Sex Toy Storage; A Primer

So, once you start using sex toys, something that soon comes up is a need for storage.  This is especially true if you’re an advanced sex toy user and have several toys.  If you have only one or two toys, chances are your bedside table has a drawer and this is adequate.  However if you have more than one or two toys, that drawer will get too full and your toys will start bumping into each other which could cause damage.  Or, maybe you have children and need something that locks. Where do you put them?  How are they supposed to be stored? What’s safest for the toys?  Well, let’s look at these.

Where do you put them?

If you’re a basic toy user and have one or two toys that you use, then the drawer in your bedside table is probably fine for you.  It’s with in reach, keeps the toy away from prying eyes and is simple.  However if you have children, nosy relatives or want something cuter a lockable case like the Key To My Heart could work for you.  It’s cute, it locks and it’s lined with faux fur to keep your toy from bumping something which may damage it.  However, maybe you were using that drawer because you could fit a few toys in there.  Well, Good Vibes does have you covered with the Treasure Your Pleasure Case . This one too is lockable to keep your prying relatives out of your private toys, but will fit a few more toys than the Key To My Heart.  The best part about cases like these is that they’re still small enough to tuck in a drawer, closet or under the bed if you want them out of eye sight.

Now, if you’re a more advanced sex toy user and the favorites you like to keep by your bed are numbering closer to the 10-15 toy mark there are options for you that don’t involve Rubbermaid tubs or several shoe boxes.  The Executive Sweet Locking Case can fit many toys in it, has straps inside for organization and is hardbacked, to keep your favorite items safe. The cream of the crop however, would have to be the Devine Toy Chest. With several pockets and a deep main pocket you can fit many, many toys inside of it. It locks and it’s darn cute looking!

If you like to stay super organized, feel free to have several pieces which you can use to separate toys into categories.  Personally this is how I keep mine organized.  I have 2 Toy Boxes by Devine Toys, the maker of the Devine Toy Chest.  I keep my favorite dildos in one and vibrators in another.  They sit inconspicuously next to my bed and are small enough to be hidden in a drawer or closet should the need arise; and like all Devine Toy Boxes they are lockable.

However if you prefer hiding in plain sight there is the Toibocks Storage Box. Shaped like a jewelry box you can keep it sitting out with no one the wiser for what you have inside!  Not to mention the fact that it locks it’ll keep all your treasures safe inside it’s gorgeous shape!

How should the toys be stored; what’s safe for them?

This is a good question.  With so many different types of toys out there, some are more maintenance heavy than others.  One thing to remember is that some toys come with their own storage which you can use if you choose.  For example, Lelo toys typically come with a storage pouch, if not also a box you can use for long term storage.  However many don’t, so here’s a few tips for you:

  • GLASS – While most glass sex toys are made sturdily, having a glass toy break would be horrible.  So, ensure that it’s in a place where it won’t roll and fall or get kicked, stepped on or otherwise assaulted.  Also, try to have it inside something which is padded so just in case one of the aforementioned atrocities occurs, your toy has the best possible chance of survival.
  • SILICONE – The basic rule of silicone is this: ensure that it’s only touching cloth such as cotton, satin or silk.  If it must touch another toy it should only be glass, metal, acrylic or ABS plastic.  It must not touch jelly, silicone, TPR, TPE or rubber.
  • TPR/TPE – These rules are basically the same for silicone; it shouldn’t touch anything else and should be kept in a pouch or wrapped up in a piece of cloth.
  • OTHER – Things like metal, wood, acrylic and non-porous ABS plastic can touch each other and other toys, however for sanitary purposes it’s still best to keep them wrapped in cloth or in a pouch.

Lastly, never ever put your sex toy in it

s long term storage without having cleaned it first!  Safety is always first priority.  Use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner is a first step in keeping you safe and clean along with keeping your toy in good working condition.

Good Vibrations

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