The Art of Seduction in a Parking Lot

Why is it that sex in a public place, like a parking lot, is so intoxicatingly exciting? I suppose it’s the “getting caught factor. Or perhaps it is the possibility of voyeurs witnessing our most intimate acts that adds wild novelty to the experience. Whatever the reason, we do it. And fucking in the back seat of a car is simply an American rite of passage.

The first time I made a girl come in the back seat, it was our first date. We closed down the club then I walked her to her car. She invited me into her passenger seat and before I could even shut the door behind me, she crawled over from the driver’s seat into my lap and began kissing me, while simultaneously reaching beside me to lower the seat back until nearly flat. We kissed and slid our way into the back seat, grinding against each other. I sprung the passenger seat back to its upright and locked position and we sprawled out in the more spacious rear.

She sat in front of me, in my lap, and leaned her head back against my shoulder so we could kiss. I traced the hard tip of her nipple through her shirt. I moved my hand down to her pussy and rubbed it through her jeans. She moaned but was reticent at first, breaking our kiss to look around the parking lot. I covered her lap with her coat, unzipped her jeans, and slipped my hand in before she could say no. I found her clit rock hard and her pussy drenched. I began to stroke her, fucking her mouth with my tongue.

From the corner of my eye, I watched a car full of attractive, straight-looking women slowly drive up, then creep to a stop behind us–clearly checking out our back seat action. She didn’t notice, but adrenaline surged through my body, sparking my already swollen clit into overdrive inside my pants. I didn’t change a stroke even though we were being watched. “Oh, don’t stop, don’t change, she moaned, arching her back and throwing her head against my shoulder as she came, shouting my name. The car finally drove past, with the blissed-out girl at hand never knowing her orgasm had been witnessed by beautiful strangers.

When she opened her eyes and smiled at me, her fingers playfully running through my hair, I knew I’d scored both a second date and a sexy scenario that I would play over and over again in my head for quite some time to come.


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