Television War Bride

The separation between my lover Kailey and me came unexpectedly. I was called to duty as a television producer. I disappeared for weeks on end, working 16-hour days and spending my scant free time sleeping. It felt like I was off fighting a war of sorts, since my absence from my former life was taking its toll on my mind, body and relationship. And it seemed Kailey was my war bride, whom I hoped faithfully awaited my return.

I kept her photo on my Blackberry home screen to remember all that I had left behind in exchange for waking up at 4 a.m. in total darkness, showering, dressing in my uniform of all black, reporting to the studio before the sun even dreamed of rising. Lights, cameras, action. Only the people featured on camera lived under the lights. The rest of us, in our black fatigues, melted away into the shadows outside the light, so as to not be seen on camera. By the time we wrapped each day it was dark outside. I hadn’t seen the sun in weeks and began to fear for my immortal soul, since I had officially become a vampire (although, I really thought it would be much more glamorous than this).

Every solitary bite eaten at craft services made me miss her home-cooked meals. I wrote her love letters every chance I got via text message, and she wrote back. But it seemed we were drifting apart and I wondered if someone else might be keeping her loneliness at bay. No matter, I would still lay down my life for her.

At last, my tour of television duty was over. The first morning I stepped out into the blazing sunlight I felt a surge of hope–perhaps my absence had made her heart grow fonder. I returned to my lover on her birthday. Happy Birthday, Kailey, there’s much more to come. And she did keep coming, enough times over the course of the day to add up to her birthday number–plus one for good luck. “Fuck birthday candles, just don’t stop, she moaned. And so I didn’t¦and I won’t ever stop, even if it means defecting to Canada in the name of love.

Good Vibrations

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