Swinging, poly and multi-partners, oh my!

Hello Good Vibrations Friends!
How nice to have you all here with us again! Molly and I have some very fun reading for all of you love birds out there who are interested in opening your relationship to include a third, fourth or more partner into your lives! Read on for exciting detailsĀ¦

Hi Call Center Confessions. My partner and I have been a couple for a couple of decades now, and have a wonderful relationship. We both love each other very much and are very open about our fantasies, etc. Things are getting a little stale though, and during one of our talks about fantasies, my honey expressed an interest in inviting a third partner into our relationship. I find this idea to be very exciting but neither of us has any idea about getting started! Can you help us!

Tea for Two Plus Four (or more!)

Dear TTPF-
Thanks for writing to us! CeeCee and I are excited about your question because so many loving couples are interested in polyamory but just don’t quite know what’s it all about and how to make a multiple partner relationship work.

What’s always super important in all relationships is talking things over with each other. Bringing other play partners into an established coupledom can bring up big scary emotions, like old green-eyed jealousy. That one little word alone is scary, isn’t it Molly! Have no fear wonderful readers, jealousy can be tamed! Molly and I both think The Ethical Slut is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring unconventional relationships. This little gem has it all-from finding partners, resolving conflict, scheduling dates, raising children, caring for your health and how to handle the “J” word (jealousy!). Being an informed Ethical Slut of any stripe can bring you all the sex and love and friendship you want! How dreamy is that?

Another great book we suggest is Redefining Our Relationships. It covers all sorts of non-monogamous relationships for all sexual orientations. Everyone can really have fun with a little forethought and lots of checking in with each other.

Ooooh, watching a naughty DVD might turn up the heat without raising a finger to the thermostat. Urban Friction is all that and more! Watch these lovers, who enjoy making each other’s fantasies come true, learn the value of open communication and trust with each other and new lovers. Maybe something a little raunchier is more up your alley (mmmm, THAT sounds fun!). We melted all over Cheating Housewives, with its rough talk and all-sex, no-plot action. CeeCee just about burned out her Hitachi Magic Wand from all the buzzing and bouncing!

How about this hot little number — the Divine Toy Satchel. It’s perfectly perfect for when you’re on the go making your dates with all your special people. Not only is it soooo sexy in hot red and faux snakeskin on the outside, inside you will have room for your lubes, condoms and dams and several toys too! Batteries are held secure in elastic straps and (this is the part I just cream over!) you can lock the satchel! It has a beautiful gold lock and 2 keys, one for you and one for-well, you can decide who will be the lucky key keeper! Hummm, that might even be a fun bedroom game don’t you think Molly? Deciding who the lucky key keeper will be! Like strip poker! The loser is the winner! We love that!

And don’t forget….as always, the most important part of relationships is being honest to your own heart and respecting your people! Share the love!

Dear Call Center Gals: After long fireside chats, a few hot readings and some even hotter videos my long-time partner and I have decided to take the plunge into swinging. We have been together for so long and we haven’t used condoms and such in forever. Since we are bringing some strangers into the mix can you recommend some fun ways to keep our sex safe? Thank so much for all your help!

Sincerely, Safety Susan

Hi there Safety Susan!
Congrats on your leap into the swinging world! Way to go for recognizing the importance of keeping you and your partner safe.

First off, we have some great new (and sugar free!) lubricants by O’My that will make your fantasy play oh so delicious and slick. They have some amazing flavors that aren’t sweet. Beyond being all-natural these lubes contain no glycerin, which makes it friendly to even our most sensitive lovers’ sensitive parts. We have a flavor for every tryst: Passion Fruit, Strawberry Cheesecake, Melon and CeeCee’s favorite, Pina Colada. Try them all at your next swing party!

If you want to keep fellatio nice and safe but aren’t a fan of the taste of latex, (ewww!) try our flavored condoms. Paradise makes some delightful condoms in Banana, Vanilla and Strawberry flavors. Unwrap these love gloves to provide an extra treat for your taste buds.

If you are a fan of cunnilingus we haven’t left you out. We carry some great, super-duper thin dental dams in latex and also polyurethane for folks sensitive to latex. Our Slicks Dams are micro-thin and come in a handy foil wrapping similar to a single condom. The packaging is ideal for those late night rendezvous, ooh la la c’est bon! Polyurethane is a great alternative to latex. Our Hot Dams are damned hot at keeping your oral exploration steamy and sultry! Incorporate your lubricant of choice with these dams and hold on tight for a wild ride.

Are your fingers feeling left out? We can protect those too. Check out our sexy, sleek Black Latex Gloves. Gloves are a great way to protect your whole hand and allow for some carefree fun. If you are the neat and tidy type, keep your eye out for our Finger Cots. You get a pack of ten, to protect fingers as they go places they haven’t gone before or haven’t seen in a while.

Wow, are you feeling like you may be able to find that perfect stranger or two (or more)? Remember, the key to unlocking those multiple partner fantasies is communication, making sure you let those primary partners know they are soooo special and practicing safe sex!

Thanks for reading everyone! We here at Good Vibrations wish all of you the happiest of holiday seasons y un prospero ano nuevo! Please don’t forget to write to us REALLY soon with your most intimate Call Center Confessions!

Kisses! Molly and CeeCee

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