Let me set the sceneā€¦

I am currently at a salon and sexting with Jon. He is out with his friends. This is our text messages back and forth:

Jon: I can’t wait to put my lips to your ear…

Me: Feel free to say very filthy things to me.

Jon: Yessssss… like how I love watching my cock slide between your lips… and how deliciously tight your asshole feels…

Me: I like that you watch. Do you watch your cock go in and out my other holes?

Jon: Always. I love watching my cock stretch your holes.

Me: Mmmm. I love that. I almost told you last weekend to just look at my pussy from behind. You would stretch it open and I love that right before you push your cock in. God, I’m wet now.

Jon: No orgasms, now. Your orgasm is mine for now, for me to give back to you tomorrow.

Me: Fuck, I’m horny right now.

Jon: I’d fuck you right there, in the middle of the salon, if I were there.

Me: This will be a tough set of hours to get through. I’m squirming. Ok she is going to wash my hair and all that crap.

Jon: No orgasms for you! I’m saving it for tomorrow, too.

Me: I like giving you boners. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

Jon: You give me a boner just from kissing you…

Me: I am sure other girls have done that before.

Jon: Doesn’t matter… when I’m with you, it’s all about you…

Me: That’s sweet. At least you know how to sweet-talk a girl.

Jon: I like to think I have a talented tongue…

Me: Yes. Why do think I always want your mouth on me? Yeah. You made me wet.

Jon: Good. I love how wet you get, I love sinking into you, feeling your warmth around me…

Me: Me too.

Jon: Wish I were fingering you and kissing you right now…

Me: Me too and very much.

Jon: By this time tomorrow, we might already be on our second fucking…

Me: Yes. Yes. I want lots of filthy sex. I would totally suck your cock under the table now.

Jon: I dunno, the restaurant is pretty crowded…

Me: Don’t care.

Jon: That’s pretty fucking hot. I want you to straddle me on the futon again…

Me: Oh…that HAS to happen again. So that means more porn.

Jon: More porn… I suppose, if you insist.

Me: Such a hard life you lead.

Jon: I’m pretty hard right now.

Me: That’s what I wanted to achieve. Seriously I would be stroking your cock if it was hard. I like to see what I can get away with in public.

Jon: If you were here now, we’d be leaving about now to get home as fast as possible…

Me: Mmmmm. I like that too. Would you let me stick my hand in your pants to stroke you on the way home?

Jon: Yes… I would let you open my pants and take it out, even.

Me: I love looking at your cock and watching you masturbate. It’s so hot to me.

Jon: I love rubbing it for you… it turns me on when you watch me.

Me: You really have a lovely cock. It’s pretty fucking nice. And big. And it fucks me magically to where I can come over and over.

Jon: I’m telling you, except for the haircut, we aren’t leaving the house. Unless it’s for food or something *really* important. I want to come in your mouth so bad right now.

Me: You fuck me till your dick won’t function and then you can use your finger till they are numb and then there’s the eleven. I seriously want you to jack off into my mouth. Like me on my knees with my mouth gaping open. With you watching the whole time.

Jon: I like jacking off with your lips around the tip.

Me: Jacking it into my mouth. Fuck, I’m so horny.

Jon: No orgasms. I want you on a hair-trigger tomorrow…

Me: I will be. Trust me.

Jon: Getting up to leave the restaurant now… wonder if anyone will notice my RAGING FUCKING HARD-ON…

Me: My nipples are hard.

Jon: I want to bite your nipples, and flick my tongue across them…

Me: I love when you do that.

Jon: I know.

Me: I like when you give my tits attention. My nipples can make me come.

Jon: Just about everything can make you come :-).

Me: I know.

Jon: I never get tired of getting you off. My hand might get tired or sore, but my brain never tires of seeing you come…

Me: Mmmm. I like that. I wish you could come as much as I do.

Jon: I’d die of dehydration if I came as much as you do. There would be no fluid of any type left in my body.

Me: I had to change my panties. They were spotted with wetness.

Jon: I want to taste your wetness… I want my face to be covered in it…

Me: I like when you go down on me and then kiss me so I can lick my pussy from your chin.

Jon: I’ve wondered how you felt about me kissing you right after… now I know.

Me: It really makes me ache for another girl.

Jon: Mmmm… I could make with you while she eats you, then you could make out with her afterwards…

Me: Fuck. Yes. God I want a threesome with you.

Jon: Multiple threesomes. Battery below 10%… all this texting is draining it.

Me: And me.

Jon: Going to bed soon… as soon as I finish collecting pics of hotness to email you.

Me: Ok. Goodnight. I need to sleep too. I’m glad we texted. Xoxo.

Jon: You’ll be getting links to hotness from me soon :-). Then I’ll sleep…

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my life. Sorry for being so quiet but I have been very busy, but also busy fucking.


Photo by: C.H.S. Regime, Model: Cadence St. John

Dark Gracie

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