Sneaky Peek

Seth’s head jerked up as he heard something crash against his door. He clicked save on his work and walked to the front door, listening for any follow up noise.  He didn’t hear anything else and was about to open the door, when he heard giggling from the hallway that sounded suspiciously like his neighbor Becky. So instead of barging in on something, he looked out the peephole to make sure everything was okay.

Everything was clearly okay. More than okay. Becky and some guy were totally wrapped up in each other, his hands cupping her ass. As far as Seth could tell, they had crashed into his door in their frenzy of making out, and were now stuck, unable to manage to open the door to her apartment. He was about to turn away when he saw the guy’s hands sliding her dress up, exposing the sexy curve of her ass. She grabbed this hand and pushed him backwards. At first Seth couldn’t tell if she was annoyed with him for going too far, but as it turned out, she was just changing positions.

Their apartment building was shaped like an L, and they lived on the short end, with only three apartments. They must have figured their chances were decent that they wouldn’t run into anyone, because what Becky was doing was pushing him down onto the fancy bench that was across from his door, in the little alcove beside her apartment. Theirs was the kind of snooty old fashioned apartment building that had lots of crown molding, wall paper in the elevator, and furniture in the spacious halls.  Seth didn’t think he had  ever seen anyone actually use any of the furniture, except what was in the lobby. But maybe it was just because he didn’t usually spy on people from his peephole.

Becky got to her knees and unzipped the guy’s pants. Even from his awkward vantage point, Seth could see that he was already hard. And what guy wouldn’t be? Becky was hot. A little edgier than the typical girl next door, but not at all trampy. Full breasts, curvy ass, shapely legs from running. She had long blonde hair that she often wore in a ponytail or back in a headband, but tonight it was down, and spilling across her face as she leaned forward and reached to take out his dick. But he grabbed her shoulder and stopped her, saying “Maybe we should go inside?

“Nah, it’s fine out here. The people next door are out of town, and the guy across the hall works a lot and goes to bed early. Don’t worry, Robbie, no one is going to see us. And besides, isn’t it fun to take a tiny chance?

“It’s fine with me if it’s okay with you. You’re the one who lives here.  He smiled. Seth thought he seemed nice enough. He also thought it was weird that he was evaluating the guy’s character, considering Seth was the one spying on them. But then, was it spying if they were right there in the hallway? And really, was the main impression he had made on Becky that of someone who just worked and slept? He had thought she had a slightly higher opinion of him than that. When they ran into each other, he almost always made her laugh.

Back in the hallway, Becky reached for Robbie’s cock again, and this time, he didn’t resist. He was definitely hard, and Becky moaned as she wrapped her hand around him, stroking him a few times before she leaned forward and took his dick into her mouth.

Seth had never watched anyone have sex before. Except porn, which he now realized was totally different from watching real live people who he knew having sex just a few feet away. He had expected to feel a little embarrassed for them, thought he would feel compelled to leave his post at the door to give them privacy. Instead, he felt himself growing hard. He shifted his weight and reached down to feel his hard-on through his jeans. He liked his hard cock, liked feeling it grow. He knew that according to the stats he had read online, he was bigger than average, and he liked knowing that he “ a nice guy, a kind of nerdy computer programmer\’wasn’t just a nice guy. He had a surprisingly large cock to offer, too.

Becky seemed to really be enjoying herself. She ran her tongue from the base of his cock along the length.  She swirled her tongue around his head and flicked the tip. Seth heard Robbie groan and he shifted his position, leaning back farther and grabbing at the couch. She took him into her mouth, and Robbie’s jaw dropped as he let out a long sigh.

Seth couldn’t believe how hot this was. Becky was clearly really into what she was doing. She took more and more of him into her mouth, moaning as she bobbed up and down. Seth imagined her in his apartment, imagined them on his own couch, rather than on the small sofa in the hall. He had never really pictured her in quite this position, though of course he had noticed how cute she was. But watching her with a hard dick in her mouth, he found himself wishing he were the guy in the hall.

His hand was now tangled up in her hair, guiding her as she took him all the way in. Seth wasn’t sure if Robbie could see, but from his position, he could see her ass swaying and her hips rocking and she slowly slid her mouth up and down. He could see how much this was turning her on. She wasn’t just doing it for him; she liked it too. Seth always liked that the best¦when girls really seemed to enjoy playing with his cock, sucking it, stroking it. Just like he truly enjoyed the taste, the smell, the feel of pussy. Not just on his cock, but on his tongue, his fingers. He could imagine how hot and wet her pussy was getting as she sucked him off.

And then she stopped. She got up off her knees and leaned over and kissed him, deep and hard. She whispered something in his ear and he groaned and slid his hands up under her dress. One side rode up to her hip, and Seth could see clearly that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

He pulled her down onto his cock in one smooth movement, and she let out a cry. She started fucking him slowly; long slow movements up and down. Seth could imagine her dripping cunt gripping him as she kissed him and slowly fucked him. His cock strained against his pants and he pressed himself against the door, grinding against it, watching them fuck slowly.

And then he thought, fuck it, and unzipped his pants. He did it slowly, furtively, as if he thought they would hear him. Which was ridiculous, because they were clearly distracted. And by now, they were both moaning.

His dick sprang forward as soon as it was released, hard and throbbing. He stroked it slowly. He could feel that if he wanted to, he could come with just a few hard strokes, but he wanted to stretch this out. Who knew when this opportunity could come up again “ he didn’t want to blow his wad too early and waste the rest of the show.

Her dress was pulled up to her waist, and his hands were cupping her smooth pale ass, pulling her into him. And again, she stopped. She must have been driving him crazy. Every time Seth thought it looked like he might be getting close to coming, either with his cock down her throat, or with his dick deep inside her, she stopped.

And this time, she turned around. She turned around so that she was facing his door head on. He started, and pulled his head back from the peephole, hand still on his dick. Was there any way she could possibly know that he was watching? No, that was silly. He was keeping quiet, and there’s no way that she could see his eye peeping out. He stepped back to the door.

Only to see that she had pulled off her dress. Taken off her dress! In the hallway! Straddling a cock, staring at his apartment, wearing only a lacy bra and high heels. Whose life was this?  Even though moments before, he had been wishing he could trade places with Robbie in the hall, now it didn’t even occur to him to be jealous of the guy actually fucking her, because his end of the deal seemed so great. He had fucked his fair share of girls, even kind of kinky girls, but never had he experienced anything like this. He hadn’t ever had a private show like this.  It was getting more difficult to keep his strokes slow. His dick was hard and thick in his hand. He liked the feel of it, swollen like this. He glanced down at it, at his glistening tip, and held it firmly.

Becky really did seem to be looking at Seth. Her eyes were wide open, and she licked her lips as she rose up and then sank down on Robbie’s hard cock. His hands were on her hips, helping her, lifting her up and pulling her back down. Her tits bounced gently in their bra¦and then she reached around and unhooked it, dropped it on the floor next to her.

Naked. She was naked in heels. In the hall.  Riding a cock. Staring at him.

Her tits were round and firm and now freed from their bra, they moved more. Seth loved the way they moved. Not big enough to sway, really, but definitely gathering momentum as Robbie fucked her harder.  She was groaning now, and reached up to grab her breasts, pinching her nipples. Yet although she closed her eyes momentarily, she quickly opened them up again and kept looking straight ahead at him.

His hand was pumping hard and fast now, and he hoped she was as close to coming as she looked. He wanted to try to time it together, so that he could come at the same time she did.

She squeezed her nipples hard and started letting out a series of cries, each one building on the next as her orgasm mounted. Robbie was furiously thrusting, hands squeezing her hips, pulling her into him as he fucked her. Seth focused on her face, her lips parted, her cheeks rosy. His balls felt full, heavy, about to burst. He placed his free hand on the door, steadying himself, as he gave himself long, hard strokes, tip to base, base to tip, over and over. His hips were moving, now, too, matching Becky’s speed. And then she gave three short cries, and somehow he knew that was the tipping point, that was her signal. So he let himself go.

And as she finally squeezed her eyes shut and let out a wail, he came hard, spurting in streams all over his hand and the door. A long low groan escaped, but with the sounds coming from Becky, he was sure they couldn’t hear him. He pumped the last bit of cum from his cock, and rested his forehead on the door, eye still pressed to his tiny window to the hall. Robbie must have come too, because he was no longer fucking her as he had been, and his hands were loosely resting on her, rather than clenching. But Seth hadn’t been paying attention to him; he had felt totally connected to Becky. And now, as she opened her eyes, she let out a sigh. She reached down and squeezed Robbie’s legs, but she was once again looking right at him.

And¦could it be¦

¦that she winked?


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