Sex Scopes For This Week

These horoscopes (for entertainment purposes only) will reflect the week of Thursday July 7, 2011 through Wednesday July 13, 2011. There is a small chart at the bottom of the article where you can find out which sign you are, if you don’t already know it. Enjoy!


Aries This week is touchy for you, Aries. While you may feel a wee bit vulnerable and out of sorts from Thursday until Saturday, you’ll be your normal vivacious, headstrong, ready-for-action self by the time Saturday night rolls around. Saturday night would be an excellent time to go on a date or have a tryst with someone new because your true self will certainly shine-and you’ll be more than happy for the return of your libido. Not only would it be a great night to see someone new, but also a great night to try new things as well. Sunday would be best spent alone, so self-love is a great option for you on this day. Monday through Tuesday evening is for reflection, and as someone who doesn’t look to the past or past experiences to draw from, this will be new territory for you. However, if you could reach within yourself and look towards the past, you’ll figure out why you’ve been feeling less than yourself recently. Wednesday is a great day for adventure and venturing out for some fresh air and possibly even some even better sex than Saturday night might have held. If you’ve been thinking about experimenting with a threesome, accept that invite that your friend and his/her significant other gave you. I think you’ll be glad that you did.

Taurus As this week goes by, you start to wonder why on earth you ever bothered to get out of bed. If you haven’t realized this already, sex just isn’t the same as it used to be for you. Trust me when I tell you that there’s a reason for this. You’re not too interested in trying too many new things right now, but by the time Sunday rolls around, you just might feel frisky enough to engage in some very new forms of masturbation and self-love. Try rolling your neck around and taking some deep breaths first so that you’re relaxed-yes, I know that you need that-and then you can try a new butt plug or a different type of lube than the tried and true brand you’ve been using since you were a freshman in college. After that, you’re ready to roll with the punches and might even have an orgasm so good that you’ll wake the neighbors. Remember-the key to get into your groove again is relaxation. Um, and some awesome new toys. Toss the ones you’ve kept for so  long that you’ve forgotten how to load the batteries in them.

Gemini As you are typically and by nature distracted by random things, it would be a good idea to try to reign in your focus a bit because a partner may be feeling a little more neglected than usual. The best way to handle this-even though I know it’s difficult for you-is to think about what you’re going to say rather than flying by the seat of your pants and blurting out whatever comes to mind first. If the subject of having a poly or swinger type relationship is to come up, stay on your toes. Your partner may be asking you not because they want to do it, but because they want to see if you would do it or if you would consider having sex with someone else. If you can, try to avoid having this conversation until at least Friday evening. Timing is everything. Though your partner may use trickery to find out, you can always bring the two sides of your personality together to outsmart them. Or you could always just be perfectly honest and tell your partner that, yeah…you could go for that sorta thing (if you really could) because if you’re dishonest-even to save face-you’re only cheating yourself in the long run.

Cancer Put down the needlepoint, paint brushes, romance novel, or whatever it is that you’re doing right now and pay attention to this. You are a human being. You have sexual urges just like everyone else, and if you’re sitting at your computer screen watching a great adult film and thinking to yourself that you wish you could have an orgasm as awesome as the star of the film just did, then you should be ashamed of yourself. You can have an orgasm as big as she just did! My swift suggestion is that you find a film that can also teach-because we all know that the crabs of the zodiac are extremely studious-and, lucky you, I have a suggestion. Pick up some or all of the Pleasure-Ed films. You’ll be intrigued from start to finish and there is enough footage in these films that if you buy them all, you can stretch them out through the week so that you can watch bits and pieces here and there and not have to interrupt the schedule you keep at home. Congratulations on the sudden surge of confidence that you needed to get yourself started, and I certainly hope you enjoy GUSH because as a water sign, you tend to like things on the wetter side of the mattress, if you know what I mean…

Leo Goodness, did someone finally let the lion out of its cage? I certainly hope so! You’ve had absolutely no trouble whatsoever with becoming aroused lately, have you? Every single time you hear a soft moan, listen to the sound of your sheets rustle together, or accidentally brush your genitals with your fingertips while getting dressed, you’re ready to pound and grind the ever loving daylights out of either yourself or someone else. Don’t be concerned about this unusual spike in your sexual need. Enjoy it (preferably with an Aries partner because this week they’re having a real time with themselves and could definitely use some of your cheering up)!

Virgo Though deviating a bit outside of the box for your sexcapades isn’t really a new concept for you, I think that you should venture even further outside of your box this week. It’s the perfect time. If you haven’t already, give voyeurism a try. Buy new movies and watch them alone, naked, and on your sofa in the middle of the day. Sunday is the perfect time for this because you will have absolutely nothing else to do-and not having something to clean or work to go to is not something you’re used to! A Scorpio partner to join you would be ideal, also, and if you’re feeling really frisky, make it a party. Just don’t expect your Cancer pal to show up because he/she will be busy with their own films. Or better yet, invite them along and suggest that they bring those films with them. You never know, you might provide them, along with yourself, a great escape from the norm.

Libra The warm body who has recently captured your attention is not the one for you, although you’ll find that incredibly hard to believe right now. If you’re struggling with the question of whether you should or shouldn’t take them up on an offer for a night of really great food followed by really great sex, take time to think about it and tell them that you’ll have to do it another time or that you really just aren’t into it right now. It never hurts to wait for something that you’re not sure is the right thing for you, especially where your scattered emotions are concerned. You might also find out that a former lover is interested again. Try to remember why that they’re your former partner and not your current partner.

Scorpio As much as you’d absolutely love to dive neck deep into someone else’s crotch this week, I would suggest that you take a minute to at least find out their name first. You’d be surprised at what a little bit more conversation will reveal. I’m quite sure that this will be a positive experience for you and that by learning more about this person, you’ll learn a little bit more about their likes and dislikes. By learning more about that person than what you’ve already gathered by your incredible gift of learning more about others through their body language, you’ll find your way to more pleasure and wetter, better sex all week long if you’re lucky…and I think that you are.

Sagittarius Travel may be in the very near future for you and this week is not a good time for it at all. Whether it’s work or personal reasons that have you hitting the road, it’s not a very good time to try and have your deep, sexual appetite fulfilled because there is simply not enough time for it unless you make it so. If you’ll be staying at a hotel, bring a few movies and toys. If your partner is with you, try to relax him or her enough that after a day on the interstate, you’ll both feel well enough to finally try that new position you’ve not tried yet and possibly even give your new toys a test run. Good luck.

Capricorn This week holds a lot of ups and downs for you. On the up side-coming in around Thursday evening and leaving somewhere around Saturday night-you’ll be ready for a few new twists on the tried and true oral sex techniques that your partner(s) is/are so crazy about. You’ll be a giver and won’t even think twice about whether or not you’ll get your cookie, too. But, by Sunday morning, you’re going to bring out your more dominant side and want what you deserve as well, and that is a mind blowing orgasm that will knock your socks off. The important thing here is that you don’t become so over driven by your own appetites that you forget that your partner is probably going to want to cum, too.

Aquarius While you’ve been fighting the urge to roam around your house in the buff all week, someone else may have been fighting the urge to roam around your house naked with you. Sometimes these things happen when you least expect them, and it’s not as though you’re unused to having someone admire you from afar, but you are unused to this person’s intense need for coitus refreshments. Ask them over for dinner or ask them if they’re interested in becoming indoor nudists for the night. Try some naked twister for a little bit of childish, albeit very dirty, fun or maybe just be frank and tell them you’d love to share a night of mutual masturbation and oral sex. I promise you they won’t say no to that. It’s best to keep your clothes on until you’ve gotten a reply, though, just for the sake of being personable and polite.

Pisces With dreamy Neptune being the driving force behind you, it’s sometimes a little difficult for you to just come right out and say what you really feel about a certain person or thing. Sure, you can daydream about them all day long sometimes, but coming out and asking them for what you want isn’t really a task you’re comfortable with because the fear of rejection is so great. Keep in mind, sweet fish, that you are resilient and that sitting around thinking about him/her all the time isn’t going to get you any closer to feeling their naked skin against yours, nor is it going to get that need to dive right into their soul, their very center, out of your system. Even if this is a partner you’ve been with for quite some time, you feel the need burning deep within. The best solution is to not torture yourself. Have your cake and eat it, too.


Aries: Mar.21- Apr. 20

Taurus: Apr. 21-May 20

Gemini: May 21- June 20

Cancer: June 21-July 21

Leo: July 22- Aug. 21

Virgo: Aug. 22- Sept. 21

Libra: Sept. 22- Oct. 22

Scorpio: Oct. 32-Nov. 21

Sagittarius: Nov. 22-Dec. 20

Capricorn: Dec. 21-Jan. 19

Aquarius: Jan.20-Feb.18

Pisces: Feb. 19-Mar. 20


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