The Art of Erotic Role Play: 5 Must-Try Fantasies For Couples

With Halloween fast approaching,  everyone seems to be getting caught up in the excitement and fun of planning their costumes for the big event.  It’s the one time of year that we adults seem to feel free enough to let our hair down, let our imaginations go wild, and remember the joys of playing “dress up” from our childhood.  But Halloween need not be the only time we bring out our creative side to have a little fun!  Erotic role-playing can bring a whole new dimension to your sex life, and reenergize your relationship in the bedroom.

How do I get started?

There’s no wrong way to do it, so don’t let yourself get too bogged down in over-thinking things.  Erotic role-play you can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be, which is the beauty of role-play really.  Some people choose to just enact their fantasies by taking on the roles only verbally through the things they say, some use costumes or uniforms, and some get as elaborate as using props or staging the scene in different places to make it feel as real as possible.  Don’t worry if it feels awkward at first.  The first time trying something new usually always is, but once you get comfortable and allow yourself to just let go and have fun with it, you’ll be surprised how easily it comes to you!  Let your imagination soar, as the sky is the limit!

One of the best things about erotic role-playing is the energy that gets devoted to creating your fantasies together.  All of that time spent in creating the atmosphere and mood, anticipating the sharing of pleasure together, actually works to heighten your sexual passion for one another!  Anticipation boosts your arousal, and will have you craving your partner.  Suddenly you’ll find yourselves experiencing a renewed sexual vibrancy, and a lot more sizzle in the sack!

A Sweet Escape

Every couple experiences times when the sexual passion doesn’t seem to be flowing as intensely as they would like it to be.  While the passion between you may ebb and flow, which is totally natural, role-playing your sexual fantasies together  It’s easy to allow the stress of every day responsibilities and routine to effect your intimate sexual relationships.  Whether you’ve been together 6 months or six years, role-playing your fantasies allows you to leave behind the pressures of the “every day”, and enter into a world purely created by you and your partner, creating a welcome escape.  Your bedroom can become a haven where the restrictions of those roles and rules of your daily life are exchanged for the limitless exploration of your imaginations.  Role playing is freeing, empowering, and not to mention, an insanely sexy amount of fun!

Sharing is Caring

Remember how much fun it was to dress up as your favorite Superhero as a kid, or play cops and robbers with your friends?  Now you can enjoy that imaginative play on a whole new level!  Talk to your partner about what kinds of fantasies they have, or ways they might like you to dress, and share your desires as well.  Nothing is hotter than sharing your desires intimately with your partner, and bringing those fantasies to life together!  One of the greatest benefits of erotic role-play is the depth of communication you get to share by talking about your fantasies with each other.

If you’re new to the idea of role-playing your fantasies, here are a few of my favorites to help get your creative juices, both figurative and literal, flowing!

Portia Blush’s Top 5 Must-Try Role Play Fantasies

#1 Doctor/Nurse and Patient

This is one of the most popular fantasies that men and women share.  There’s just something so hot about a naughty nurse or doctor giving that extra bit of “care” to their patient!  Give your partner’s body a very thorough exam, and show them the healing benefits of your love.  Nurses, give that man the sexy sponge bath that will have him craving more!  If you want to go the extra mile, you can find nurses uniforms on any number of websites catering to fantasy play, or doctors coats at your local uniform shop.  Any way your imagination takes you is sure to be a prescription for temperatures to rise in your lovemaking!

#2 Military

Get down on your knees, and that’s an order!  Role play military style can be super hot!  Ladies, you know what they say, nothing beats a mean in uniform (except maybe getting him out of one, that is!)  It has the element of fantasy with uniforms, and the added erotic intoxication of power exchange!  You can find any number of uniform pieces at an Army-Navy store near you, without having to spend a fortune.  Drop, and give yourself over to pleasure!

#3 Executive and Secretary

This one is my personal favorite as of late!  There’s nothing quite like flinging the papers off the desk, as you sprawl your partner across the top of it, and take them!  Or men, bend your ladies over it, and see how good she is at taking some “dictation”!  It’s a really easy fantasy to enact at home with minimal props, and again, has the added bonus of the charge that power exchange can bring to sex!  Silk neck ties can make wonderful restraints, and rulers make paddles, for those who enjoy sensation play!

#4 Cops and Robbers

Turn around, put your hands behind your back, and spread em’!  What more can you ask for?  The police officer fantasy seems to be pretty strongly shared by both genders.  What can I say?  A uniform is a pretty sexy thing, and an immediate reinforcement in our minds of authority.  This is where it’s really good to be the bad guy!  Arrest your partner, read them their rights, and have them surrender to your love!  They might not stay quite so silent though, officer!

#5 Pirate and Wench

Prepare to be boarded!  This fantasy is sure to please, as it’s very easy to enact with little or no costuming.  Many lingerie stores even sell themed lingerie for this very fantasy.  Pillage, plunder, have her walk your plank, and enjoy all the rewards of your captive!  Jack Sparrow will have nothing on you, matey!  Plenty of sexy booty will have your flag raised high for sure!  Remember, what they say about the motion of the ocean?  It sure is good to be Captain!

This is just a small sampling of some great fantasy ideas that will have you and your partner eager for more!  Maybe you have one that I didn’t mention, or maybe you have new ideas from reading these!  The key is to have fun with it, and enjoy getting to know your partner in new and exciting ways than you did before.  Remember,  none of these roles above need be seen as gender specific, so enjoy playing in whatever way you desire!  I make a mighty fine pirate, and I’ve had some damn sexy male wenches!  It’s all about exploring and having fun together. And if you’re looking for more tips, check out The Ultimate Guide To Sexual Fantasy and Exhibitionism For The Shy  May all your erotic adventures bring you the ecstasy you desire!

Portia Blush

Seeking to shatter the myth that "nice girls don't talk about sex", and often described by those who know her as "A force of nature living in skin", Portia Blush is a saucy Sapiosexual sex-blogger who shares with an infectious wit and a candid vulnerability about her experiences of sex, love, intimacy, kink, the occasional obsession, and everything in between; one true story at a time. She has over 10 years experience playing Switchy in the BD/SM scene, and has explored a myriad of relationship configurations from monogamous to poly. Portia's work can also be found featured on Get Lusty For Couples. When she's not musing on the lustier side of life, Portia is an avid runner, photographer, mother, and semi-professional living room dancer.

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4 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    I have done a couple role playing things with my husband but I feel SOOO stupid…It doesn’t come easy. I have costumes and I’ve done the lap dances (which I feel stupid because I’ve gained a lot of weight since we got married). I feel stupid doing all of it. He loves it though. These are great ideas…where do I come up with what to say…how do you even start the conversation of a role play experience? He wants me to dress up as Wonder Woman…OMG I can find a costume but what do I say? What do I do? I’m at a loss…It makes me so mad and sad that I can’t do what he likes without feeling like a complete idiot. Because I feel that way, it isn’t fun for me. It’s like a forced thing. How do I get over this feeling?

  2. paul says:

    As i have study for years art of sex, ive always said the mind is the what makes great sex, not what to do we should learn as much as possible but its the imagination the fantasy its building up the excitement there can be many rolls to play we all have different tastes, its just as vital you have an open close relationship or understanding connection with your partner, and both of you fall into the moment open up all your inhibitions and be free, once you got that the fantasy you roll play exhilarate the excitement, before doing your roll play set the environment up, take time avoid all distractions and go for it i personally like the repair man the idea of being caught surprised by a sexy lady making passes at me, showing some cleavage smelling nice using all the sense to attract her prey, whilst he is unawares, it all build excitement all rolls are fun so enjoy Paul

  3. What a great read! Thanks for grouping such great role-playing ideas together. Makes it seem very easy to do, and not intimidating or silly. 🙂

    • Portia Blush says:

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Having fun, without worrying about whether one is doing it “the right way”, is what it’s all about! “Play” is the key word here! =)