Seeing Double (Dildos)

Double dildos figure heavily in porn and sexual fantasy. Lots of women and men fantasize about two women simultaneously penetrating themselves with one toy, both getting off at the same time. Similarly, the fantasies cover all possible combinations; I’ve talked with heterosexual couples who want to enjoy simultaneous penetration, and gay male couples who are buying double dildos to use together.

The standard-issue double dildo is a super-long dildo (around 15″) with a penis-shaped head at both ends. The idea behind this somewhat crude design is that the two people will lie on their backs, legs open, with their pussies (toy makers always assume that only women get penetrated) facing each other. This is a fine idea, but then when you really think about it, you’ll have to get the right movement on both ends for both partners to come. You have to wonder — does it really work?

It was time to do some research.

I plotted and I planned — sort of. I assembled an assortment of the double dildos we carry at Good Vibrations in preparation of the main event. But what main event? My dedicated research assistant is willing to lay anything on the line for the greater good of science (including his wonderful ass). But I felt that since these toys were designed for two gals to use, I’d like to try the first round of tests with another woman. I’d rather do an entire experiment on simultaneous boy-girl penetration, complete with harnesses. Problem: finding a tasty girl for my sex toy experiments.

As fate would have it, my problem was solved just before Halloween. I was in my local video store one afternoon, and happened upon a beautiful, femme, curvy package of a goth girl, right in the horror section — my favorite section, besides neo-noir. We started talking; she had never seen The Hunger. She warmed to my descriptions of the scene with Sarandon and Deneuve, and I was on the right track. We rented the movie, and I conveniently lived nearby.

When we got to my house, we started the film — and then we started the experiments. It all began when I pulled out the Double Daisy, a classic, straight-line, double-headed dildo. Her pale cheeks grew flushed, her brown eyes sparkled, and her hands just couldn’t control themselves. She ripped the plastic off the dildo and the buttons off my blouse. Face to face, we enjoyed masturbating our vulvas and clits on the tips of the double, but its considerable length (12″) kept us at a distance.

We tried the porn position, laying on my couch with our pussies pointed at each other. I liked the view: I could watch her small, cherry-topped breasts from below, had a fantastic show while she rubbed her clit and penetrated herself with the dildo and I got the benefits at the other end of her rhythm. It wasn’t always the rhythm I needed to orgasm, but it was great fun getting all worked up. We tried to bend the dildo so we could face each other, or at least reach each other’s tits, but the dildo was inflexible and became uncomfortable when bent — and made us crack up laughing when it kept popping out.

Since we wanted to make out, press our boobs together and squeeze each other’s round little butts, we decided to try the other two doubles I had, the Nexus Jr. and the Feeldoe. Both were modern marvels of independent toy manufacturing, original designs made of silicone that were intended for use by people who wanted to really fuck when they used a double dildo. Both toys were practical answers to the straight-line classic doubles. And since both were silicone, afterward I could disinfect them for future use, not like the rubber Daisy that I’d have to throw away (or use with condoms from now on) after using with a stranger.

The Nexus Jr. is shaped sort of like a “U” that has been pulled apart a little, and both ends have penis-head shapes, though one end is smaller than the other. We each chose our size and shape of preference, and after some giggly Liquid Silk application, tried the dildo on for size. I straddled her lap, kind of, and we moved our hips, experimenting with the way the toy could be pushed and pulled with our movements. We rolled over and I ended up on top of her, and we found that it felt great when one person controlled the thrusting. Basically, one person is thrusting and penetrating, while the other is receiving the thrusts. We took turns, and had much more success with hands-free activities than with the Daisy.

This lovely double dildo elicited approving grunts and squeaks from my sweaty little captive, yet the insatiable vixen still needed more. Who was I to judge? The Feeldoe was calling to us. One end has a good-sized phallic shape that curves at a right angle into a fat, short bulb. It was meant to be “worn” and used to fuck. I could handle that. It felt amazing to squeeze the short end inside, but even more incredible when I penetrated her with the other end and began to thrust. The pushing and pulling against my vaginal muscles pushed me over the edge, helped along by the way the double remained totally stable and I could squeeze, pinch and torment my sweaty little plaything. We spent the rest of our efforts enjoying the combinations and positions that the Feeldoe made possible.

After the movie, we found we had little in common. She didn’t really like horror films, and didn’t want to play “lesbian vampire” with me and my sexy boy-toy assistant. Oh well. Good thing there’s another holiday right around the corner. Maybe I can find a sexy little elfette who’s up for a few sleigh rides…


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