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I just read and reviewed Dr. Sadie Allison’s book, Toygasms, and I wanted to include it in a list of good reference books for both seasoned experimenters and those who really just want to try something new. Yeah, I guess it pays to be a nerd sometimes because you can learn a lot of really neat things to enhance your sex life from (gulps!) reading! Whodathunkit?

I highly recommend this for a toy reference...five hearts from me!

For those of you who liked Sadie Allison’s Toygasms ,there is a bigger, longer, more colorful alternative to the small pocket sized book that I just reviewed. It’s called The Big Book of Sex Toys, written by Tristan Taormino. It is 246 pages and is also HARDCOVER–and I love hardcover books because they look pretty in my bookshelf. Yes, I have sex books on display in my bookshelf, right where my in laws and anyone who sets foot in my kitchen can see (my shelf is in the kitchen…don’t judge me ha ha).

If you’re looking for a good coffee table book, look no further. Dian Hanson has compiled an entire book dedicated to booties of every size, shape, color, form, and fashion it seems. While this book may be a bit pricey, I think it’s well worth the investment because it looks great next to a set of new coasters on your coffee table and makes for some awesome conversation when you have guests. As long as its not young guests, that is.  And guess what the best part is…the title of the book is The Big Butt Book. Hey, who doesn’t like a nice, round, shapely ass?

There is also a Big Book of Breasts, a Big Book of Legs, and a Big Penis Book. What’s next? There should be a few more body part themed books in this amazing artistic series of erotic art…As long as it’s not a Big Book of Knees

This should be prerequisite reading for all expectant mothers--for their own good, of course...

The next book that I wanted to share with you guys is something that I wish I would have had when I was pregnant (all five pregnancies…). As a mother who has survived four bouts of nine month long misery accompanied with confusion and occasional hysteria and bouts of mental distress over ice cream flavors and hemorrhoid creams, this book, Your Orgasmic Pregnancy by Danielle Cavallucci and Yvonne K Fulbright would have come in handy. Seeing as all five pregnancies were completely different, the book would have helped in each nine month period in different ways. During my first pregnancy, I wanted to have sex from daylight until dark. You would think that having a wife with that particular problem would have been heavenly for my husband, but alas-I wore him down.

On the flip side of this, I also went through another pregnancy some years later where the very thought of a penis coming anywhere near me, my vagina, or my bed was revolting. I can even remember refusing one of my husband’s subtle advances without saying a word. I just simply opened my mouth and let out a very un-sexy noise that sounded something like blaagghhhhhhhh! Yeah. This book would have helped me a little bit there, too.

Also, I have to add a little book called Best Lesbian Erotica 2011 because even as a straight woman, I loved it. Hands down, this is a great book. Very well put together, awesome story selections, and I have to admit it made me very bicurious. Is that the correct word? I think it is. So, moving on to why I recommend this book… Sometimes when you just want some alone time and need to masturbate a little bit of erotic reading does the trick and gets you in the mood easier than watching a film or some light self-teasing might. It never hurts to try something new, and that includes a new genre in erotic literature. After all, good story telling and deep descriptions are all you really need.

I certainly hope that you will venture a little further into your summer reading with this small list of new book suggestions that I’ve put together. After all, your biggest sex organ is actually your brain, contrary to popular belief. If you let your brain turn to mush, does that mean your libido will turn to mush, too? I have no clue what the answer to that question is, but since I truly enjoy my sex life, my self-love life, and everything that comes with reviewing toys and adult films and awesome erotica novels and even the more educational books and movies, I have no intention of letting my brain go without a fight! Sometimes I actually enjoy educational films and books more than non-educational ones. I know I’m not the only sex nerd out there, so if anyone else out there has any awesome book suggestions, by all means, let me know what they are!
Happy Sex Nerd Fucking!

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