Sharing Masturbation: No Longer a Taboo Topic

It’s a known fact by a survey conducted at the Kinsey Institute that 98-percent of men and 44-percent of women have ever masturbated. While less than half the women surveyed admitted to masturbating, I think the number percentages are much higher. This is not a gut feeling either. This is from talking with friends, co-workers and seeing forum discussions online. Women masturbate and they are loving it.

Personal experience has taught me how to perfect my special moments alone. Whether using a hand or finger or a vibrator, I have found the technique that works best for me and brings an exhilarating release when I orgasm. And I have to be completely honest, I didn’t start stimulating myself until I was in my late 30’s. Why? I’m not sure. Fear of what it would mean to me as a woman or what my husband would think. He was very conservative and not adventurous. He stared down his pointy nose at sexual inhibitions being released and for more than procreating.

Not one to be shy about my sexual thoughts, feelings and experiences, of the late, I wanted to share. So I did.

Thank Goodness for modern technology and cell phones being equipped with video accessibility.

One day while working from home I was feeling amorous. No husband in sight. But I needed a release. So I brought out my vibrator, commonly known as B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend) and started arousing myself. Then I had to figure out how to use the video camera on my cell phone.

I stopped inducing my orgasm to assess the video recording apparatus, tested it out and I was good to go. I repositioned myself on the bed, turned on BOB in my right hand and placed the cell phone in my left hovering over the targeted area.

After a few seconds, the cell phone video recording allowance is 30-seconds, I stopped the recording and watched my handy work. Off center. Take 2.

Cell phone on and hovering, BOB “in position- literally, and I was pleasuring myself again. Thirty seconds later and a review. Back to the drawing board with Take 3.

After approximately seven takes, my pleasure level was becoming frustrated, BOB’s batteries were breathing heavy and my cell phone battery was panting from over-usage. But I was determined to get this video and send it off .

Finally, I got it. The video clip and the orgasm. Whew! My forehead broke a sweat from having to neglect my orgasm so many times and the anticipation of the video. Success was made. Now to send off to my husband, who mind you, had no clue what was coming across the screen when he flipped open the phone.

I pulled up the video, watched it one final time then set it up and hit the “send button before I could think about what I was doing. Moments after the video was transmitted, I received a text back from my husband. His response was “WOW… I like

That was years ago and dozens of pictures, videos and sext messages have been sent since. I view this new way of masturbating and sharing as a positive aspect in my sex life. It has enhanced my orgasms, heightened my personal sexual desires and allowed me to be the woman I am today.

Two lessons learned from this experience. I can control releasing an orgasm and I can now videotape and send that video to the one I love.

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