Special Valentine’s Edition

Hello loves! Thanks so much for all your emails and calls! We’ve been dressing up the stores and the website for Valentine’s Day and we hope you’ll Indulge Your Senses. Not sure what to get to spice up this romantic day? We can help! This year we have a brand new gift guide with tons of ideas! Just check out www.goodvibes.com for exciting new ideas. We also have a “Things We Love For Less” section if you’re looking to fill your lover’s toy box to the brim. Molly’s getting her friends Tickle Pops and the Seduction and Spice Cookbook for her cute next-door neighbor. I’m getting my guy the Lets Do Lunch Kit (So it’s really for me, but shh! Don’t tell!). You certainly don’t need a date to treat yourself to something delightful! Have your friends over for a game of Sex Smarts or hide away in the tub for a relaxing night with a Pamper Me Pretty Kit.

However you celebrate, or don’t, we hope it’s delicious and fun! Now, on to your questions!

CeeCee & Molly

Q: Hi C & M, I hope this gets to you in time! I have no idea what to get my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. We shop with you all the time and it seems like we have it all! So what does a guy get for a girl with every Smoothie ever made? She does a lot for me and I want to make this gift special. Thanks!
— Frank

A: What do you get for the girl or boy who has it all? Maybe it’s time to go impressive, go big, go for grand dame of them all… the Super Silicone G Spotter Kit! We all know the Hitachi Magic Wand is the Cadillac of vibrators… but when you pair this amazing vibe with the Silicone G Spot Attachment you have the Space Shuttle of sex toys! (Not to mention that buying this as a kit saves you quite a bit!) The softly textured silicone attachment is the perfect date for the wand. It slips over the head of the wand and transmits vibration like a dream. The firm curve is perfect for internal G-Spot stimulation and as an added bonus it can be used for P-spot stimulation too. You’ll be getting your girl a high quality, reliable toy that you both can use!

Is her toy chest filled with just toys? Maybe it’s time to try out some sensation play! We just got in a neat new Doggie Style Strap that can be used to support you or your partner for fun positions. The Vanilla Bondage Kit is super cute! It has all the things you need for a little tie-you-up play and it comes in a container that looks like a pint of ice cream! If you need some suggestions about new love tangles to try, check out the Position of the Day Playbook. This book is so cute and has a new position for each day of the year. CeeCee’s been pulling a page out of her copy of the Position a Day book and sticking it to the bathroom mirror to remind her sweetie that it’s important to learn something new every day! We’re all about education here at Good Vibrations!

Q: What’s your recommendation for a small, quiet, very portable vibrator that can be used in a public setting? I want to surprise my partner on our upcoming vacation that involves traveling by train. We are traveling coach, so there are other people around. How do we have some fun in secret? By the way, she loves the Hitachi Wand we bought! Too bad it won’t work on the ride. Thanks!
— R.R.

A: Great question! There is so much fun to be had on the sly with wearable vibrators. You should definitely look at the Remote Butterfly and the Remote Tiger Panty. They have a wireless remote that you can turn on and off so you can control when your wife is um, turned on! They are undetectable under clothes and so quiet! They go nicely under a pair of panties and the remote has a great range. One year for Valentine’s Day, CeeCee bought the Remote Butterfly for all her friends and had a good laugh when she realized they had all worn them to her birthday party! The remote’s frequency is the same for the all units so you may have a fun surprise when you turn yours on and look around the room! Have a wonderful trip!

Q: Hi there! I’m having some difficulty with the Stallion harness using the Nexus Junior with it. The Nexus seems to move around too much! The Slip Not helps but I’m hoping you have some extra help for me! We love this toy and just want it to stay in place! Thanks so much!
— M.S.

A: Ooh! You have one of our most popular double dildos! The Nexus and Nexus Jr. are bestsellers. This curved, firm, silicone dildo offers sensation for the giver and the getter! It can be a little challenging at first to get it set up. The Stallion Harness and the Terra Firma harnesses are choice options to handle this fabulous toy! You’ve also got the Slip Not which can also add extra stability to a dildo that doesn’t fit perfectly in the ring or if your getter is bothered by the harness material. Slip Nots are awesome for shortening the length of a dildo and perfect if you or your getter likes a little extra padding. Molly wishes she had thought of this great design!

(For those of you looking to make a double out of the dildos you already have, make sure you check out the Coupler! This ingenious design is simple, inexpensive and how romantic to join your favorite toy and his or her favorite toy together!)

So here are the steps you need to get that Nexus to behave!

Here’s what you need:

* One (1) 2-inch O-ring
* One (1) 1.75-inch O-ring

Here’s how it works:

1. Fasten the waist and leg straps of the harness through the D-rings. This is as if you were going to wear the harness, but you haven’t put it on yet.

2. Now, remove the leather “body piece or driver pad” from the harness. This lets the double dildo pass all the way through the O-rings.

3. Unsnap the two leg straps from the main harness ring and pass them through the larger (2-inch) O-ring, then snap them around the smaller (1.75-inch) O-ring. This is the O-ring that will hook over the internal part of the double dildo.

4. Finally, slide the O-rings to that they are tight against the join in the middle of the dildo, at the base of both shafts.

5. Step into your dildo harness, settling the curved internal part appropriately as you pull the hip and leg straps into position. Adjust the straps either more tightly or more loosely for the best fit and control.

6. You’re off!!!

CeeCee and Molly, we’re here to help!

Good Vibrations

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