Red Eye (Coliloquy’s Entwined Erotica Runner-up)

Good Vibrations is pleased to have had the opportunity to co-sponsor Coliloquy’s Entwined Erotica contest. Entwined Erotica features a story begun by one erotic author which is then concluded by several other noted erotica writers, giving the reader a choice of many happy endings. The May 2013 contest gave fans of the project the opportunity to writer their very own conclusions to EE’s Volume One, Unbound. We published the winning story, “Airport Bathroom” by MsRobin, last month; this week we feature the runners-up. Thanks again to Coliloquy for the chance to participate in this fun and steamy project! — Carol Queen

Red Eye, by InsatiablyTaken

One plane ticket later I found myself alone on a red-eye back to Ireland. As I sat in my seat somewhere above the Atlantic I started thinking again. What was I thinking to hop on a plane to a virtual stranger’s house, albeit a very sexy stranger that I very much wanted to know a little better. Who cared if that knowing had nothing to do with his interests and a lot to do with how he was in bed.

That raised questions of his wife. His wife. Just what had I gotten myself into? It’s not that I wasn’t interested, rather I was very interested at the prospect. I had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman rather just the mundane sex I had with my ex-husband. There could be no few thrusts and then done just to have him roll off of me to fall asleep. Women were different, there is an art to pleasuring them. I just could not imagine a women getting off and then leaving me aroused just to fall asleep so inconsiderately. My first orgasm at another’s hands could very well be from a woman in just a few hours. The thought was very arousing and as I toyed with it in my mind I realized that I was getting wet. Very wet.

Welp, there goes this pair of panties, they are utterly useless now, drenched in my vaginal fluids. Such a waste to be so wet and to have noone to share with. This year was supposed to be for me so perhaps I should make it a little more about me starting right now. I looked around the empty section of the plane and realized that in my reverie I had missed the sign for lights out for the overnight trip when the plane reached altitude. I was alone in the dark with a blanket and pillow and little chance of the flight attendant returning for a few hours unless I called for her.

I put the blanket modestly over me and undid my pants to reveal my very cute and very wet panties. I started to rub my vulva through the drenched material thinking of Patrick serenading me with his guitar. I could smell myself through the blanket, a musty primal smell that simply reeked of pleasure. I missed this quite a bit during my marriage.

I moved my panties to the side and started to slowly explore my labia making sure to steer clear of my clitoris knowing it would be over all too soon if I started there now. I love my labia, especially the inner pair. The left is larger than the right which makes it a lot of fun to finger and manipulate. I followed the path of my secretions to my vagina and circled the entrance with a finger, enjoying feeling my kegels tighten up in response to the stimulation. I wasn’t going to make it long at this rate. The thoughts of Patrick and Meg and all the wonderful things I would get to explore with them were causing me to lose my steady exploration and demanded that I find my clit and get on with it.

The first touch was explosive. I could feel it all through my body, every bit of me focused on a single bundle of nerve endings begging to be abused by my fingers. I circled my clit briefly before turning my attention to the clitoral hood. Such a small flap of skin to be responsible for that much pleasure as I tugged gently on it and wiggled it to and fro. A small slip and my attention was focused solely on my clitoris. Hard and engorged with blood it was easy to pinch and roll in my fingers. So close to orgasm and yet I didn’t want this exploration to be over quite yet.

As I relaxed to a slow rubbing on my clit I reached my other hand down to touch the entrance of my vagina. It was so hot and so inviting and simply took my finger into it without resistance. I could feel my muscles wrapping themselves around my finger as I slowly thrust in and out. A second finger quickly followed the first stretching me slightly after so long of not being explored so intimately. I curled my fingers and worked out where my g-spot was, thank goodness for long fingers.

I could now clearly hear myself panting in the empty space. I turn my head and bite into the pillow in a vain attempt to muffle the sound. I increase the speed on my clit and the pressure against my g-spot as a thought runs through my head. Whose name do I call when I cum? I decide as I hit orgasm and as waves upon waves of pleasure crash down on me I call out my own name. I gave myself this amazing gift, why would I call out someone else’s name? This is my year.


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  1. A very good narration of a woman’s sexual desire.