TGIF Weekend Jams: Maneater

Happy Friday!  We’re welcoming the weekend with an 80’s throwback.

Groove to the music of Hall & Oates, inspired by our little curious penis masturbation toy, the Man Eaters from Outer Space!



Man Eaters From Outer Space Waterproof Vibrator - Click to enlarge  Man Eaters From Outer Space Waterproof VibratorPurple people eaters are so 1958! Forget them and say hello to your new alien overlord — the most adorable green monster sex toy you ever saw, with a vibrating, voracious mouth of joy, form-fitting and curved to fit many penises. With an easy-grip body and three speeds (cycle through them by pushing on its belly), this little spaceguy is not a sleeve, but slides along the shaft. Add lube for even more out-of-this-world sensation–it’s waterproof and easy to clean.

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So, what’s it like to USE this little critter? Take it from our friends at Fleshbot:

“The Man Eater is a bit different. It’s built for you to place your penis smack dab in his mouth and let the vibrating surface take you to another world. When I first heard about the concept, I was cynical. How can some moving plastic make my man meat feel all that great? Because of my skepticism, the toy stayed in its rather attractive packaging on my bookshelf for a few weeks. Every time I had a visitor, they were drawn to it and we would discuss the toy and have a little laugh. When you don’t know what the little guy is for, he sure is cute, and after you know his purpose, he’s twice as funny. “

“Finally the big night came. I got myself hard as a rocket ship and turned on the Man Eater by pushing his belly button (much like that ’80s movie about cute little aliens, the batteries weren’t included). I started rubbing him all around the shaft. The humming was more pleasurable than I thought. The best sensation is gained from rubbing the alien’s mouth around the head of the cock, especially around the ridge under the head for us uncircumcised gentlemen. This thing sure is fun. Feels nice on the balls too, or when pressing against the crotch (and that hard to reach prostate underneath) at the base of the cock. “

Watch out, boys.

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