The eastern sun shines through filtered glass, providing soft illumination for the fourteenth floor. Low murmurs echo from hallway to hallway, the occasional click click click of hands on keyboards punching through.

James Halloway notices little of this as he shuffles to his office, and gives a slight smile to the woman stationed outside.

“Good morning, Mr. Halloway, says Amanda, beaming. Her dress is unusually sharp today, he notices. Flushing, he quickly looks down to his keys.

“Morning, he mumbles, fumbling before his door finally opens. He’s barely inside and unpacked when the young woman enters, holding several files in front of him.

“I finished proofing those letters, she says.

James freezes. “Oh, he replies. “And?

She bites her lip for a moment, looking down. “Well, the Finance memo was all right, and the one to our Seattle office was¦acceptable.

James lets out a breath he’d not realized he was holding. “And the other one? he asks.

Amanda looks up at him. “Oh, the one for me? She clucks her tongue, shaking her head. “I read it last night, but it just didn’t do it for me.

The door closes behind her. “You see, Mr. Halloway, continues Amanda, moving forward to sit on the edge of his desk. “I wanted filth. I asked for nasty, perverted filth, and what you gave me was far too soft.

“I did what you said.

“You did no such thing. You gave me nothing I could use. I wanted something I could get off on, my hands all over myself and my pussy soaked. So, that’s what you’ll give me this morning.

James looks at her, then at the pictures on his desk. He pauses for just a moment before he sighs, eyes wide and looking downward. “What can I do?

“Turn around. Bend over. As he complies, she produces some sort of sharp object, cutting away his pants.

Time slows, and then accelerates. He’s bent over for her, and she’s examining him.

“I see you wore the toy. That’s something at least. Was it hard to walk?


“Good. Now it’s time for you to give me some masturbation material for tonight. Preferably something good this time. At that, a crack echoes through the office, and James shrieks in pain.

“Jesus! he exclaims.

“That was a light one. You really need to learn to take more, Mr. Halloway. Let me show you.

Another crack stings his body on the other side. James contains himself this time.

“Better. I’m impressed. It’s like the time you showed me Excel. I guess we are both quick learners.

The pain fades to a dull ache, and no more swats follow. Instead, a new sensation. Her hands are all over his hips, running around his sides to his front. James shakes and gasps when she wraps her hand around him.

“What’s this? Amanda’s voice is close behind his ear. “Nice and hard for me, are we? Well then, let’s test how much you can take.

Her hand begins to work him up and down. Slowly, almost painfully she touches him one-handed, while her other hand moves down to push against the toy he inserted that morning, forcing it deeper.

“I think you’ll make an excellent plaything someday, Mr. Halloway. You just need to learn to follow directions.

James pulses in his secretary’s hand. Her response is to drive the plug deeper inside him, eliciting a long groan.

“That’s it, my little fucktoy, Amanda continues, pressed up against him. Her hips are bucking against his side, and her breath is hot in his ear.

“Now, she says, “I’ve got a challenge for you. You’ve got to hold on for two minutes. That’s right, two whole minutes. If you don’t, I’m going to open the blinds and keep playing with you. Do you understand? Good.

With that, she spits on her hand and grabs his hardness, all vestiges of teasing gone. She pummels him, all the while her other hand working his ass.

He’s not counting the strokes, but it doesn’t take many before he’s bucking back and forth, his pelvis moving against hers. James can feel his sensitivity increase as his blood flow increases throughout his body. He’s not going to last, and says as much.

All he can hear over his own cries is that damn clucking noise again, showing her disappointment.

“Mr. Halloway, she says, her voice somehow steady. “Don’t make me open the blinds. Don’t make me show the world what a nasty fuck you are.

It’s too late. Her hand is too much, and her words drive him over the edge, making him pulse and orgasm all over her hand, the floor, and his desk. The memos are ruined.

Several seconds pass, the two of them locked against one another. He feels a soft kiss on his cheek, and then a voice in his ear.

“You made it, she says. “Seconds to spare, but you made it. I’m very proud of you, Mr. Halloway. With that, she hands him a spare pare of khakis, and departs.


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