Sit and Spin

Pearl showed up for her first spinning class dressed in her new workout clothes and ready for something new. As soon as she saw the instructor, however, she wasn’t quite sure. She had heard about him from the other women at the health club. A mammoth Norwegian, he was rumored to have a lascivious streak.

From the looks of the spinning machines, Pearl figured that had to be true.

There were a dozen other women scattered about, enough to almost fill the room’s complement of machines. The women stretched and warmed up, bending their limber bodies into improbable positions. Pearl had already stretched.

“Let’s get started,” said the Norwegian with only the slightest trace of an accent. He was a muscled Adonis in a tightly fitting top and shorts that showed off the impressive bulge of his manhood. “My name is Hans. I see we have a new student today. Let’s all say hi to Pearl.”

Pearl blushed a little as the women eyed her with great interest and said “Hi, Pearl” in one musical purr.

“Hi,” said Pearl. “Glad to be here.”

“Now, Pearl, what brought you to my class?” asked Hans.

Pearl blushed deeper and shifted uncomfortably, feeling the eyes of the classroom upon her.

“I heard it was different,” she said.

A giggle rippled through the room, and Hans chuckled.

“That it is,” said Hans. “Well, let’s get started. Everybody choose a machine, and strip.”

Pearl had never undressed fully in a classroom full of women before; in lap dancing class they always wore G-strings. Still, her classmates didn’t show a bit of modesty; with a whir of female flesh, T-shirts, tank tops, gym shorts and tights all ended up folded neatly next to the spinning machines. Pearl nervously removed her sports halter and bicycling shorts. Now nude except for their socks and gym shoes, the women stood obediently by their chosen machines, as if at attention. Hans walked around the room slowly, smiling at each woman before inspecting her, sometimes patting their asses, stroking their bellies, exploring their bodies with his fingers.

“Excellent definition, Miriam,” said Hans to one pert redhead, who blushed and smiled as he fondled her inner thigh. “You’ve really been making progress.”

“Thank you,” Miriam said.

When Hans got to Pearl, his hand went instantly between her legs. She whimpered as he felt her cunt, his brow furrowed in disappointment.

“You’ll definitely need additional lubricant, Pearl,” said Hans. “The machines in the front of the room are self-lubricating, but this one hasn’t been replaced yet. Girls, are any of you wet enough to trade with Pearl?”

“I am,” said Miriam perkily, and hurried over to take Pearl’s machine. Pearl obediently traded with her as she eyed the upright dildo projecting from the seat of the spinning machine Miriam had abandoned. A small slit at the top had already oozed a clear, viscous lubricant over the head, making the penis-shaped device glisten in the fluorescent light. Nonetheless, Pearl eyed the dildo uncomfortably; it was several inches longer and quite a bit thicker than the other one, which Pearl had chosen for its manageable size.

“Not too big for you, is it, Pearl?” asked Hans with a wickedness to his voice.

The room erupted in little titters.

Reddening, Pearl said quickly, “No. It’s just right.”

Hans clapped his hands together and headed to the front of the room. “Everybody mount!”

As the other women climbed onto their machines and, perching with the heads of the dildos at their entrances, easily slid themselves onto the lubricated organs, Pearl climbed onto her own, unsure of how she was going to fit such an enormous cock into her. Pearl was no dim bulb. Now she knew why spinning class was so popular here; each new girl had to undergo this initiation, taking the one machine with an improbably large member, as if to prove she could handle it.

Pearl climbed onto the machine and spread her pussy lips with her finger, positioning her tight opening at the head of the big cock. She winced as she sat down, feeling the enormous head stretch her in a way she’d never been stretched before. She let out a little yelp as the head popped into her, and another round of giggles went through the room. Pearl had to wriggle her body back and forth to force herself down the length of the shaft. When she finally sat atop the dildo, she could feel the head pushing into her cervix, the thick ridges near the base rubbing against her G-spot. Every movement she made brought a fresh pulse of heat to her body. She could feel her nipples stiffening with the stimulation. If I wasn’t lubricated enough before, thought Pearl, I definitely am now.

“All right, girls, let’s start.” Hans hit a button behind the table at the front of the room. It was a curious table, Pearl noticed, looking much like a piece of exercise equipment itself — with stirrups and a cutaway for the legs, almost like a gynecological exam table. Pearl felt a thrill — so it was true what she’d heard about Hans. More than true, from the looks of it.

When Hans hit the button for the sound system, speakers began to pump rhythmic dance music while the TV monitors in the corners of the room flickered to life. The girls in the class started cycling, and with some difficulty Pearl did the same. The throbbing beat of the music was hooked to the vibrators positioned at the base of the dildos, buzzing rhythmically against Pearl’s clit. But, more importantly, every turn of the pedals caused the seat to push up smoothly and then cycle back down, pounding into Pearl’s cunt as surely as if an exceedingly well-hung man were fucking her. It was all she could do to maintain her grip on the handlebars and stare up, slack-jawed, at the pornographic images playing on the TV screens. She whimpered and moaned as she fucked herself. She could hear her classmates moaning softly, as well.

“Now remember to keep up a steady rhythm,” said Hans as he circled the room, patting thighs, feeling bellies. “Feel those muscles work. The vibrators go to the music, but you control how fast your cock is fucking you. Pump faster if you start to get close. Pearl, how are you doing?”

Pearl stared at him, wide-eyed, moaning softly.

“Good,” he said, his hand clenching around her thigh as she worked herself up and down on the rising and falling seat, not quite matching the rhythm with her own, with the result that each thrust hit her harder. “You’re really working those quads,” said Hans. “Good going. Pearl, you’re going to do great in my class.”

“Th — thank — you,” she tried to say, her eyes rolling back in her head as she pedaled faster.

“All right,” said Hans. “We’re going uphill. Get ready to work!”

The pedals began to resist more, and Pearl urgently pushed harder, moaning “Oh, God, oh God” so that the rest of the room giggled. As the speed of the dildo fucking her started to slow, Pearl pedaled faster to keep it going.

Hans paused again in front of his newest student. “Pearl looks like she’s close already,” he said. “Now, remember what happens to the first one who comes? We’ve got a special prize for her. And girls — no faking!”

Pearl desperately pumped her thighs, making the dildo pound her hard as she pulsed toward orgasm. The intensity of the vibrator at her clit increased, and within moments Pearl was moaning uncontrollably, her whole naked body rocking back and forth atop the dildo as it fucked her in time with her body’s own movements.

Suddenly, Miriam let out a piercing groan and screamed “I’m coming, I’m coming!” at the top of her lungs. Pearl was almost too far gone to hear it, but she dimly recognized Hans’ voice: “Come on, now, Miriam! You’ll have to fake it better than that if you want to win!”

Miriam looked down, chastised as the other girls giggled at her.

Meanwhile, Pearl was unaware of Miriam’s attempt at deception; the newest member of Hans’ spinning class was perched on her dildo, pinching her own nipples, throwing her head back and shuddering all over as she edged toward an intense climax. The other girls in class watched her, and Hans stood stock-still in front of her, saying “Good girl, good girl, feel the burn, work those muscles — you’re doing great, Pearl…”

When she finally came, loudly, screaming at the top of her lungs as the pleasure exploded through her naked body. She shuddered and slumped forward against the handlebars, her ass raised high on the top stroke of the dildo as her feet slipped off the pedals and she hung there in midair, suspended only by the dildo.

The room broke out in applause. Hans ran to the front of the room and turned off the music, and the girls stopped cycling. Hans stripped off his shirt and dropped his shorts, revealing a huge cock rendered quite hard by recent events.

“All right, girls, it looks like our new student is the winner today! Miriam, Susie, get her down from there and put her on the table. Face up or face down, Pearl?”

Pearl just moaned incoherently as Susie and Miriam lifted her, with some difficulty, off the machine. They carried her up to the table at the front of the room, where Pearl eyed Hans’s cock with sudden interest. It was even bigger than the dildo on her machine. Surely such a mammoth thing couldn’t fit inside her.

Pearl’s eyes flickered up to Hans’ face, admiring the finely chiseled Nordic features and the wicked smile he gave her. He winked at her as he stroked his cock up and down, and Pearl thought she saw a jealous glance from Miriam, a glance that flickered from Hans’ hard cock to Pearl’s lucky pussy. Pearl looked at the huge organ and decided yes, it certainly could fit inside her pussy, or at least she would make a rapturous attempt to find out.

“Face up, please,” she said with a moan, spreading her legs onto the edges of the table as Miriam and Susie laid her across it, her ass right at the edge of the cutaway so that her pussy was quite exposed and accessible. Hans came toward her with his cock in his hand.

Pearl’s cunt was wet and slick from the self-lubricating dildo, but the feel of Hans’s cockhead stroking gently up and down her slit made it juice even more. He was certainly well-trained himself; rather than taking her immediately, he worked his cock from her slick entrance up to her hard clit, teasing it and making her moan for his cock, begging for it with her eyes. Hans looked down at her, clearly satisfied with himself in that way that only personal trainers can be.

“Please,” Pearl begged. “Fuck me!”

The sound of small giggles shimmered through the room; Pearl suspected that every woman in here had, at some point, been on this very table being teased by Hans, begging for it. But Hans was in no rush; he let go of his cock and worked his hips to slide it up and down in Pearl’s slit without entering her, reaching up to place his hands on her small, high breasts and pinch her nipples as he tantalized her. Soon Pearl was moaning uncontrollably, her hips working hungrily and matching the strokes of Hans’s cockhead up and down her — and when he entered her, his enormous cockhead stretching her opening and then popping neatly inside with a pulse of sensation, Pearl came almost immediately, arching her back and clawing at the table, climaxing with a loud cry of ecstasy as Hans’s massive cock slid deep inside her. He began to fuck her rhythmically with great, rapid thrusts of his quadriceps, pushing his cock into her into her so that even if she had wanted to stop coming, she couldn’t have. She soared high on the orgasm — 30 seconds, 40 — and then she was pressed up against him, her ass pulled forward on the table, her arms around his neck as she pressed her face to his muscled chest. Hans lifted her fully off the table and all but bounced her up and down on his cock, his hands on her ass lifting her and dropping her down, the full weight of Pearl’s body ramming her down onto his thickness so that he filled her with new vigor each time. He met the downward strokes of her body with the upward strokes of his hips, and the power of his thrusts drove Pearl toward another orgasm as her classmates cheered.

When Pearl came for the third time, whoops and applause burst out all through the room. The sounds were almost drowned out by the great thunderous groan from Hans’s massive chest — he was about to come.

“In my mouth,” mewled Pearl as she pressed her face close to his ear. “Please, do it in my mouth.”

Planting his hands firmly on her ass and digging his fingers in — in a way that made Pearl’s thighs tug against her clit — Hans lifted Pearl bodily off of his cock, setting her down on her knees like a china teacup before him. Her mouth was on his cock immediately, barely able to get around the enormous head. The taste of her own pussy only made her hungrier for his come. He just fucked me with this cock, thought Pearl, her clit swelling anew as she realized it. It tastes like me. She reached down and stroked her wet slit eagerly as she sucked him, her legs spread just wide enough to allow her easy access as she fingered herself.

She suckled Hans’s huge cockhead eagerly. Hans uttered a loud roar and thrust his hips forward, working his cockhead deeper into Pearl’s mouth, deep enough that she had to open wide to take it. His hot come jetted out and struck the back of her throat; she gulped eagerly as Hans steadied himself on her shoulders and drove his hips in wide circles, Pearl riding him with her mouth so that each stream of come pumped out into her mouth and went down her eager throat.

When Hans had let himself go in her mouth, Her lips came glistening off of Hans’s cockhead, not a drop of semen having been missed. Pearl offered Hans’s shaft one gentle kiss, tasting her pussy once more. She slid her hand out of her cunt and licked her fingers clean as Hans watched with pleasure, and the room burst out in applause and cheers. again.

“Well,” said Hans, his voice trembling from his intense orgasm. “As you’ll see, Pearl is multi-orgasmic, so class could get pretty interesting from now on. Don’t forget those quad exercises, ladies, and remember your Kegels!”

Pearl’s classmates began to dress. She walked with some difficulty back to her machine and picked up her shorts and sports halter. Her hand went automatically around the huge dildo, still lubricated with her cunt and its own prodigious mechanical secretions. The feel of the huge thing in her hand sent a fresh shiver through her.

She turned to Hans, who had slipped on his shorts and was pulling his shirt over his head.

“I don’t suppose the room’s free,” she said breathlessly.

“Until the next class,” said Hans with a grin. “In 45 minutes.”

Moaning softly, Pearl climbed back onto the spinning machine and began to feel the burn.

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