Speakeasy: A DVD Review

Speakeasy takes a lovely creative turn by thrusting the viewer into the 1920s underworld of the Speakeasy, the prohibition era rebellion against the ban on alcohol consumption. It features Billy Castro as a private dick on a case, willing and able to do ANYTHING to get down to the facts and solve this mystery.

This movie creates a unique universe, a merging of the eloquent stylized 1920s aesthetic with the shifting definitions of gender in contemporary queer culture. One of the many great features of this film is its celebration of various forms of gender identification. There are tops, bottoms, femmes, queers, trans entities, masochists and lovers of every type all decked out in the style of the roaring twenties.

Speakeasy starts with a very intense two party scene that serves as an introduction to the viewer of the coming action in the rest of the film. Throughout the movie we see fingering, choking, strap-on sex, shibari, fellatio, hot make out scenes, enthusiastic nipple play, and suspension techniques all thrown into a cohesive play space for the performers to enjoy and explore.

While viewing Speakeasy, one can see that a great deal of care was put into the creation of accurate costumes that reflected the style of dress and hairstyles in the 1920s. I could tell that Reel Queer took great pains to accurately represent the aesthetic of the 20s. Even the soundtrack dates back to that far gone era creating a film noir-ish mood for the performers.
Billy plays his role well, narrating the shifts in vignettes and performers without a hint of hesitation.

The second scene gives us a great display of rope suspension as Jiz Lee is hoisted and fucked by her dapper partner. This is followed by a really hot scene by two trans identified individuals on top of a bar.

The final scene involves some tantalizing manipulation and Billy takes us to the film’s climax. Speakeasy is a remarkable film, sexy and enjoyable, another impressive addition to the Reel Queer catalogue. Great performances by Billy Castro, Lorelei Lee and Jiz Lee. Definitely a must-pick up for anyone interested in the collection of quality queer porn.

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