Sex Workers Want to Stop Human Trafficking

Maybe two or three years ago, there was a relevant situation in San Francisco. I won’t go into details for fear of putting a family at risk, but a man had contacted a local dominatrix asking for something very illegal and wrong. She immediately notified all the local pro dommes she knew and we spread the word as best we could, but did not go to the police for fear of loosing her child by exposing herself as a sex worker.

It was a tough decision and I understand why she made it. Because I had not yet had children, I entertained the idea of collecting the man’s information from her, pretending that he had contacted me, and going to the police myself, but the thought of forever having an arrest record branding me as a sex worker was daunting. I was still very young and not sure what I wanted to do with my life. Such an arrest could prevent me from completing my education or getting a job. Perhaps in the future it could be used to get my children away from me. I gave up the idea and didn’t mention it to anyone until now.

Even before that, I did report an incident to law enforcement. When nothing was done, I wrote to my California senators, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. Boxer stepped up and made sure that the issue was dealt with, even sending a personal note asking me to contact her again if I needed help. However, she also sent a copy of a letter, which I’ve since lost track of, that the FBI agent handling the case sent to her. It recounted the history of the case, including a lengthy background on me that discussed a lot of my work history that showed that I had drawn more attention than I intended to. I don’t know if Boxer intended it to be so, but it was intimidating. Of course, nothing that I know of came from it. Thank god.

Visit the Sex Workers Project or Sex Workers Outreach Project for more on the issue of sex worker-law enforcement collaboration.

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