Erotic Art by Sonia Li

Sonia Li Artist’s Statement
Vaggi Journey Video

I was made in Taiwan, and then got shipped off to SUNY Purchase eighteen years later with some art supplies.

My art reflects my belief in being honest to others and myself.


Humor. Sincerity. Innocence. Bravery. Tutus. Sparkling.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Holding hands. Holding on.

My vaggies and penises have traveled to many places including the Whitney Museum in New York City and Third Ward Artist Space in Brooklyn, at the same time juggling between working with feminist artists and surviving in New York City.

The vaggies and penises have won the hearts of many cold New Yorkers.

Sonia Li
Ms. Vag-I-Licious and

Copyright 2007 Sonia Li


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