Red Lipstick

I’ve always been a sucker for red lipstick; I’ve always loved the way it looks on women’s lips. Maybe those women pass me on the street, maybe they’re standing in front of me at the bank, or the coffee shop. Or maybe their red-lipsticked lips are wrapped around me, sliding up and down, spread wide and round with my cock. I also love the way it looks when it gets smeared out of place, those once perfect lips a mess, a sign that she’s been doing things with that mouth, things that she shouldn’t, things that she wouldn’t talk about in church, things that she can’t tell her friends.

Or maybe she can. If she can, she’d tell them about meeting me late one night at a motel, still dressed up from a work party, an expectant look on her face. But we didn’t talk about the party, no, because the second the hotel door shut, my lips met hers, and that lovely, perfectly made up mouth begins to show signs of wear and tear. We kiss, and I’m rough, no doubt about it, and then she kneels, looking up at me, and I know what comes next, because we’ve done it so many times. She brings those red lips closer, and then they touch me, encircle me, and it’s then that I take her hair in my fist, start fucking those pretty little lips, and I know she’s loving it, because she’s told me just that so many times.

Once, I told her she’d have to beg me to let her suck it, and she paused for a second, then started in. “Please, please let me put it in my mouth. Let me slid it in between my lips, let me suck it, please, please. Let me fuck you with my mouth, or you can fuck it, I don’t care which, just please, let me suck you off. Before she could say another word, I shoved her down onto the pillows, yanked down my zipper, and you might think you know what comes next, but you don’t. I began jacking off, just inches away from those cute little lips, and then I came all over them, smearing the come around with my dick. “Say ˜thank you,’ I ordered, and she licked a few droplets off of her mouth, and said thos two words with a small smile on her lips.

But tonight I’m not going to waste a single drop. I want every last bit of my come to slide down her throat. Maybe while I’m inside it, too, because the woman loves to deep-throat me. You may think that there aren’t women like this out there, women who meet people like me in hotels, willing to do whatever we order them to do. Well, you’d be wrong. She’s very real, just like her lips are real, just like her tits and ass and cunt are real. But I’ve never seen those, nor do I plan to. No, she’s my blowjob slut, that and nothing more, and that’s all she’ll ever be. Maybe someday I’ll tell her to take off her clothes, tell her to kneel on the bed, ass in the air, presenting herself to me¦presenting herself to be fucked, to be used, to be anything I want. Maybe that day I’ll ignore her cunt, and with only my spit for lube, I’ll slid my cock right into her ass, without preamble, with only a little warning, only one quick “Yes from her.

Tonight, though, when I hear that tentative knock on the hotel door, tonight might be the night where everything changes. Do I want to try something else, just this once? Do I?

And then, there it was “  the knock which told me she was finally here. I got up off the bed where I had been reading, not bothering to mark the book “ why would I need to find my place again in the Book of Mormon? I walked to the door, slowly undid the lock, smiling to myself.

But then, when I opened the door, well, there was a surprise “ not one set of red lips, but two.

Her friend had short, brunette hair, a shy smile, and great tits. I approved.

“And this is¦ I said, opening the door wide enough for both of them to enter.

“This is Sandra.

“And will she be joining us tonight?

“Maybe, my blowjob slut said. “But tonight¦is going to be different. And with not a single other word, she and Sandra shoved me to the bed. Well, this was interesting! But what came next was even more surprising “ Sandra popped open her purse and took out a tube of lipstick. Off came the lid, and then she slowly, and, one might say, seductively moved it towards my lips, applying it with the gentlest strokes, almost like she’s done this before. Did she do this to my usual girl, my slut, before they left for here? I pictured Sandra, lipstick in hand, her tits uncovered, leaning forward and putting that red warpaint onto my slut Lily’s lips, my slut who happened to be tied up and naked in my thoughts, with a dildo in her ass, and one in her cunt, too, for good measure. But I was already hard, so these thoughts don’t have much effect on my level of arousal.

“Is there¦what else will be different? I asked, making sure to stress the last word. I’m not used to this with her, with my little cocksucker. Not used to her being so forceful, so in charge. But I’d already decided that I liked it. I liked it very, very much. Which surprised me, admittedly, but surprises can be nice, can’t they?

“˜What else will be different,’ he asks. Hmm, Sandra, should we tell him? My friend leaned forward and licked my cheek, dragging her tongue across it almost like she was marking me, like that one, long lick said, “MINE.

“Oh no, Sandra said, and she laughed a little. “No, I don’t think we should warn him about anything. I think it should all be¦unexpected.

Sandra climbed off the bed, and slowly stripped off her shirt, revealing her gorgeous, full tits to both of us; to me for (obviously) the first time, and to Lily¦possibly not the first time? I watched as Sandra continued undressing, as she took off her pants, too. Underneath them was a harness and a dildo, which was bright red and slightly translucent.

“You will be using that on her, I said, pointing at the dildo, “And not me, right? But they just turned to each other and laughed.

“Poor boy, he seems nervous! Lily said, and then she grabbed one of my wrists, and Sandra grabbed the other, and with their combined strength they yanked me to the top of the bed. Lily took off her scarf, and she bound my wrists to the slats that made up the headboard, and did it expertly, one might say. Had she done this before?

And then Lily took off her shirt, too, and her pants, and I saw her pussy for the first time. It was mere inches from my face only moments later, and I almost asked her if I could eat her out, but strangely, I felt hesitant, and then it was too late “ she crawled over to Sandra, and sat upright, and then she was straddling me, that lovely pussy just inches away from my covered dick now. She lay down on top of me, the pressure of her lower body on my dick quite pleasurable, but nowhere near a release, a release I was now practically ready to beg for. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that.

My view was obscured by Lily’s head, but luckily, she seemed to think narrating what happened was called for. Maybe it was, but I much prefer being able to watch.

“Now Sandra’s sucking on my nipple, and oh, does it ever feel good. Her little tongue is flicking across it, the tongue I love to have eat me out, because it’s the most skilled tongue I’ve ever felt, practically dancing across my clit. And now “ and I felt what might be Sandra spreading Lily’s legs, “she’s getting ready to fuck me, spreading my legs. You wouldn’t know this, but I need hardly any warming up, just a little nipple sucking and I’m wet as the sea. And now¦mmm, now she’s teasing my opening with that dildo you saw earlier, and¦oh! Now it’s sliding inside. I could feel as Sandra began to fuck Lily, to fuck that cunt I was practically desperate for, that cunt I’d just ignored up until now. And God, I had never been so jealous in my life.

“Can I¦ I began, and then I heard a decidedly evil female laugh.

“No, you can’t, Lily said, still laughing, and then she moaned, and I was guessing by the sound of it, the shakiness of that moan, the loudness of that moan, that my slut was going to come, and she was going to come good and hard.

“You should know, Sandra said, still thrusting into my Lily, “that she’s a screamer.

And oh, she was, as Lily came with a noise so loud it was awe-inspiring. If my cock hadn’t already been rock hard, well¦

And then the two women slowly got up off of me, laughing a little. Lily was obviously a little shaky on her legs, because damn, but that must have been a good orgasm.

“Do I get any attention? I’m kind of, well, hard, and if you two might “ 

“Oh, he wants his own orgasm, does he? Sandra said, smiling down at me.

“Apparently. But the silly man has never cared about my pleasure. Not that I don’t love sucking him off, not that it doesn’t do a fucking lot for me, get me soaking wet, but I always have to take care of myself when I get home. And so, my darling man, and Lily walked up to me, slowly sliding a few fingers across my cheek, “I think you should get me off with your mouth, and Sandra will suck you off while you do that, but you don’t get to come until I do. Understood? She gripped my chin firmly between her fingers, now, and it was clear she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Not that I would’ve said no “ oh, it wasn’t even slightly likely after the show they’d put on.

“Yes, of course, anything you want.

“Never say ˜anything you want’ to two women who have you tied up. I might make you eat my ass for that orgasm instead, Mr. ‘Anything You Want.’

“I¦I would.

“Maybe next time, sweetie.

Sandra took off her strap-on, and then Lily crawled up the bed, putting one knee on each side of my face. My view was blocked now, but I heard “ and felt “ Sandra undoing my pants, and then her hand was pulling out my cock, her breath hot against it. So I lifted up my face, stuck out my tongue and got to work. Lily tasted slightly sweet, which was a nice bonus, but the real bonus was the feel of Sandra wrapping her lips around my cock as I ate out her friend, as I ate out my slut. This was the type of act men tended to dream about, a dream which I certainly wasn’t immune to. As I sucked on Lily’s clit, licked her slit, I gave it everything I had. I wanted to go for the gold “ I wanted to get her off as well as possible, so my orgasm would be well-deserved. Not my usual way of thinking, but none of this was usual. So I ate pussy with gusto, with all the intensity I could give, and soon, thank everything that is holy, and everything that isn’t, too, Lily shoved her cunt hard against me and screamed out as she came.

But I barely had time to register that as I came, too. And the feeling, oh, the feeling¦well, it was a good one. That’s the best, and the simplest, way to put it.

Sandra and Lily untied me, and we all cleaned up in the bathroom, the women pausing every once in awhile to turn to me and giggle, until I had to say, “What? What are you laughing about?

“Oh, nothing, Lily said.

“Nothing at all, Sandra said.

“You just look so cute in that lipstick is all. Lily grinned at me, a great, big lovely grin, and I couldn’t help smiling back.

“Will we do this again? I asked them as they headed for the hotel room’s door.

“Maybe, was all I got out of each of them.

“I will see you again, though, cutie, Lily said, pecking me on the cheek. “And maybe next time, if you want to do something different, you can fuck me. My pussy, you know.

“I’d love to, I answered. An answer which was totally, utterly, really¦really¦really the truth.

Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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