Sex After The Doghouse

My lover banished me to the doghouse recently. That meant no communication, unless hostile, and certainly no sex. When I’m in the doghouse not even masturbation has an in. The doghouse is just what it promises to be\’cold and lonely isolation.

The problem that landed me here was one I knew we would overcome. But in the meantime, I found it unbearable to not be able to touch and stroke my gorgeous lover’s skin, while tongue kissing her deeply until she’s so hot that she’s begging to be fucked. Sex was something we practiced daily and now it was on hold indefinitely. Being sexually ungratified was the least of my problems and a deeper hole than my pussy ached to be filled.

I knew if I could see her, all would be set right. I packed up my strap-on and cock, dressed in an outfit that I knew made her wet, and drove the sixty long miles to her house. She opened the door to my knock and silently let me inside. Although her expression was cold and removed, her eyes expressed longing. Without saying a word, I kissed her. At first her lips remained less than responsive. But when I began to stroke her lower back and pulled her pussy against mine, she returned my kiss furiously.

We couldn’t reach the bed fast enough and on the way there ripped each other’s clothes off. I pushed her down on the bed and unbuttoned my pants with one hand while pulling hers down with the other. I strapped on my cock and entered her at the same moment my tongue pushed into her mouth. She grabbed my ass and slammed her cunt against me to feel my cock more deeply inside. Within seconds she came in intense and utter release. Immediately afterwards, she slapped my face hard then grabbed my hair and pulled me into a deep kiss. I started to move inside her again, more leisurely this time in slow circles that drove her toward a longer, drawn-out orgasm that I knew came with forgiveness. She lay still in bliss as we kissed more softly now.

“Sorry I kept you in the doghouse for so long, she said with a smile, her eyes revealing both mischief and satisfaction. At that, I simply said, “Roll over, bitch. She complied, getting on all fours, and groaned with pleasure as I entered from behind. And without further ado, I fucked her hard and fast, like the dog I am.

Good Vibrations

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