Teen Fakes Pregnancy for a School Project

via the Seattle Times

High school senior, Gaby Rodriguez, faked being pregnant in order to document the impact of the gossip and reactions that pregnant teens receive. The only people who knew were her parents, her boyfriend, and the principal. She kept the experiment going for 6 1/2 months and revealed it in an assembly. Apparently, part of why she chose to end the project at this time was to be able to go to prom without looking pregnant, but it was also to be able to talk about the project with the other students.

Plenty of rumors flew around during the experiment, like people saying that she was irresponsible, or that she was bound to get pregnant, or that she ruined her life. Some of the other students shamed her and she was socially isolated. I doubt she learned much that plenty of other pregnant teens haven’t also learned. Nevertheless, she’ll be using her experiences to create a presentation about teen pregnancy. Good for her!

Here are two news reports and interviews:

Dr. Charlie Glickman

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