Quality Over Quantity

I’m really busy. No, I’m super busy. Ultra busy. Busy with a capital “Bzzz.” I have kids, a husband, a house, bills, responsibilities-and yet, I still manage to get super excited about the weather changing, particularly when it warms up outside. They say warm weather (spring) gives you the feeling of falling in love.  I say it gives you the feeling of your toes, meaning it’s impossible to feel them with ten feet of snow outside your door. I do think that the warmer weather makes you feel a little bit more peppy than usual. That’s a good thing for someone like me! It makes me want to write, read, and do everything outside that needs to be done-after I get my toy work done, that is.

The balancing act, for me, gets a little bit easier with a warmer climate. I can run my kids right out the front door so that they can play. That gives me more “me time” and less “breaking up kids’ fights time.” With the extra time for myself, I find that it gets a little easier to want to make extra time for my guy, too…Thing is, we’re raising four rowdy kids together, and sometimes when I’m free, he’s busy. This is where quality trumps quantity in married couples. Fortunately, I have a vivid imagination and am quite crafty, thrifty, smart, and very calculating.

I’ve learned that toy kits and lovers’ kits can totally transform your bedroom activity from pumping and receiving to orgasms all around time.

Boy, this comes with everything!Check out some awesome kits from Good Vibrations. There are a lot of ways that you can use these kits to get the biggest bang for your buck, and there are a lot of perks to buying kits as apposed to buying items individually. For one thing, there is a reason that the items each kit comes with are bundled together. Trust me, sexperts know what they’re doing.

Most kits available have lube included, though the brands and flavors vary from kit to kit, so make sure that you read about what type of lube you’re getting. If you want lube that’s unscented, you can either buy the kit and add an unscented lube separately or look for another kit. Either way, you’re still getting a great value. I can’t stress that enough. Kits equal better value. Like I’ve said before, there is always a reason certain items are put together in kits. They’re put together because each item there compliments the other items in one way or another. Most of the time, many ways.

For tied down, married folks like me, couples’ kits are the best way to go. However, before you buy a kit, you should read about what you’re getting so there are no nasty surprises. For example, you don’t want to buy a kit that comes with an anal toy that you think is a regular run-of-the-mill vibrator. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, especially if you’re new to toys. Can you imagine your significant others’ surprised face when you pull him/her into the bedroom and wave a butt plug around? He/She may not be so thrilled about it. Although, if you do this, take a picture for future entertainment purposes and/or blackmail (If you don’t wash the dishes for me, sweetheart, I’m gonna show this picture to all your bowling buddies!).

You can, if you have the extra internet shopping time, create your own sexy kits if you so choose to do so. I have an interesting mathematical formula for creating homemade sexy-time kits.

Lubrication + Sexy toy + Message items + Fun novelty item(s) of your choice = Awesome Homemade Toy Kit

First things first. Get it slick!- You’re going to want lubrication. Lubes are fun, and they’re also tricky.  Personally, I prefer something that’s closer to my body’s own natural lubrication. For this, I suggest Please Liquid Lubricant. It’s become a favorite of mine, actually.

No matter what kind you go with, make sure that it’s compatible with the materials that your toys are made of. If it’s not, you’re in serious trouble. Also, be aware that some lubes don’t work with certain condoms.

Toys- You also may want to add a vibrator, dildo, plug, massage device or some other toy of whatever sort you think you might like. I would suggest that you look through a shopping guide for this if it’s your first time buying a toy. If it’s not your first toy experience, look through the guides anyhow. Go through it, step by juicy step, with your partner. Make sure that you find something you’ll both enjoy.

Toys are a very tricky business. Don’t bite off more than you can chew-or suck, buzz, vibrate, insert, or gyrate. Remember this easy rule: if it looks like it’s more than you can handle, read the reviews about it and take a closer look. If it’s only 4 1/2 inches insertable and you were thinking maybe about 7 would work better, move on and find something closer to 7 inches insertable.

Also remember that waterproof means submersible. Electric vibrators are not submersible. They’ll fry you in your bathwater if you try it-and let’s face it, the crispy critter look is not sexy at all. Battery operated vibrators, while they won’t fry you to a crisp, aren’t submersible either, unless they say so. If you try to submerse a non-waterproof vibrator, you’ve wasted your money because it’ll never work again.

So, what have we learned? Here’s a toy recap: Waterproof = submersible. Electric + water = crispy critter. Non-waterproof + Submerging in water= dead toy and wasted money. It’s easy to remember.

Massage Items- Oh, these are fun little things! When it comes to quality time, you can’t go wrong with a little massage and TLC. The Body & Massage section is absolutely alluring and breathtaking for a couple who never gets to spend time together when they want, is always rushed, and needs time together worse than mud needs water. No matter what you choose from there, make sure it’s something you’ll both enjoy in order to make your quality time a little more meaningful and fulfilling, and just leave the rest to your imagination.

Something Fun– As the last stop in my homemade sex toy kit equation, something fun won’t hurt to add to cart either. Try a game, a nice book, something you’ll both enjoy. Find something that involves a lot of interaction between you and your other. Personal preferences should always come into play while shopping for these items. If your honey isn’t a game person, try a book. You could even buy two or three things. Maybe more, depending on what you like and don’t like.

Now, you have your kit. Go make that quality time count together. Tuck the kids into bed, light a scented candle, and go through your kit together. Whisper sweet nothings-like you used to do before the monsters, I mean kids, were born. Role play together, even. Lady can pretend she’s a seventeenth century serving wench and Tramp can pretend he’s a scurvy pirate in search of buried treasure. See how that works? Your imagination is already working overtime. Get at it! Happy Quality Fucking, Ladies and Tramps!


Good Vibrations

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