Questions from the Twittersphere: Oil as Lube?


Oil as a lube, is it safe? with a move to more natural/organic lifestyles, are natural oils an alternative lube?

Certain oils can be used safely as lubes. First let’s look at the disadvantages or issues:Natural Sliquid Gel Lubricant at Good Vibrations

One, they’re not compatible with latex. If you’re having safer sex, you MUST use a poly (not latex) condom or gloves with your oil-based lube.

Second, mineral oils aren’t good for the body, especially internal mucosa “ they’re very drying. So if you’re thinking of oil as lube, think vegetable or nut oils, not mineral oils like Vaseline, baby oil, Albolene or other makeup removers.

Third, if you’re allergic or sensitive to the food product associated with the oil (olives, corn, almond, coconut, whatever), don’t use the oil as a lube “ you might have a skin/mucosal reaction to it just as you have a reaction upon ingesting it. Ditto consider your partner’s food sensitivities, unless your partner is a dildo. (I mean *literally*! And if your partner IS a dildo, it better not be a latex one.)

Once you’ve considered those caveats, choose an oil you and your partner like the taste and smell of; consider the texture you’d like to go for; realize you won’t be able to get your sheets as clean as with a water-based lube; and check out the experience. I know one post-menopausal woman who swears by the “cush factor of oil, and feels water-based and silicone lubes are too thin, not giving her the right friction and sense that her vaginal walls are being cushioned. Everybody’s different, though. And I think for some women, in particular, oils will be a bad pick because they don’t leave the vagina as quickly as water-based lubes; women prone to yeast and bacterial infections should proceed with caution in trying out oils in this way.

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