Sex Blogging 101: Getting Readers

You’ve finally started up your sex blog. You thought about your domain name, thought about what you really want to do with your blog, picked out a good layout, included some good content, started it up on a blogging platform, and now you just keep writing in the readers will pour in. Right? ….right? Well, okay, the readers don’t seem to be pouring in. What are you doing wrong?! Well, this next segment in the Sex Blogging 101 series should help you pick up some extra (and regular) readers. Here’s a list of different avenues you should be approaching to bring in maximum traffic to your blog.

Post Often
Now, you don’t have to post daily, but at least establish some semblance of a schedule. If you post daily, regular readers will come back daily in hopes of finding a new post. If you post weekly, they’ll come back weekly in hopes of a new post. However, if you post, once a month or less, why would visitors want to check back on a regular basis when there never seems to be any new posts? In order to keep your readers thinking you are a regular, active blogger, at least post once a month. More, of course, is better. I’ve been told that posting at least twice a week is probably the best “minimal amount to have visitors continue to check in as well as people to continue your blog as continually updated.

Play to Your Advantage
Know where your readers are coming from. If you write about your personal life on a regular basis and about what’s going on with your dinner or holiday plans, it can be assumed that most of your readers are probably repeat readers and visit on a regular basis. However, if your blog is purely there for adult reviews, it can be assumed that most of your readers probably come from search engines. Play to your advantage.

If you know your readers are coming back for more, try to include posts about your life that are pretty interesting. It doesn’t have to be amazing, but people who want to read about your life will want to have updates on your life “ maybe not that you bought toilet paper today, but they’ll still want to read details about your life. It’s doubtful they continue to stop in because of the occasion sex toy review you happen to post. Likewise, as a sex toy review blog, continue to write good sex toy reviews and make sure to use search keywords to your advantage to get the most from search engine exposure. It’s totally fine to post personal posts once in awhile, but if your personal posts are few and far between, it’s likely that your visitors come back for the reviews “ not details of your personal life.

I’m also of the opinion that all bloggers can benefit from posting how-to articles “ regardless of blogging type “ if you happen to have the knowledge on the topic presented. If you blog about being in an open relationship, an article such as “How to address your jealousy fits in nicely “ and will bring in readers from search engines. These readers may then explore your blog and become regular readers (since they are looking for help about the topic which means they are probably interested in it.) If you consider yourself experienced with anal sex, something like “How best to enjoy anal sex or “Best toys for anal sex would be great topics for your blog. How-to articles get your blog listed on Google when people want to search for the topic “ which brings in visitors from search engines that you might not otherwise have.

Use your Social Media!
I think we all use social media at one point or another for our own social lives “ but why not apply that concept to your own sex blog? A lot of adult blog users usually use Twitter “ it doesn’t have as strict of rules against adult material. If memory serves me correctly, the only “rule of Twitter is that your avatar can not contain anything graphic such as genitals or breasts. Why not use Twitter to connect with other bloggers and allow some of your readers to receive updates about your blog on their Twitter feed? I do recommend that you use Twitter for discussions instead of just posting links “ I personally will not follow any company/blogger who only posts their own blog posts. I want to see some sort of activity and responses on their Twitter feed as well. When there are so many friends to make, there’s really no reason not to use Twitter to make some new blogger friends.

While most sex blogs use Twitter since it’s more lenient on adult content, some bloggers do use Facebook as well. However, you do have to be careful since Facebook does not allow adult content “ which will get your profile deleted if you are mentioning adult things on the page. This applies to text as well as the image. From what I’ve been told, Facebook also doesn’t give you a warning “ it will just delete the page. This means you shouldn’t put too much energy into your Facebook because it could be deleted “ but it’s still a good social network to use.

Use Collaborative Efforts

If you do adult blogging, there are some blog hubs that manage a collection of adult blog posts. One such thing is AdultBlogHub. You make an account and upload the link and description to some of your favorite posts. It will include them in a list of posts that have recently been added which will point some extra visitors towards your blog when they look over the blog hub.

Along with that blog hub, there’s two different collectives that deal solely with adult content. One of which is Pleasurists which allows you to submit your links to all of your adult reviews posted on your website that week. It comes out weekly. The second is e-lust which is only for adult posts “ but no reviews. You submit your best adult post (erotica, personal post), and it comes out in the list of all of the best posts from that week. With both Pleasurists and e-lust, the only requirement to participate is that you agree to post the list of links on your own blog after each edition comes out.

Get Your Name Out There

Getting your name out there can be a bit more difficult since you deal with adult content, but it’s still possible. There are a couple adult-orientated forums around on the internet. You can add your website link in your signature (if the forum rules allow) and contribute quality content to the forums. Don’t spam. That reflects badly on your blog. Instead, make posts that add to the discussion; offer advice if you can. People will see you as a positive influence then.

You can also get your name out there by commenting on other blogs. Click on some of those links that were included in the link lists of the previously mentioned collectives. If it interests you, leave a comment as well. It will get you involved in the community and let other readers of the post know that your blog exists. Of course, leave worthwhile comments “ any comment that says “Visit my blog!!! is going to earn you a bad reputation.

One of the other ways to get your name out there is guest posting. Sometimes, other blogs will want differing views or will just want to include an extra post on their blog. You can write a blog post for them, and they’ll post it on their blog with a link back to your blog “ which will earn you some visitors back to your blog if a reader enjoys your guest post. The best way to go about doing this is to ask if someone is accepting guest posts “ or put an all-call out on your social network offering to write a guest post.

While I’m normally against the use of different “weekly post fillers, I think some of them actually are worth the time. A meme is basically something that specific specific rules of an activity you are supposed to do “ but most blogger ones tend to happen on a specific day of the week. For example, there is Sinful Sunday, TMI Tuesday, Wanton Wednesday, and Half-Naked Thursday. The most popular of the “days is the Half-Naked Thursday. When I decided to participate a couple times, my hits jumped “ a lot! Wanton Wednesday is great for getting more comments since the participants love to comment on other’s pictures. Both Half-Naked Thursday and Wanton Wednesday consist of posting an erotic picture of yourself on your blog “ then leaving your link on a specific page so that others can find your post. If you are comfortable doing something like this once in awhile, it does seem to bring in quite a few visitors.

Now you have easy ways to gain new readers. Using one or more of these techniques will help your blog gain in hits and in visitors. The main rule is: get yourself out there, but be respectful and friendly at the same time. Now go get those readers!

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