The Bathroom Stall

The discussion in the internet chat room the night that Jerry and I met was “What is taboo?”

It was a room that discussed the racier topics and most of the people there that night had a kink that they considered on the edge. Jerry was very quiet, but something told me he wasn’t there just to get juicy tidbits to chat about at the office the next day — he was there to see if others shared his kink. He was hesitant to talk, but he spoke up later in the evening when the group was smaller. After that night, we stayed in touch through e-mails and eventually we developed a steamy on-line and on-phone relationship. Jerry’s kink is that he has a fetish for women’s panties; my kink is that I enjoy dominating people. This is the story of the first time Jerry and I met in person.

We’d decided to meet at a restaurant — nice and public. We’d traded photos through e-mail rather than do the carnation bit. When I showed up, Jerry was already anxiously waiting at a table in the corner. I caught the disappointment on his face when he saw that I had worn jeans. I knew that he’d expected me to wear a skirt so that I could tease him with flashes of my panties.

Soon, though, Jerry realized that I was not alone. I had brought Deidra, one of my lustful lovers. Deidra wore a short leather skirt and a tight leather vest. It became obvious rather quickly that she was taking orders from me. I sat her on a chair between Jerry and me, positioning her slightly facing him and a bit back from the table.

As we talked, Deidra was attentive to me, but glanced often at Jerry. Sometimes she’d rub her legs together slightly as she tipped her head just a bit in his direction. Occasionally, she’d spread her legs a little further apart. Her skirt was so short that, before long, it rode up high enough to give Jerry little glimpses of her white lace panties as she moved her legs.

We had coffee and rolls. I “accidentally” dropped one of my rolls on the ground on the side opposite from where Deidra was sitting. She immediately stood and began to walk around the back of my chair to pick up the roll, but I told her to get it from the front. This meant she had to bend down and crawl under the table to reach it, giving Jerry a view of her beautiful ass in the lace white panties. There was no way she could keep it covered with that short skirt at that angle.

Deidra settled herself in her seat again, but the skirt was pulled up higher. Sometimes she’d place her hand on her thigh and rub an “itch.” I picked up a breadstick and ran it down Deidra’s neck and she responded like a purring kitten. I took a bite, I gave her a bite, and then I suddenly turned to Jerry and said, “Do you want Deidra’s panties?” Of course he did.

I told Jerry that he’d have to wear my leather bracelet to get them. In our e-mail conversations I’d told Jerry about how I always have a studded cock ring clamped to the armrest of my wheelchair that I use as a bracelet to indicate when I am “in scene” with someone. I knew that Jerry had never been involved in any dominance and submission role-play in his life, though we’d played a bit with the concept on-line and on the phone. He agreed to wear the “bracelet.”

As I snapped it on his wrist, I told him that as long as he wore the bracelet, he’d have to do whatever I said, unless he called out the safe word “red.” I asked if he understood. He nodded cautiously.

Deidra stood and took Jerry’s hand. The three of us moved towards the women’s restroom. Jerry went along, though he was obviously nervous and unsure what he wanted to do. We entered the door as a woman was coming out and she looked at us with something between amusement, embarrassment and disgust. Deidra and I ignored her, leading Jerry into the women’s room as if it was a natural thing. We took him into the wheelchair stall, which is much bigger than the other stalls — room enough for the three of us. Deidra and I each took off our bras without removing our tops — a tantalizing trick. Deidra used our bras to tie Jerry’s wrists to one of the grab bars, leaving him standing. Every now and then we’d hear a woman come in and use the adjoining stall.

Deidra began to dance, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say she began to move. She is so sensual and delightful to watch. She teased Jerry with her body movements and with flashes of her panties. She rubbed the inside of her thighs all the way to the crotch, without actually touching the crotch. She turned around (facing away from Jerry) and rubbed her ass through her skirt, gradually pulling the skirt higher and higher as she slowly bent over. She spread her legs and reached underneath to rub her thighs. I enjoyed watching her movements and ignoring Jerry.

I told her to check to see if Jerry wanted her panties. Deidra went over to Jerry and undid his pants. Slowly she pulled them down to his ankles, revealing two attractive sights: (1) A bulging, beautiful cock inside (2) a creamy colored pair of women’s panties. Deidra pulled the panties up (careful not to touch the cock!) so that they cut into Jerry’s crack. She left him standing there like that, tied to the grab bar with panties pulled tight over his cock and his pants down around his knees. Then, like a good girl, she came over to give me attention.

Deidra removed her skirt and vest and we began to make out and feel each other. Her tits are so lovely — I licked and sucked them. Her tongue chased my tongue. She opened my shirt and found my breasts with her hands. We enjoyed each other’s smooth bodies. I took my hand towards her crotch, feeling the heat through the panties. “You are soaked!” I turned her around to show Jerry how wet the wench was, pulling her panties aside at the crotch. He saw that, indeed, she was very wet and that she had a shaved pussy, another one of Jerry’s fetishes that he had revealed to me on-line. I moved my fingers around her clit and she arched in pleasure.

I wanted Jerry to smell her, because her pussy smells so good. At my direction, she stood on the arms of my wheelchair and I moved to position us in front of Jerry. Her crotch was right at his face. She started to play with herself through the panties.

Meanwhile, I was at Jerry’s cock level, enjoying the view: his cock and balls through the cream-colored panties. I put my mouth near them, licked my lips with my tongue, nibbled my lips with my teeth, but never touched. While Deidra delighted Jerry with sight and smell, I watched his throbbing cock and sucked my fingers. Deidra slipped a finger inside herself and wiped some of her moisture under Jerry’s nose just as I scratched my nails down the inside of his left thigh. I dug my nails into his buttocks and watched Deidra from below as she masturbated to orgasm, sometimes only an inch from Jerry’s face.

Deidra knew she would have to pay the price for that orgasm. She got down from her standing position on my wheelchair, got into her purse, took out a brush and bent over the toilet. I spanked her first with her panties on and then pulled them down to her knees and spanked her until her cheeks were bright red. Then I plunged the handle of the brush into her and fucked her with it a few times. The slut had another orgasm.

Somewhere along this road Jerry had slipped into an altered state of mind. He told me later he had found it surreal. There he was in a women’s restroom, tied to a grab bar with bras, watching a lesbian (whom he had never met before) get fucked with a brush, now and then hearing a toilet flush somewhere else in the room.

After thanking me for the spanking, Deidra rose from her bent over position and gave me a long, passionate kiss. Then she and I dressed, completely ignoring Jerry, who still stood tied to the grab bar, pants around his ankles. I retrieved the bracelet from his wrist, saying, “We’d leave both arms tied, but I want my bra. Deidra can get another one.” Deidra untied one of Jerry’s arms to collect my bra.

Jerry had earned his reward, so as we left, Deidra hung her panties on the handle of the stall door, leaving it slightly ajar. We knew he’d get untied fairly quickly, since one hand was free, but we giggled all the way through the restaurant wondering how many women would go into the restroom before he got out of there. I sent up a silent thank you to Aphrodite that no one else needed to use the disabled stall while we had had it so thoroughly occupied.

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