San Francisco Strip: Hustler vs. Lusty

Looking for a good time and some hot ladies? Hit the S.F. strip, North Beach Broadway area where you’ll find an array of strip clubs with dazzling lights and hot bodies. Yesterday was my roomate’s birthday. Despite that she’s an S.F. native, she has never been to the clubs. I saw this as an opportunity to serve my civic duty.

Hustler Club and The Lusty Lady are neighbors. Conveinent.

The Hustler Club is a chain which I am sure you will find in most urban cities. They remind me a little of Hooters but with a little more ambiance. Chicken wings, lap dances, $2 drinks (on tues.) and long hair bombshells… they provide the trappings of any traditional strip club. Zoning and alcohol laws make this a topless only bar, but you will definitely get an eyeful of cameltoes and very skimpy undies. Front and center is the proverbial icon of the strip club, the stripper pole and man these girls can work it! Some move with slow and sensual move others engage in a high energy slam dance that provides the intensity that hardcore rough riders crave. The girls here are traditional beauties and would look very at home on set in the valley. These girls work their asses off and have to pay a stage fee to be there, so tip well because they deserve it. You will also notice a stark contrast between the athleticism of the performers and that of the patrons. Hey, it wouldn’t be a spectator sport with out the fans, right?

Maybe you are looking for something a bit more raw? and by raw I mean “fuck the panties and flashy moves, I wanna see some straight up cooter!” Well look no further cuz the Lusty Lady is for YOU! Live Nude Girls behind the glass shake, move and do it all. Punk rock, tattooed, lean and volumptuous… if you’re seeking a little more flavor to your eye candy this is the spot. Get a private room and work on your social skills with a one-on-one session with one of these hotties. Here you won’t find the high price tag nor get hustled, but you will get a private little room to fully enjoy your viewing pleasures. And to top it all off, these ladies aren’t just dancers, they’re the owners.
Check it out, cuz these girls have moves you don’t even know about!

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