump start our love life. Can’t wait for your response! Keep up the great works gals!

Bedside Bookworm’s Lover

Hi there BBL!

Thank you so much for writing in. CeeCee and I are thrilled about having a chance to tell you about our super-hot new erotica. We couldn’t put these new titles down and are sure you will feel the same way. We have some perfect book ideas that your bookworm lover is bound to love.

CeeCee and I just can’t stop singing our praises for the anthology With a Rough Tongue: Femmes Write Porn. The editors had a goal of compiling a series of short stories that would thrill, excite and empower readers. This book does all that and more. The book delivers hot sex, while reflecting on the lives and personal struggles of the characters. CeeCee and I easily found ourselves lost (and found) in stories like the “Fisherman by Nalo Hopkinson, that tells the story of a butch woman of color who has a sexual awakening, as well as self-esteem raising experience, with a working girl. In “Butt Really, Chloe knows what she wants but is her new lover, Billy, ready? Well, Chloe is going to find out when she invites Billy over for dinner, and dessert. In Diane Cage’s “73 Nova, she tells the story of a sultry femme whose lover, Roy, is a car fanatic. CeeCee walked away with enough car jargon and dirty talk to visit her local body shop (and got a free car wash!).

How does an entire anthology devoted to ass-play sound?? Tristan Taormino, editor of Luscious: Stories of Anal Eroticism, (coming soon!) thinks it’s long overdue. CeeCee and I agree that after the introduction, the book should have a warning that says “don’t proceed until a thick gel lubricant is on hand!!! These erotic stories are red hot and include all types of sex, but the “big bangs are always happening with backdoor play. Readers will find three-ways, light power play, and spanking — oh my!! In “Cherry Bottom”, with the help of Miss Suzanne’s anal sex class, Cate gets to live a dream when Andrew is able to go beyond his hang-ups and embrace penetrating her anally… in public, no less.

In Alison Tyler’s novel Rumors, Charlene moves away from LA where the line at the supermarket had more people in it than population of her new town, Raysville. However, Raysville may have LA beat when it comes to keeping up with the latest gossip. News travels fast in a town where the bakery is the spot to hear the latest happenings between neighbors. The National Enquirer© could afford to take some lessons from the folks of Raysville. So, when Charlene comes to town with her LA bling, her zest for hot loving and multiple partners, the town has plenty to talk about. Charlene, frustrated with the idea of being the talk of town, enlists her best friend from Southern California to share the spotlight and give the town some additional gossip material. Tyler’s book reminds readers that sex is not just happening in the big city.

Finally, when looking for some inspiration, a release, or getaway, look no further than Violet Blue’s latest anthology, Lips Like Sugar: Women’s Erotic Fantasies. Fans of Violet’s Taboo will be delighted with this new collection. We can all relate to the long lines at airports, and in “Airport Security, author Dara Prisamt Murray goes all the way when a female passenger gets strip-searched and topped by a male security guard. No need for the Mile High Club… in this story folks are getting action before they board! In “First Stroke, you may be looking for a tale about spanking bliss, but in this story it’s all about stroking the dildo.

These XXX rated erotica are sure to keep both hands busy with one turning the pages and the other, doing, well… need we say more?

Wow! Now that we are all atingle, we hope everyone has enjoyed being here with us this month. We hope you will write to us soon because we love hearing your naughty, nice or anything-in-between Call Center Confessions! Don’t wait; send your email to us at

Molly and CeeCee


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