Snuggle on!!

My lover has 2 boys, 7 and 10 years old. We have been dating a couple months now and every date for a long while was when his ex-wife had his kids. We had hung out with my boys, 8 and 13 years old, but never his. Recently we scheduled a weekend together and his ex-wife ended up needing to be out of town that weekend. We went ahead with our plans, knowing that I was eager to meet his kids, and he insisted that other than curtailing a few of our “louder” activities, our sexy time would still happen.

I loved hanging out with his kids in general. We went out to eat together and they were well behaved and polite. Even when the waitress talked about their mommy and daddy as if they were both at the table, the little guys didn’t bat an eye, just answered the question with poise. Moreover, we had fun conversations about science and of course, as is natural with little boys, farts and burps and butts! They are smart and even witty little guys.

Both boys seemed immensely comfortable with me being around and with their father touching, kissing and holding me affectionately. They were allowed to stay up late due to it being the weekend and then they went off to showers, tooth brushing and bed with little complaint, the youngest chiming “Snuggles!” as he skipped into the bedroom. We snuggled together and his eldest boy impressed me with his self confidence, his empathy for others and his general sweetness of nature.

Their dad and I had a lovely long lovemaking time after they were in bed and afterwards fell sweetly asleep ourselves, entwined in each other’s arms. Before I fell asleep, I realized that, as he had predicted, the boys were sweet to me, accepting and playful and had allowed me to be a part of their evening quite seamlessly. And there were no issues with them being at all bothered by our noises.

In the morning, my lover explained to me that his boys would not open the door if it was closed and we lay in bed for a while, cuddling and kissing and chatting. We were just getting a little randy, and my lover had just moved on top of me, exposing our naked bodies, when the door suddenly opened. His 7-yr-old stood there for a second, staring, processing what he saw, then exclaimed, “Ewwww!!”

At this point, I fully expected him to turn around and leave the room, possibly like a cartoon character, screaming at the top of his lungs, steam coming out of his ears and running in circles in the living room…. Instead, the boy stood another half second as we covered ourselves lightly with a sheet and my lover eased off of me onto the bed beside me.  Then he again chimed “Snuggles!” and jumped in bed with us! After I got over my initial shock, I absolutely loved it!

Rather than traditional snuggling we proceeded to roughhouse and play for 20 minutes or so, including his son throwing a big heavy, rolled up bed pad around on us for a while. There were lots of giggles, tickles and touches and the blankets did not stay on well. I was feeling modest up until the end when I really just needed to get out of bed and pee and could not avoid being fully naked any longer. I asked them both, “How do you feel about a naked lady walking around in your house?” They both acted like it was no big deal.

We ended up spending the rest of the day together and joining up with my husband and kids later in the day. But overall, this was my favorite moment of our time together. What an awesome sense of freedom to have a kid able to express a feeling like that, and then move right past it to make the connection that he wanted with his father. My lover told me later that he also stated that he had a lot of fun playing in bed that morning with the rolled up bed pad and us. And I believe it.

My hat is off to my lover for raising his kids with a positive and open minded take on the human body and human connection.  I truly appreciate his younger son’s ability to move past somewhat silly social stigma about naked bodies in order to get the touch and connection he desired.  I also appreciate his eldest son’s dedication to the idea of snuggling. He stated to me, unprompted, when I noted how much I admired that he was willing to snuggle with me at bedtime, “I will never give up snuggling, not for the rest of my life, no matter what anyone tells me. It is part of who I am and I enjoy it. I don’t care what other people might think about me, I like it and I will do it forever.”  That is right and righteous, little brother. Snuggle on, dude. Forever.

Jezebelle Jay

Jezebelle is a 41 yr old mother of 2 boys, one 13, one 7. She also loves sex. Sometimes the process of living life forces children and sex to be mixed. And sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is awkward and sometimes it is awesome!! This is where she tells a few of these stories. And hopefully shares some humor and good information for others.

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2 Responses

  1. Remi says:

    what a sweet story!

  2. Ang. says:

    Wow, it’s good to know that there are people raising their kids to be polite, social, and well-adjusted in the world. So often we only see the “others”. Thanks for sharing this glimpse into a beautiful moment in time!