The Big Touchdown

You park the station wagon at the top of the point, in a parking place shrouded by trees. There’s no view from here, but it doesn’t matter; we’re not going to be looking. The only lights are angled shafts from one faraway klieg light. We get into the back seat and start to make out. From the second our lips touch I can feel your cock growing in your blue jeans. Our tongues intertwine as I slip my hand under your football jersey and stroke your muscled chest.

“Ohmigod,” I say enthusiastically, “I couldn’t believe it! That was so great when you caught the pass and ran 50 yards for the big touchdown!”

“Yeah?” you say, smiling, all arrogant and pleased with yourself.

I giggle. “Yeah! I was sooooo proud of you!”

You kiss me, hard, your tongue deep in my mouth as your hand touches the swell of my breast under the tight poly-cotton cheerleader uniform. Your palm gently presses my nipple as it stretches the fabric. Your mouth comes away from mine, and a little string of spit glistens in the faint light.

“Did it make you wet?” you ask with a wicked smile on your face.

I look into your eyes and say, breathlessly, “Yeah.” Then, with a broad smile: “It made me want to suck you.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” you say, and lean back.

I can’t resist it any longer. As you stretch out on the back seat, I lower myself and push my face against your crotch, feeling your cock swelling in your blue jeans. I whimper softly as I press my lips around your bulge, fumbling with your belt. You grab your buckle yourself and unfasten it, then unzip your pants, revealing your cock, outlined in white jockey shorts that seem to glow in the faint light. How does your Mom get her whites so white? I wonder. I reach into your jockeys and pull out your hard cock, feeling the slick droplet of juice oozing from the tip. I lick the head, tasting your salty pre-come, then take your cock in my mouth and listen to you moan softly as I start to suck you off.

“You looked so good running through those routines,” you say as my head bobs up and down in your lap. “I couldn’t wait to get you alone after the game. Why do you think I ran so fast?”

My mouth slides off your cock and I beam up at you. “Aw, you’re just saying that!”

“No,” you say, your voice hoarse from arousal. “Really. If your ass hadn’t looked so fine every time that skirt flew up, I wouldn’t have been able to run like that. I couldn’t wait to get a piece of it.”

I giggle and slide your cock between my lips again, feeling my pussy surge with every thrust down onto you. You’re moaning again, a little louder, getting more excited as my hand works the shaft of your cock and my tongue circles the head. Your hands find the back of my cheerleader jersey and unzip it, pulling it forward. I ease my arms out of it so you can pull it forward and reach down to stroke my breasts through my sports bra. When you pull it up, I moan louder. Your fingers stroke my nipples through the damp material, and they get even harder than they already are. You’re getting closer, your arousal mounting as I bring you nearer your orgasm with every swirl of my tongue.

You pull me off of your cock, both of us panting.

“Kristi, please, just let me put it in a little,” you beg.

I blush a deep red. “Mi–i-ike!” I say petulantly, drawing your name out into three syllables.

“Please,” you plead desperately. “I promise I won’t come. I promise I’ll go slow.”

I’m panting hard now, my pussy throbbing so hard there’s no way I could say no. But I play the game, looking up at you insistently.

I clutch the front of my jersey over my breasts. “You promise? You promise you won’t come?”

You make an “x” over your chest. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”

Looking up at you, panting, I say, “All right. But just put it in a little.”

You’re on me in a moment, pushing me back into the seat, your mouth hot against mine, your tongue plunging deep into me. Your fingers slide up my skirt and down my gold and green regulation panties, the same color as my skirt. Your hand finds my pussy and you know in an instant just how wet I am for you. Your finger slides into me easily, but I gasp as if its surprises me. Then I moan softly and wriggle deeper into your grasp.

“Promise you’ll go slow?” I beg.

“Promise,” you say, and claw at my panties, pulling them down my thighs. They peel away from my pussy all sticky and wet. I put my legs up and you slide my panties over my ankles. You lean forward onto me and I spread my legs, leaning back as you lift my sports bra over my breasts.

Your mouth on them feels good, and I lay there running my fingers through your hair as you urgently tongue my nipples. I lift my hips slightly and you reach down to guide your cock between my lips. I’m so wet you could drive into me with a single hard thrust. But still I say “You promised. Go slow.”

You slide into me gradually, the first wave of pleasure hitting me when your head pops into my cunt. My mouth opens wide and I gasp, wordless, inarticulate with the pleasure of your cock filling my cunt. I don’t want you to go slow: I want you to pound into me, fuck me so hard I scream. But I whisper “Go… slow… Mike… please… go… slow…”

You obey, moaning against my breasts as you ease your cock into me until it’s as deep as it will go. I wrap my legs around your body and pull you deeper into me.

“Is it all right?” you ask breathlessly.

“It’s… good,” I gasp. “It’s fucking… great.”

You start to fuck me slowly, and I twist and writhe under you as I pull you harder onto me with my legs spread wide and curved around your hips. “You can do it harder,” I whimper softly, and you began to fuck me faster, pumping into me as I drag my fingernails across your back. I’m close, maybe closer than you are — but I’m not sure. That’s why when I hear your breath quickening I moan softly “Don’t… come… don’t… come…”

But it doesn’t matter, because just saying it turns me on more. I whimper “Please don’t come!” as I hear your moans, your cock pulsing faster into me, and then I reach my orgasm, my legs tightening so firmly around yours that you stop thrusting and I beg: “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

You start fucking me again, harder than ever, struggling against the uncontrolled tightening of my legs around you. Your cock feels huge in my pussy as I tighten around the thrusting shaft, each spasm of my orgasm growing stronger as you fuck me. When my climax shudders to a halt, I pull you so firmly against my body with my legs that you stop thrusting again. I press your face between my hands and push your mouth to mine.

Then I pull back, look up at you with eyes wide, and beg you: “Come inside me.”

You look nervous, unsure.

“It’s all right,” I sigh. “I want you to. Come inside me.”

You start fucking me again, even harder this time, even faster. I untangle my legs from yours and spread my thighs wider. “Come inside me,” I beg, moaning. “Shoot your come inside me.”

Your back arches, your head rolls back, and you moan as your cock pulses deep in my pussy. I can feel the wetness, drowning out even my own. “Yes, yes, yes,” I sigh as you come. “Please, come inside me…”

You slump on top of me, and I caress your hair, kissing the side of your face. Your cock slides out of me, and I can feel the wetness of your come leaking out of my pussy, so dangerous, so taboo.

Still panting, you glance at your watch.

“What time do we have the babysitter ’til?” you whisper.

“11:00,” I say.

“It’s 10:30,” you tell me. “We really ought to get going.”

I nod and kiss you one more time. You climb off of me and hunt for my panties, but they’re hidden somewhere in the darkness of the back seat. “Forget them,” I tell you, and we both get into the front seat.

Before you start the car, I kiss you again, hard, my tongue feeling yours one more time.

“How does it feel to have made the big touchdown?” I whisper to you when our lips part.

“Great,” you smile, and turn the key.

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