Sex in the city my way

This is for those of you whom do not know what I am
like and it may
come as a bit of a shock so just think about what’s to
come on the new sex in city my way as nothing is too much for me
to discuss
openly and honestly.

Don’t read this page if you’re not in touch with a how a
woman’s body
works and how she manages her body because I’m well
known for being
blatantly honest and no subject is taboo to me either
as I sit here smiling sweetly as I already have my mind buzzing like the clappers
and my fingers eager to get typing about all the
experiences already
whizzing round in my mind, desperate to get out and
share them with you all.

Sex, now that’s a great topic as well and one I will
enjoy sharing
my experiences with you all. You can share my good
times as well as
the most boring in bed and trust me, boring is an
understatement and
I often wonder how such a handsome man with such a
huge cock can be
the most boring person in bed, no imagination, no
input, no
emotions not even a whimper of gratification. Just
pure lay back and
think of England type. No, not me laying back and
thinking of
England, that was him. Arms stretched out wide, eyes
closed at all
times as if they were heavily super glued together and
his breathing
soft and shallow. In fact if it wasn’t for the fact he
cum, I would
have said he had popped his clogs right on the middle
of my bed.

What drives a man to not wanting to masturbate and
have a good toss?
of the old stick? I do wonder because some men have
this issue like my ex.

I always thought having a wank for a man was a daily
occurrence but I
found out that there’s the odd one who thinks to touch
his own cock
is criminal behaviour, either that or his cock
actually bites his
Well, you never know because stranger things have been
to happen you know and I always seem to find the most
unusual scenarios.
A snapping cock would be a great novelty for any
woman and
just think of all the fun you could have with it, show
it off to
your mates at parties, get it to nibble your nipples
or even use it
as a yuppie tool to de-head your plants 🙂

Why do men always worry about the size of their cock
as well?
Who gives a shit if it’s too small, why the hell do
you think vibrators
were made eh! Vibrators are so cool and I have a
great one and upon
looking at other women’s pictures on the net of an
explicit nature, yes you
guessed it, they are naked and got a dildo hanging out
of their
mooey and the situation is highlighted when it’s the
great red one
from Anne Summers. It’s see-through and you can always
tell if the
owner has taste and style or not because you can see
what brand of
battery she uses and as I found out, being a phillips
kinda gal, you
just can’t help but be distracted by the battery label
through your pride and joy picture of a full filled
mooey, batteries

I have always had to moan about vibrators because I
really want a
good solid vibrator that I can ride anytime and not
have it fail on
me just as I’m about to cum. When it happens it’s
really awful.
Your mooey nicely juiced up, sat on your little love
toy and the
intensity of its furious buzzing and your breath gets
heavier, you
start sweating as the sweat beads run down the insides
of your thighs.
Such bliss and the swelling of your mooey gripping
that little
Tiger “oh yes please you scream, your knees shaking
like the clappers
and all of a sudden it’s like chitty chitty bang bang
has entered in slow motion
and just as your love juices are about to be released,
the bloody not so love
toy anymore passes out before you’ve reveled in your
own scent of
Very disheartening as your climax soon turns into an
anti climax.

As I assume a man built the good old love toy, why
can’t we have
them to run on the electricity mains so we can just
plug it in and
ride it for hours on end? or even better still if
you’re an avid user
like mwah, how about I have mine rigged up to the
electricity grid so I can ride it like a tractor with
a damn fine
engine embedded in me?
It works for farmers so why can’t a girl have her very
own tractor
to work with?
Talking about farmers, why is it that when ever I go
out in my bloody car,
I always end up behind some old ugly farmer’s tractor
doing 5 mph and
you can’t over take them because their driving is shit
and they seem to take up the
whole damn road and keep me held up for ages.
Maybe a portable vibrator would suit such occasions
like one that could be plugged
into the cigarette lighter or something. I wonder if
farmers work
as slow in the boodwa as they do on the roads?

Do you think a waterproof vibrator would be needed for
an independent woman?
I’d love a waterproof love toy to take in the shower
with me with its own
little suction pads. That’s so I can stick it to the
shower wall and just
lean back onto it with the shower heavily beating down
on my clit
which gives an amazing rush yeeeeeeeha. Go there
shower head. I do
suggest to anyone wanting to use the showerhead on
your clit,
do not insert it into your mooey cause that’s just not
on as not only
would you get a mooey full of water but what goes up
must come down
and pissing syndrome would not be cool at all. And I
doubt there are
many knicker liners that could cope with that kind of
gush although
incontinent pads might do the trick.
I haven’t used them myself so I can’t make too much
comment but I
can comment on knicker liners which are fantastic
until you try and
insert very neatly an average size knicker liner in
the gusset of your
thong and when you go out feeling so confident like
the adverts say.
Your casually strolling and all of a sudden you have a
knicker liner on the loose down the
inside of your leg and the more you walk, the further
down your
knicker liner creeps and this is also not cool ladies.
I had mine drop
out on me once and even worst still, NEVER use toilet
roll if you don’t
have a knicker liner because that falls out very fast
which can
cause an embarrassing moment when out and just imagine
you’re off to
see the love of your life and you’re hot and excited and
he lifts your
dress, fumbles around for a minute, that’s how long
men tend to
fumble for and they get their head down there and he
comes up with
what looks like a postage stamp on his lips and you
realize it’s part of the
toilet roll that got stuck to you before it departed
from your
knickers, The joy of dampness.

Some things just have to be said


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