Terrific Texture & Vigorous Vibration

Working in the store, I always have folks coming up to me and asking “I see there are a lot of sex toys for [insert name of specific community here] folks, where are all of the toys for me? I’ve noticed that folks get really wrapped up in the idea that a toy can only be made specifically for a female body or exclusively for a male body instead of looking at what will be best for them.

I think for a lot of people they’ve gotten it stuck in their head that vibration is for women and texture (A.K.A masturbation sleeves) is for men. It’s easy to see why folks keep getting this idea reinforced; because there are not a lot of vibrators that are curved to fit the male anatomy or texture toys marketed towards women. However, the fact of the matter is female and male genitals are made up of the same stuff it’s just shaped differently. So it stands to reason that men would like vibration and women would like texture.

Vibration For Men

Right now is a very exciting time for folks who have a penis because more and more sex toy companies are making vibes specifically for male bodied folks. There’s the Cobra Libre Stimulator for Men which is a vibe designed to just fit around the head and roughly 1/3 of the shaft. There’s also the Man Eaters From Outer Space Waterproof Vibrator, which is a little bit more versatile and can be used on the shaft as well as the testicles. However, way before those two gems came around there were toys like the Laya Vibrator, and the Nea Vibrator which have a crescent shape that curves around the shaft of the penis and the testicles. Lastly, if you like stimulation at the urethral opening you should defiantly check out the Seti Toyfriend Silicone Waterproof Vibrator. It has a flat disk-like head with a little stem coming out of the center, which can be used to pin-point vibration at the urethral opening. Another fun tip about the Seti, if you’ve had experience with urethral penetration, you can insert the little stem for even more stimulation.

Texture For Women

Just as there have been new toys for men, there have also been a lot of texture toy advancements marketed towards women recently, for example, the Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator. The Squeel is a textured wheel that spins around. There have been so many female bodied folks who I’ve talked to who have asked me “I don’t like vibes. What do I do? I’m really excited that there is now a toy that does specifically texture. Now don’t get me wrong, the Squeel is not the only texture toy on the market, but it’s defiantly a really great one and easy for female bodied folks to use. For a long time I’ve always pointed folks towards male masturbation sleeves for texture. But just the name alone would make women say “it’s made for guys, not me, but that’s not true! They can easily be put around one’s hand with the texture facing out and be used to stimulate the clit or the labia as an added texture for manual masturbation. An excellent example would be The Quickie Sleeve, it’s open on both ends so you would still have access to your fingertips for more pin-pointed stimulation, and it’s made from a stretchy material so it will fit around your hands without hardship. Other really great sleeves to look at are the Tenga Egg Masturbation Sleeves, there are six different textures to choose from and these sleeves are super stretchy and are perfect if you want to put them over a bigger external vibe like the Magic Wand Massager!

I hope this guide helps to break the idea that toys are meant for only one thing. There are plenty of toys out there that can be used in a thousand different ways and not just the one way they’re marketed for.


Kaitlyn Kochany

Kaitlyn Kochany is a Toronto-area freelance writer who has written about issues as diverse as cycling in the winter, how to successfully open a bar, and dating as a single parent. She loves taking baths, drinking Coke Zero, and rechargeable vibrators. She has been writing about sex and sexuality since 2012. Visit her website at kaitlynkochany.com.

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