Second International Erotic Film Award for New Female Directors

Petra Joy has announced the second Petra Joy Awards. This award is “for first time female filmmakers who would like to create erotic films that dare to question porn clichés and show sex in innovative and creative ways.” Winners will receive prize awards and will also have the chance to be published on the upcoming Petra Joy compilation Her Porn Vol. 4.

Petra organized the first Petra Joy Awards in 2009, which Louise Lush (aka Ms. Naughty) won for That’s What I Like for its focus on female pleasure.

Explains Petra about why she decided to launch the Petra Joy Awards:

“I would like to inspire first time female film-makers to take control, get behind the camera and share their female perspective of erotica and porn with us. My wish is that this award will help to make more female fantasies visible and more female erotic film-makers seen and heard!

I see this as very much a worthy endeavor. As Petra points out, women are largely excluded from seeing their visions on screen:

“Did you know that only 6% of directors in Hollywood are female? This percentage is even smaller in the adult industry. Most porn films are still shot by men for men. But women are voyeurs too and more and more women want to enjoy erotic films that show a female perspective. But as traditionally women in the film industry work in front and not behind the camera, it is difficult for new female directors to get started. The big questions are: How can she finance her film, where can she show it, how can she publish it?”

In response to these questions, the Petra Joy Awards offers new female filmmakers the chance of seeing their films financially awarded, screened, and published. Explains Petra:

“I know how hard it is to get stated as a female filmmaker in a competitive and still hugely male industry. This is why I want to support aspiring female filmmakers with the incentives of getting their first film published and winning prize money that then can be invested into future projects. It is about women empowering other women to make hugely hidden female fantasies visible on inspirational films.

Fittingly, the theme for the second Petra Joy Awards is “Female Fantasies:

“The genre is open \’ from animation to documentary or erotic vignettes \’ we welcome all films that feature female fantasies and in an innovative, creative and artistic way. A fresh, creative approach is much more important to us than technical perfection. Even a clip shot on your mobile phone could be the winning film, if it visualizes a female fantasy.

We appreciate all variations of female fantasies \’ from vanilla to fetish, subtle eroticism to hard-core, straight to gay \’ share with us your own fantasies or those of other women and make them visible to the world. We value films that promote safe sex.”

Films can be anything between one to ten minutes long. All entries must be received by August 31, 2012. Visit the Petra Joy Awards online to find out more about the competition, its guidelines rules and how to enter.

Quizzical Mama

Quizzical mama, aka Anne G. Sabo, PhD, is a former academic turned public educator, author, speaker, freelance writer, and mama- and sex blogger. Her book After Pornified: How Women Are Transforming Pornography & Why It Really Matters (Zer0 Books, October 2012) has been called “a goldmine for all sex-positive women and men,” and a “candid, well-informed personal story of how a good girl became involved in porn." She writes mores about progressive porn and sex-positivity in her New porn by women blog and at her resource site Love, Sex, and Family, and she muses about life and parenting in her Quizzical mama blog. She lives in Northfield, Minnesota, a small college town just south of the Twin Cities, with her spouse and their preschooler daughter. You can follow her on Facebook or on Twitter @quizzicalmama.

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