Start Your (Vibrator) Engines!

A jaunt across our modern cultural landscape in just about any direction leads you to a realization pervasive enough to qualify as an undeniable truth: Sex is serious business.

That is why a recent story appearing on the San Francisco Sentinel website about a local entrepreneur’s somewhat lighthearted approach sexual titillation is worthy of note: Vibrator Racing Tracks.

Developed as a bar-slash-party game, a single four-foot vibrator racing track allows up to six people (or more if multiple tracks are in use) to set a vibrator buzzing towards the finish line, which sounds exactly as silly and fun as is probably intended. (Not to mention it giving a whole new meaning to the phrase lube stop.)

The downside is that the vibrators appear to be identical, meaning that the outcome would largely be determined by battery strength, cleanliness of the track or vibe surface, how level it is, etc., leaving lady luck the real winner no matter which vibe crosses the finish line.

However, in anticipation of Vibrator Racing taking on a life of its own, (and yes, thoughts of Vibrator Racing Leagues leap irresistibly to mind) here are a few suggestions on vibes available at Good Vibrations that could hold their own against stiff racing competition: (Of course, if you are looking for something to rev up your own engines, these work handily for that purpose, too!)


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