Sex When Your Parents Are Visiting Their Grandchildren

So your parent(s) decided its a good time to visit the grand-kids. How do you pull off having sex when ack! your mother and/or father join the ranks of your household?  Personally, I’m one of those who, even though my parents know I have sex – I did produce their only grandchildren- don’t want them to know when I have sex.

In the case of my mother’s most recent visit, I got lucky.  Literally and figuratively.  My mother slept downstairs on the couch, not below my bedroom.  But on other visits, she slept across the hall.  Sure, we could have been really quiet, but one can’t always guarantee that.  I remember living in attached housing when we first got married.  Our neighbors didn’t seem to get the whole ‘quiet’ thing.  We were jealous.

What works for us, typically, is to plan time for the grandparents to take the grand-kids out for a while, or at least play loud video games with them downstairs.  We’ve sent the crew out for pizza, a movie, or to the park.  Alternatively, there are times we had to run an errand together and rediscovered the backseat of the 1994 Toyota 4-Runner.

Of course you might not be quite so shy, and can tell your blushing parents it serves them right for visiting!  Then again your parents might not blush.  My close friend had her mother-in-law walk in on her and her husband.  She simply stated, “Don’t mind me”, retrieved her purse, and walked out.

I suppose I should thank my mother for providing the inspiration for this post, but I think I’ll keep that to myself too.


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