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Sexy Sex Newsy News

2017 Annual Good Vibrations Sex & News Recap: A Rollercoaster of Sexy Sex, Newsy News

What does health policy have to do with sex? Everything from birth control to HIV prevention and treatment to access to medial care if you leave your cock ring on too long, that’s what. There are a jillion ways sexuality intersects with medicine; … the more people who lose access to affordable health care, the more sexual sequelae there will be to common and uncommon ailments.

Dr. Carol Queen’s “Sexy Sex Newsy News”

Dr. Carol Queen’s “Sexy Sex Newsy News”

      For the Good Vibes’s Blog: Week of November 22-28, 2013 Now the Government Appears to be Tracking Porn Viewing But not yours, citizen! Well, maybe yours. Apparently the porn-viewing being spied...