school halts a report on Harvey Milk

Via Carnal Nation

According to, a sixth grader in San Diego county was going to present a class report on Harvey Milk and was stopped because the school requires permission slips from the parents before teaching the kids about sex.

Now, I can understand having a concern that the report might be controversial, although I don’t see how it’s more controversial than doing a report on any other assassinated politician. And I can definitely understand why schools require parental permission before talking about sex. But requiring parental permission before talking about the biography of a gay person is NOT the same thing as talking about sex. That’s just silly.

Why is it that some people can’t talk about gay folks without thinking about sex? After all, I can talk about straight people without thinking about sex. It’s doesn’t have to be all that difficult.

The ACLU has stepped in and is suing the school unless the school apologizes and the student gets to do the report. Hopefully, rationality will prevail.

Dr. Charlie Glickman

Charlie Glickman is the Education Program Manager at Good Vibrations. He also writes, blogs, teaches workshops and university courses, presents at conferences, and trains sexuality educators. He’s certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, and loves geeking out about sex, relationships, sex-positivity, love and shame, communities of erotic affiliation, and sexual practices and techniques of all varieties. Follow him online, on Twitter at @charlieglickman, or on Facebook.

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