Sex Blogging 101 – Become a Valued Reviewer

Most sex toy reviewers interact with toy companies on a (nearly) daily basis. While many of us probably interact with their public relations person, it’s still best to make a good impression on the company with our reviews as well. I always get asked “What’s the best way to get more expensive products for review?, and you know what? The best way to get more expensive products is to get along with the company and show your loyalty and seriousness in being a reviewer. I’ve dealt with a lot of companies who have discontinued their product after sending out products to reviewers who just chose to “take the product and run. It’s very common with a lot of companies. Do you really want to tarnish your reputation like that? Take these tips and start working on your sex toy relationships today.

1) Apply with a Full Hand: When you apply to become a reviewer of products, don’t apply while you have a completely empty blog. After all, why should they believe that you won’t just take the product and run when you obviously don’t have any content or reviews on your blog? Your blog should always have regular posts on it, and for your best chances, wait until you’ve been running for three months. In order to appear like a more serious reviewer (you are, aren’t you?) purchase some sex toys with your own money and review them on your blog. Showing you have experience is going to get your sex toy reviewing relationship off to a good start.

2) Be Polite, Always: You don’t need to suck up to the program managers, but you better be polite. After all, this is a working relationship, and the company wouldn’t host the program if they didn’t need you as much as you need them. However, you do always want to be polite. Being rude is not going to get you a good reputation; neither will kissing ass. Instead, be friendly and polite.

3) Linky, Linky: Links are important to a sex toy company. It’s one of the reasons they’re sending you a product for review. They want to get their name out there. Aside from the obvious publicity of becoming known by your readers, the company also wants the search-engine benefits that come from having links on websites. As such, make sure you follow the requested linking structure of the company. At the bare minimum, you should include a link to the website homepage as well as a link to the product page. Extra credit is earned if you include a link back to the category of the product or variations (colors, size) of the product.

4) Use your SEO: You’re now reviewing for a “profit, so you need to know a bit about SEO practices. These are basically ways to optimize your content for the most visibility by search engines. You want to optimize your content to give your sponsor the best “bang for their buck. This includes very basic practices. For one, mention the complete product’s name a couple times in your post, so search engines will notice it. For two, make sure that all of your links have good text. A link that is on the word “here is useless. A link on the product name or on the words “sex toys is much, much more helpful.

5) Be Detailed: It’s easy to write a review about how many orgasms the toy gave you and how much you loved how cute it was. However, that isn’t useful to the general population. After all, how many have your exact-same body? None. You need to make sure that your review is detailed enough to allow others to find the review useful. Companies love to promote your reviews; after all, it’s a review of a product they sell. However, they can’t very well promote reviews that aren’t helpful to people since what good would that do for anyone who reads it?

6) Stand Out: There are tons of bloggers out there that can write a review in exchange for a free product. That’s why it’s important for you to stand out in some way. All of us could write a paragraph about a product. You must find a way for your blog to stand out; whether that’s by using humor, writing  a detailed review, comparing products to other products, or by using lots of videos and pictures. By standing out, you’ll receive more visitors, and more visitors means more value to a company.

7) Work Awhile: Don’t expect to start getting great products right away. After all, with as often as “reviewers go missing on companies, they want to make sure you are going to be trustworthy and worthwhile before they send out better products. Understand that you’ll start off reviewing less expensive products.

8 ) Defects: If the product is a defect, say so! Believe me, the product coordinators what to know what’s going on with the product you have. They don’t want to find your completed review as a “this product sucks because it came broken! Instead, send them an e-mail when you receive the product to let them know what’s wrong. Some will resend the product, and others will just want you to post a general post with links to avoid resending it. After all, most companies cover shipping, so that’s completely understandable.

9) Post Regularly: Post your reviews in a timely manner. When you start reviewing, within a month is the best timeframe to shoot for. If you have more products to review, at least within two months is best “ and that’s only if the company you’re working with knows you are a loyal reviewer. Two months is a long time to worry about where their product went. If you have a hang-up or a problem that’s keeping you from reviewing it timely, let your review program manager know. They’re always understanding that real-life can get in the way as long as you let them know what’s going on.

10) Send the Link: When you have finished your review, send a quick e-mail to the program manager with a link to the review. They have a lot of things to manage (aside from just the blogger program), and they don’t have time to go on a treasure hunt for the review of the product they sent you. It doesn’t have to be a long e-mail; my e-mails are normally just a thank-you along with the link to the finished review.

11) Be Grateful: While we do “earn” our sex toys through reviews and publicity, you do have to be grateful for the items that the companies choose to send you. Most companies are usually happy to work with you for special requests once in awhile, but don’t make special requests every time.

I hope that these tips will help you become a loyal reviewer for the company you review for. If these tips have made you excited to try sex toy reviewing, here at Good Vibes, they also offer a review program that’s worth checking out as well.

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