Sex Blogging 101: Domain and Hosting

You’ve decided to start a sex blog, so now it’s time to get started. Setting up your blog is an easy experience – but it does take a bit of time and effort. You have to make choices about where to host your blog “ and each host really does have different pros and cons. You also have to make the decision as to whether you are willing to spend some of your own money on the website to get it all started or whether you’d prefer to keep it as a free adventure.

First off, you have to choose about whether you’d like to invest the money to start your sex blog. Most people prefer to start off their blog on a free platform but will purchase other items for it later. What exactly would you purchase and how much will it cost? Well, most people choose to purchase a domain (which is the thing that says “ instead of the “) as well as people choose to purchase hosting for their domain. You can purchase one separate of the other. The hosting means that you are in charge of your own files instead of a third party which gives you more control over the content. Domains usually cost about $10 a month while hosting can vary widely between $5 a month to $20 a month for a starter package.

So what if you want to go free and avoid paying anything? Well, there are a couple different free blog hosts out there “ there are even more than I’m going to mention, but these are the ones that sex bloggers tend to use the most often:

Blogger: Blogger is one of the most widely-used blogger clients. Blogger does allow adult content which means you can host your blog here. However, Blogger requires a “This Blog Is Adult warning page that will pop-up before guests can open your website. They will have to click “okay through the warning to get to your blog. While this works great for small bloggers, some larger bloggers will find that that extra page is going to keep some search engines from indexing their stuff. Blogger has a ton of preloaded layouts “ though most of the layouts are pretty basic in design. A lot of people new to web design say they prefer the simplicity of Blogger “ it doesn’t have very many ways to customize it, but it gets the job done. Your blog URL will be

WordPress: WordPress has a lot more customization options than Blogger. Layouts tend to be more advanced, but WordPress also has a bit of a learning curve to it since it does have so many options. WordPress doesn’t allow “adult content per se, and there have been instances of people’s blogs being deleted off of WordPress for adult content. However, WordPress makes it really easy to move all of your content from WordPress to another WordPress-hosting blog which makes this is a good choice (but very short-term) if you are hoping to try it out then go to a paid domain. Your blog URL will be

Kinky-Blogging: This is a recently opened blog hosting option. Since it’s in the beta phase, you do have a send an e-mail to the administrator asking to be allowed to use the service. However, this service is hosted by a sex blogger by her own servers. It does use the WordPress client, but unlike the “official WordPress, it does allow adult content. Your blog will be

Those are the three big free hosts. All hosts are free to use though some will require you to pay if you want to use special features. If you decide that you want to go straight to paid blogging or you decide that you want to move your free blog to a paid host, it can have some extra benefits.

Companies (and other bloggers) who see that you use a free service may not take you as seriously. This may keep you from being contacted by some websites who are looking to advertise. This may also keep you from receiving offers for reviews that you may have otherwise have received.

Being on a free service also does limit your options for customization and storage. Many free storage options will limit how much (and what) you can upload to your blog. If you plan on uploading tons of adult photos, this could get your blog deleted. If you want to have the ability to edit and customize smaller aspects of your website layout, you may also have to purchase a hosted domain. (For example, WordPress will not allow you to edit your CSS which is the backbone of most website designs. You are, for the most part, limited to layouts that are preloaded on the WordPress website.)

Sometimes, being on a free blogging service can also limit your search engine involvement. Some search engines don’t crawl free blogging services as thoroughly as they do hosted domain websites.

Where you choose to purchase your hosted domain is up to you. I’d recommend asking around with other popular bloggers and finding where they host “ people tend to stay with the best hosts that offer the best rates and lowest downtimes. Before you choose to go with your host, make sure to send an e-mail and double-check that they have nothing against adult content. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Most will allow adult content as long as it’s nothing illegal. (Minors, bestiality, etc.)

There are quite a few different “blogging platform for blogs. A blogging platform is basically the program that allows you to have a blog easily. If you don’t have a blogging platform, you’d have to edit the HTML and other programming language every time you wanted to post. The most common blogging platform is WordPress, but Cute Press and other platforms also exist. WordPress can be installed on any purchased domain and hosting package “ however, if the website boasts “Fantastico, that program will do all of the installation work for you which makes everything easier.

Before you set-up your domain and hosting, think long and harder about the domain name that you want to choose. (This applies to free hosting as well as paid hosting.) Your domain name (and subsequently, your website’s name) will become linked to that domain name. You want something unique (Not “Horny and Willing) but you also want something that helps exemplify what your blog is and something that is personal to you. (“Copulation and My Reactions just don’t sound very catchy.) Open up a domain-purchasing website and do some searches on possible domain names “ just to make sure they’re open.

You want a domain name that is catchy but not too long since then it will be difficult to remember. You also want something that you like “ hopefully you’ll be blogging at this name for a long time. It’s always possible to change your domain name after you’ve started blogging, but if you do that, you risk losing some of your visitors since they’ll be searching and using search engines trying to find your old domain name. Plus, all of your web statistics are linked to your domain name.

So now you have an idea for your blog, a blogging platform, and a domain in mind. Keep reading this week’s series for more information on starting your own sex blog.


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