Terms of Your Service

As part of your service, I want you to agree to and to remember the following:

Don’t point.
Don’t stick your tongue out.
Don’t talk under your breath.
Don’t leave something half done, then just walk away.

I want you to remember that you are always my treasure.
I want you to remember that you are my rock.
I want you to remember that you are always my friend, my lover, my girl. And that if for some reason I can’t hug you, kiss you, caress you it’s because though my body is willing, my mind is just overwhelmed.
I want you to remember that you are MY crown jewel, and that even when you feel the darkest, gloomiest, most unpolished you still shine and sparkle in my eyes.
I want you to believe in your charm, your talent, and your fabulousness and on days when you can’t find it in yourself to believe, I want you to believe that I see all that in you.
I want you to know that your strength gives me strength; that your determination makes me more determined; that your trust helps me trust.
I want you to always try — preferably your best, but always try.

Most importantly, I want you to know that if you’ve done your best; if you’ve tried your hardest, and if you’ve given your all even if you mess up and fall flat on your face, I will still love you.

So, what do you say? Will you let me love you? Will you be mine forever?


Owned and operated by her loving dominant, Sailor identifies as a sober, genderqueer, switchy, service submissive and volunteering addict with a particular appreciation for ageplay, sharp objects, and hard, thuddy things. She currently co-hosts three events: "Transmission" for kinky trans folks, their friends, and their lovers and "Vibe" for kinky people of color and people who love and support them (both of those are held at SF Citadel), and the San Francisco Littles Munch (at Wicked Grounds) for people who're into or curious about age play. When not serving her dominant or her community, or running around in a dungeon Sailor enjoys, reading, writing, hanging out with friends, and conversations over good coffee. You can read more of Sailor's writing on her blog at sailoralecs.tumblr.com, or by following her on Twitter at @sailoralecs.

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2 Responses

  1. Sailor says:

    I started this piece at a writing workshop for kinksters facilitated by a friend of mine who’s an awesome published writer. Hir prompt for us that inspired this was “instructions” so I imagined what my owner would say to me if she were to give me a set of instructions.

  2. luv2sex.info says:

    Never thought of saying that to a girl!