“Roy Stuart, Volume 5” Review

Roy Stuart, Volume 5 is a book of erotic photography taken by Roy Stuart. It’s a book sold by Good Vibrations. The book is definitely a big book; I didn’t understand why the book cost so much until I was holding it in my hands. It’s a foot tall about nine inches across. It’s over an inch in thickness. It’s about an inch longer on all sides than your typical printer-sized piece of paper. The book is a hardcover book that has full-color photography pages on the inside. The pictures are high enough resolution to take up the full page on each page. The pictures are full-color, and most of them look pretty modern in clothing and quality.

I have a hard time describing exactly what the “theme of is this book. I mean, “Volume 5 isn’t exactly a descriptive title. If I had to pick anything, I’d have to pick the vaguest thing: The Female Body. None of the pictures really seem to have the same focus except just for focusing on the naked form of the female body.

The great thing about this book is the fact that all of the bodies are natural. It’s obvious that the girls aren’t models, and that’s an amazing thing. (Or maybe they just aren’t American models; I’m not sure about modeling girls in other countries.) The girls have a variety in breast sizes; however, almost all of the women have natural breasts. Along with this, the women have a variety in pubic hair. Some are shaved, but the majority of the women have full, natural pubic hair. This book also provides a good variety of racial diversity as well. It should also be noted that Roy Stuart wasn’t afraid of genitals; you will be seeing bare breasts, bare butt, and bare vaginas and penises in this book.

This book has a very wide range in it. In some sections, Roy Stuart put the pictures in a chronological order that told a story about something happening (like a woman getting dressed, having sex, etc.). Other pictures are just stand-alone pictures. You are going to see a wide variety of different things in this book including women having sex with men, women getting dressed, women exposing their underwear, women dancing around fully clothed, a “panty bandit, and women peeing. Yes, a panty bandit; there’s a small “story in this book taking pictures of a masked man who “attacks these women on the street and lifts up their skirts to see their panties. Obviously, it’s staged, but it looks cute.

I did say “women peeing, as well. It’s really out of place in this book, but there are quite a few pictures of women peeing outdoors in this book. I think Roy Stuart must have had a watersports fetish. Most of these pictures are in the chronological order to show the females pulling off their underwear before they squat down and pee. Since this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I figure it’s worth warning about.

The odd thing about this book is the random photography. Along with the naked women pictures, there are also pictures of non-pornographic things. For example, there’s a couple pictures of cats which are just really out of place. There are also some landscape photography pictures. Along with the somewhat nude girls, there are also pictures of women who are fully clothed and non-sexual. The most humorous one was a picture of a girl in a brand name sweatshirt that said “USA For Kids. It made me giggle; both because the adult fit into a girl’s sweatshirt and the irony of including that picture in an adult book.

This book was never really made for masturbation purposes. It looks like it was just a collection of some of Roy Stuart’s work. It’s all done in a very artistic manner, and this book wasn’t really made as a collection of pictures to masturbate to. Instead, it’s meant as a gorgeous book of photography that shows the female body in a natural way.

Along with the photography, this book also included a section at the back of the book where it includes some of the letters that have been written to Roy Stuart about his photography. It’s neat to read. Along with that, the book also includes a DVD. The DVD includes some of the video from some of the photographic shoots from some of the pictures as well as the full-length movie that Roy Stuart produced called “The Lost Door. If you enjoy his (or any) erotic photography, this makes for a neat look into its production.

While the price is a little high for the book, it’s hard to understand why it is priced as it is until you receive the book. Once you receive this huge, quality book, you will understand why they priced it as they did. It’s a good collection of erotic photography that’s hard to find in most modern books, and it was great to look through these pictures of women looking so happy and content in their own bodies. It doesn’t look pornographic; it looks like these women are really just celebrating how they look. Roy Stuart, Volume 5 ends up being a good, artistic photography book.


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