Sex Blogging 101: Why Blog?

So you’ve decided you want to start a sex blog. Sex blogging can definitely be very rewarding “ especially if this is something you’ve really be interested in for awhile. First off, I have to recommend that you be over 18 because of the nature of sex. Aside from there, there are some many variables that go into sex blogging and your decision to actually want to start a blog of an adult nature. So, why exactly would a person want to start a blog that is specifically made for sex?

A lot of bloggers enjoy posting sexy pictures. After all, Facebook won’t take them, and neither will other “public sites. Of course, you could always submit your sexy pictures to adult sites, but that doesn’t always give people the feedback they’re looking for. When you post your pictures on a blog, you have control of the picture that is shown, the cropping of the picture, whether people are allowed to comment or not, and you can remove the blog post when you want to. A lot of people find that posting sexy pictures of themselves brings some good and sexy comments from other bloggers “ which in turn improves their own self esteem. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be known for having one of the sexiest pictures on the internet?

Another reason that some people start a sex blog is to post erotica. If you are an aspiring writer, you want to get your erotic writing out there. A blog makes that very easy. You can get feedback instantly and without paying someone to give you feedback, and you can get your name out there. Plus, it’s extremely easy to publish on a blog while it’d be much harder to edit your story for an e-book or submit it for publication with an adult publishing company.

Some other people delve into sex blogging because they believe their sex life is interesting, and they want to think and blog over important thoughts in their head. These sex bloggers usually use their blog as a type of a public journal. Sometimes bloggers of this type include people who write about their specific kinks or possibly about their experiences as an adult worker of some type. These people usually operate their adult blog as it if was a regular blog “ but their blog just happens to deal with sex instead of what the kids did today.

Other people (myself included) get involved with sex blogging because they are wanting to review adult products. These people usually post their opinions on sex toys on their blog. Since sex toys can get very expensive, many people like to use the internet to look up reviews before purchasing. These bloggers usually receive free sex toys in exchange for posting the review of the toy.

A lot of bloggers will find themselves as a mixture of the different types. After all, it might be difficult to keep a semi-regular posting schedule if all you post is erotica. The same goes for sexy pictures. Many people tend to keep a mixture of all four different things, but most usually do have a focus in one area or another.

So, you can get free sex toys, some fame, better self-esteem, and some advice on your sex life problems? What exactly is stopping you from starting your own adult blog?! Sounds like a nice juicy gig if you ask me. Well, of course, with every upside, there’s almost always a downside.

Blogging does take time. Just like a non-sex blog, having a sex blog will take time out of your other activities to assure that you can keep posting on a semi-regular schedule. Taking pictures and editing takes time, writing erotica and editing takes time, writing your thoughts down (and finding inspiration to write those thoughts) takes time, and trying a product and writing a review takes time as well. Plus, if you are hoping to receive revenue through your blog by selling ad space, now you have to make sure that you are promoting yourself which also will take more time. Plus, if you find yourself getting involved in the sex community, you’ll be spending time on Twitter and commenting on other blogger’s own blogs.

One way to blog for revenue is to sign up as an affiliate with a company whose toys you’ll review. When people click on the links you provide, you’ll get a commission for any sales that result. Different companies have different requirements and commission percentages, so read the fine print.

Another big concern of sex bloggers is privacy. After all, you are writing about intimate details of your life. Just having an identifiable object in the picture or forgetting to use a private domain could get you fired from your workplace. Using your face in photographs (or your real name in posts) could end up causing a bit of damage if someone happens to recognize you from your blog posts.

One of the bigger problems is also that information is never private. You can delete the post that you posted a month ago, but unfortunately, Google might have cached the post, and there’s really no way to get rid of it after that. Even worse, if it was a picture or erotica, one of your readers may have saved it to their desktop. No, those “don’t right click scripts won’t really keep anyone from saving your stuff if they really want to have your stuff. For this reason, it’s really impossible to “take back something that you’ve already posted on the internet, so even after your sex blog is deleted, there’s always still that risk of your old pictures or content being released. This is why you need to take care from the beginning at keeping your more private items off of your sex blog.

Of course, despite all of the cons, some people do decide that the pros outweigh the cons. As long as you are careful about it, you can have a blog with minimal chance of exposure – however, being aware that the exposure is there is important. Having a sex blog can be a very fulfilling and positive experience for many, so if you are curious and want to start your own blog, keep checking in this week for a full-week long column about sex blogging.


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