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Good Vibrations launched a new website just in time for Mothers Day. Good Vibes Sexy Mama is an excellent resource for Moms who want to keep their sex lives exciting, learn lessons in sex-positive parenting, and get special shopping deals at the Good Vibes sex toy store.

“Understanding how the arrival of a baby can affect sex and intimacy is exactly why we decided to launch Good Vibrations has nurtured our female customers through many lifecycles “ from the ‘first time’ experiences to menopause. Why not help guide them through this period of their lives as well? says Dr. Carol Queen, Good Vibrations’ Staff Sexologist.

Why indeed not? I can’t think of anyone more deserving of special attention.

Being a Mom is a juggling act. I remember Jay asking me why I wanted to complicate my life when we were having so much fun being a couple. I admit I wasn’t being rational when I decided I wanted to get pregnant. It was an emotional reaction that felt like the cosmos calling me to fulfill my purpose in life. As soon as I gave birth and the amount of work involved became apparent, I wondered why on earth I couldn’t have been satisfied with my other purpose in life, pleasure!

Between breastfeeding, diaper changes, naps, baths and playtime, Jay and I barely had any time to be intimate. Before our baby was mobile, I wore her in a sling. When she became mobile, I lost all my baby weight chasing after the little monkey. My parents visited every weekend, but it wasn’t enough time for me and Jay to go off and do something romantic. Our sex life survived on quickies during naptime or late at night. If our sex life was a baby, it would have died of neglect.

Now that our kid is in school, we have a little more time to spend together. We’re luckier than some couples because we work at home, and can organize our schedule to accommodate sexy time in the day. Once in a while, our kid spends the weekend with her grandparents, so that Jay and I can have playmates over. Now that we’re parents, though, things will never be the same. No matter what I’m doing, and with whom, in the back of my mind, I wonder if my daughter is eating right, if she brushed and flossed her teeth before bed, and if she is safe and warm.

It takes a lot more to take my mind away from Mom mode to Sex Goddess mode. I imagine other Moms feel the same way I do. I’m glad Good Vibes is focusing on providing not only a web resource for Moms, but also “Mommy Playdates,” a quarterly event for Moms to have a personalized store tour and a one-on-one consultation with Good Vibrations’ Staff Sexologist and author, Dr. Carol Queen. For at-home Moms like me, it’s a chance to meet other Moms and talk about more than just which kindergarten I’m sending my kid to. I would love to trade recipes for an exciting love and sex life.

What do you do to keep your love and sex life exciting?

May Ling Su

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