Sarah’s Find

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” fretted Sarah as Ann dug through the suitcase.

“Of course not. It’s fucking rude. But when my aunt visits, snooping through her luggage is required. C’mon, help me.”

Sarah shook her head, but then reached in and began to sort through the other side of the case. She quickly found something flat and heavy beneath the clothes, a black leather strap ending in a buckle. She pulled it free and almost dropped it when she saw what was attached to the strap. Anne looked up.

“Holy shit, what’s that?”

Sarah held it up nervously, staring at the tangle of leather that connected to the heavy black dildo.

“I’m not sure.”

“It’s a strap on!” Ann reached over, taking the shining black dick and looking at it. “You know what this is for, right?”

“I’m not stupid.” Sarah stared at it fascinated, wondering if it had been used before. Then she wondered what it would feel like on, what it would feel like in. She missed Ann the first time, and looked up at her blankly. “What?”

“I said you should try it on.” Ann was smiling wickedly, the way she always smiled when she was daring Sarah to try something new, something she knew would push against Sarah’s usual shy caution. Sarah stared at her friend, the harness in front of her, and knew she was in trouble. She shook her head slowly, and Ann just grinned.

“C’mon you found it. Let’s see how you look with a dick.” She stepped forward and pulled at Sarah’s jeans, yanking them down while Sarah stood there, feeling paralyzed. The jeans down, Ann took the strap-on and put it around Sarah’s hips. She frowned for a second, puzzling it out, then stepped around her friend, pulling the harness tight and buckling it. Sarah now looked down at a dark length of dildo arching out before her.

Ann stepped back around her, staring.

“Man….girl, you’re hung.” She reached out to run her hand over the dildo, stroking it, and Sarah felt the thick base press up against her, making her gasp at the surge of pleasure that went through her as it rubbed against her clit. Ann looked up, surprised, from where her hand was stroking the phallus.

“So you like that, big boy?” she asked, softly teasing. Sarah just stared at her, not able to say anything and Ann looked back, reading her eyes. She sank down to her knees in front of Sarah, taking the dildo in one hand and pressing on it as she kissed the end, slowly running her tongue out over the head. Sarah couldn’t contain the groan that came out as the strap-on rubbed over her, and she felt her hips beginning to move, pushing the cock into her friend’s mouth.

Ann looked up, eyes sparking, and her other hand ran up under Sarah’s panties, stroking over her bottom.

Hips jerking, breathing heavily, Sarah stared down at her friend’s eyes. This was so much more than they had ever done before in their sex play, which Sarah was usually to shy to let go far, but suddenly she wanted this, wanted all of this. As she built towards a climax she reached down, touched Ann’s head and whispered “Stop.”

Ann took her mouth away and looked up, her eyes wide with excitement.

“Is this too-”

“No, it’s good,” whispered Sarah. “I want you to use it.” Ann looked up at her and smiled, then nodded.

“Turn around.”

Sarah did, and Ann freed the straps. The harness fell from her hips, and Sarah pushed her panties down, then reached up and stripped off her other clothes. She turned then, hesitantly, and stood in front of her friend naked. It wasn’t the first time but it was by far the most intimate, the most real.

Ann ran her hand slowly over Sarah’s breasts, making her shake, then Sarah stepped forward and folded her arms around Ann, bringing her lips to hers. The kiss was long, and she felt her body pushing into Ann’s warmth, hips against hips, breasts pressing against breasts as their lips moved and tongues touched.

Ann finally pulled back, pushing down on Sarah’s shoulders, making her sit on the rumpled bed. Sarah reached out, soaked with need, and jerked Ann’s sweats and panties down. She watched as her girlfriend drew the strap-on across her sex, then reached up and held it in place as Ann fumbled the buckles together.

“Got it,” Ann whispered, and Sarah let go to lay backward on the bed while Ann stripped off her other clothes, her pale body shining around the dark interruption of the strap-on.

Sarah looked up at her and she spread her legs, opening herself up for her friend who now hesitated.

“You’re a virgin, Sarah.”

“It’s okay, Ann. Be my first.” Ann stepped forward then between her legs, looking down at her and the dildo, then nodded.

“Here, I should…” Ann reached down and traced her fingers across Sarah’s soaked sex, making Sarah groan and arch to her hand, letting Ann’s fingers sink into her. Ann stroked them in and out, and then pulled them free to rub them over the cock, wetting it. Then she lowered herself down onto Sarah, who could feel the rigid head of the dildo pressing between her legs.

She reached up and took Ann’s hips, guiding them, feeling the head of the cock slip between her lips, the pressure of it as it stopped just inside her.

“Now,” she said, and pulled her friend in, jerking herself up to meet her. There was resistance, and a flare of pain mixed with pleasure as the dildo sank into her, bringing the edge of the strap against her clit. She and Ann gasped as their bodies pressed together, hands wrapping around each other.

“Good?” asked Ann.

“Very good,” whispered Sarah as Ann slowly began to move her hips, pushing the dildo in and out. Sarah moved with her, and the pain was washed away in pleasure as they rocked together. The pleasure spiked and Sarah moaned as the orgasm swept through her, making her hands and sex tighten their hold as she pushed herself as hard as she could against her friend. Ann stopped, staring at her wonderingly.

Sarah relaxed and ran her hands over Ann’s back and whispered, “Keep going. See if you come.”

“I think so…” Ann began to move again, pushing in and out, rocking the dildo against her clit as she fucked Sarah with it. Sarah lay back, enjoying the feeling, then felt it building in her again. As she moved with it, pulling Ann into her, she felt her friend gasp and shudder against her and her body let go again, a second orgasm spinning through her. They stopped and rested then and Ann began to laugh softly.

Sarah kissed her, and then laughed too.

“I told you my aunt had good things in her luggage,” whispered Ann. Sarah just smiled and kissed her again, the warm weight of the dildo still heavy in her as she snuggled close.

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