Team Jacward

Jacob noticed the sky first. Whenever he felt out of sorts, he would look up. Like tonight. The sky was that magic blue, almost deepened to black, but bright still from the last rays of the falling sun. Royal Blue? Cobalt? Crayola doesn’t have a name for this particular color. So, let’s just go with good. The sky looked good. A good, true blue. Jacob was mesmerized by the sky and that is why it took him so long to notice the tent and Edward and how fucking good Edward looked.

Edward was outside the tent. Sun falling, moon rising, he was half shadowed and full staring at Jacob. He whispered with his odd smirk, “Jacob. Nothing else needed to be said at that moment. They both knew Jacob shouldn’t have shown up and they were both glad that he did.

Bella was asleep in the tent; Edward took care of that. And she wouldn’t wake up until he let her wake. It was one of those vampire tricks he never told her about. There was a lot more to teach her, but she could just wait.

Jacob passed Edward, close enough to feel the chill and went into the tent. He brushed a stray piece of Bella’s hair across her ear, kissed her on the cheek, and went back out into the darkening night.

Edward was waiting, arm outstretched, and sensing my hesitation, he says “Someday I will really wake her up. Then we can all be together. “But now it’s her and me, you and her, and more urgently you and me. “You and me, now. As he slid out the last syllable he leaned in for the kiss, grabbed Jacob roughly on both sides of his face and mashed his lips against Jacob’s.

“You’re forceful tonight.

“You know you can handle the rough stuff and with that he ran one icy finger down the length of Jacob’s chest and grabbed the belt loop on the cut off jeans.

If Edward could heat up, if he could melt, Jacob’s abs would do it. But he remained calm, cool, but Jacob seemed to get hotter with every kiss Edward gave him. Jacob grabbed Edward’s hands and helped him pull down the cut off jeans.

Edward paused, stopped, looked around. Night had finally fallen; the moon was up, almost orange and full. The rest of Jacob’s pack had surrounded them. Somehow, in silence.

“It’s okay, one of them whispered. “We know, we’ve known from the beginning. We are just here to watch. Packs share a bond. Edward could see his sly smile against the moonlight. He stared hard at this other werewolf, unsure and slightly unsteady about what he was saying.

Edward was just plain uneasy. Vampires and werewolves didn’t make sense. Even with the treaty. But Jacob made sense. Jacob could make sense all night long and Edward wasn’t ashamed to be watched. Certainly, not by a group of hot, half dressed men. Half dressed werewolves? That doesn’t matter. All that mattered was the hot abs and tight shorts.

Since Jacob’s own cut offs were already down; Edward’s mouth just followed them. His cock was harder than he thought possible. He was tempted to feel it, stroke it, let it explode in his hand. He resisted, he knew Jacob had to be taken care of first. And Jacob got what Jacob wanted. Always. And Edward gave it to him, every which way. So, he put his cool mouth on Jacob’s hot dick and showed the pack just how friendly a vampire could be.

Jacob was huge, a throat full. His dick even more impressive than his tight, hard muscles. Edward had done this before and he knew he could handle it. He swallowed it in one gulp, slightly gagging, slightly smiling. He sucked hard, then paused, stopped. He then lightly worked his tongue around the rim in tight circles. Jacob, impatiently, grabbed Edward’s head. Jacob set the pace and Edward followed. That was how this worked. Edward liked it when Jacob took control. He sucked him off, hard and fast. Jacob closed his eyes, threw his head back, then opened them again. He glanced around at his pack, and came harder than he had ever done before. Edward swallowed all the burning cum that he could. But this was too much; cum by the gallon. He took in as much as he could and rubbed the rest on his own shimmering, pale chest. The pack had been quiet, but suddenly one of them came forward and licked Edward down.

Jacob pulled up his shorts, wiped the sweat off of his brow, then threw the other werewolf off of Edward. Jacob kissed Edward hard, pulled down his pants, ordered him to stay put. Then he beckoned the other wolf back.
“Bend over Jacob growled, “Show your pack brother some respect. He pushed Edward towards the other wolf. Kissing him on the cheek and lightly stroking his hair, he whispered softly: “Fuck him, I want to watch you fuck him. Do it strong, do it hard, do it like I tell you to do it. Don’t dare disappoint me. Edward obeyed, slowly spread open the werewolf’s ass and pounded away. He didn’t ease in, didn’t take him slow, Edward spit on his hand, rubbed it on his hard cock and pumped. Jacob watched in approval. There were screams; Jacob smiled. The rest of the pack closed in. Not sure if they should keep watching or tear Edward apart. Tear Edward apart, the way Edward was tearing that ass apart. The other werewolf shouted, “No, I can take it, I can take this vampire prick. Edward pushed his cock in even deeper. He seemed to take forever, But finally, breathing hard and staring back up at the darkened sky he came, explosive. Then he leaned over, resting his head on the werewolf’s back. Jacob looked up at the moon and howled. After that, just the rustling silence that descends the trees when twilight darkens into full night.

And then soft stirring from the tent. Edward zipped up, “Bella he slightly whispered. Jacob told the rest of the pack to scatter. Edward went into the tent and Jacob followed. Edward kissed took Bella in his hands, softly placed his hands around her head, staring until she gently woke up. “you were shivering he said. She looked up, dazzled by Edward, her long eyelashes slightly fluttering in. “Jacob is going to keep you warm and I’m going to keep watch. Jacob looked slyly at Edward, crept over to Bella and placed himself next to her in the open sleeping bag. Edward stared from a distance, feigning jealousy. He could still taste Jacob in his mouth.

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