Stronger if Bound by Love, Part 2

This was obviously going to be good. With my lovely Tara tied up, completely helpless, and with her pussy stuffed full of cock…a cock which attached to a beautiful woman, I couldn’t help being as hard as I was¦which was very, very hard, to tell the truth. Sure, Tara could get me this hard, easily, but having Cassie in the room certainly didn’t hurt.

I had so enjoyed watching my girl get fucked, her first time with a woman, and our first time with a third. It was beautiful, watching her face as the dildo slid into her, opened her up so well. I knew Cassie had fucked a woman before, as she and I had known each other, just a little, before I brought her home this evening. We’d worked together on a house a number of years back, and she’d been with a woman at the time, a woman who had now disappeared into the past, or Cassie wouldn’t be here right now. She and I had stayed in touch since then, exchanging the occasional email, and I’d known Tara would be delighted with her, so she was first on my list of invitees. And luckily she’d agreed, after I’d sent her Tara’s picture, because my girl’s beauty was hard to miss.

And now I was going to join in, and I almost felt sad, interrupting them, interrupting the passion of their interactions, their fucking something that almost couldn’t be interrupted, not politely, at least. But my cock was practically begging me to let it join in on the action, and who was I to deny such a demand? I knew neither woman would mind, and so I shoved Cassie on top of Tara, heard a grunt from Cassie and a loud moan from Tara, and then I began entering Cassie, slowly inserting the head of my cock, and already it felt far too good to be real.

Slowly, I felt myself disappear into Cassie, her ass so tight around me, and I hoped I could hold off until my girl could come, or at least until she’d had her fill. Once I was all the way inside Cassie’s ass, I paused for a moment, let her get used to the fullness, let her relax, as I’d always done for Tara… just the same, and yet so very different. After all, I hadn’t touched another woman in years, and then it had been suggested, not by me, but by her, that we maybe bring someone home. And then the plan fell into place, that Tara would be restrained, and blindfolded, and I would pick whoever joined us; I would lead the woman into the room, let her do whatever she pleased with my girl “ fuck her mouth, her cunt, or just kiss her¦slide her fingers into Tara’s ass, or just her pussy. Tara had told me that anything was game, that there would be no limits, other than safe sex, and I was certainly pleased with her allowance of anything and everything.

I grabbed onto Cassie’s hips, holding her in place, just for a few seconds, and then I began to lead her, in a dance I’d never done before, never even practiced. I pushed her up and down, her cock sliding into Tara, then my turn, as I slid deep into her, feeling her flex around me, squeezing me, almost milking the come out of me. But not this soon, not yet, please, let this last a bit longer¦

* * *

I watched the woman’s face, this brand-new collection of mouth and nose and eyes, knowing that I possibly looked the same whenever Brad’s cock was in my ass, but maybe not quite, because she and I were obviously different, in obvious ways, of course, but probably many more. I could tell she was enjoying herself, and, of course, I was too. Every few thrusts, I pulled at the ropes, and of course, they held firm, tight as I was around the dildo, tight as her ass was around Brad’s dick, or so I imagined.

And then, as she slid into me, I felt a swirl of lovely warmth build, and build, and build inside me, spreading far and wide, and I said, “I’m close, Brad, I’m close¦ Then I watched Brad’s eyes, peeking out over Cassie’s shoulder, and they squinted up, and I could tell he was too, and I knew, like usual, like always, that my mere mention of my coming orgasm would get him to the very edge. And then he shoved Cassie forward, and both of us, in the most wonderful way, in the most impossibly hot, new, and welcome way, came “ me, with my gasps and moans and shudders, and him, with his grunts and words,  “Oh fuck¦fuckfuckfuck, and flexing of possibly every muscle from head to toe.

I hadn’t imagined it possible, for us to come, one of those far too uncommon times“where the stars align, or something like that, something immense, amazing“but we could, and we did. I didn’t know how the woman was feeling, and for a few moments, all I cared about was how good it felt, coming this hard, and oh fuck, it was so¦impossibly¦intense.

Hours later, once Cassie was gone, we climbed into bed for the night, after a shared, quick shower, and a small snack of bread, cheese, and grapes. Brad pressed up against me, his arm draped across my waist, and soon he was snoring, his breath warm against my neck.

I couldn’t sleep for awhile, and I found myself going over the hours that had gone by “ not the ones only a little bit earlier, with Cassie, with the sex, all of that, but the ones we’d spent together, these days which had turned into years. I didn’t know if we would last just another year, or forever, but I was hoping dearly for the second.

* * *

In the morning, while Tara was still sleeping, I got dressed and went downstairs, to the café down the street. I picked up a bagel for me, and for her, her favorite, a pain au chocolat. Then, as an afterthought, I walked a few more blocks, and bought bouquet of pale, pink roses from the flower stand on the corner. The man who sold it to me smiled as he did, his eyes wrinkling up in a charming way. “Who are you buying these, young man? he asked, handing me my change and turning to wrap the flowers in tissue paper and cellophane.

“They’re for the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, I told him. I found myself picturing her in my mind, found myself smiling wide as anything, and found myself wondering if, like me, she hoped we would never end.

The man gave me the flowers, and, with a spring in my step, I walked back to our apartment, picturing not the night before, but the smile I hoped to see on Tara’s face as I handed her the flowers, her grin hidden by them as she buried her nose in one, inhaling its sweet, gentle smell.

Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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